12 September 2013

Part1 The Hitmen: How Maryland State Police Became PoliPawns

How This Chapter in the #MDGunGrab Saga Began and Turned into the #MDGunLeak:

A little (and I do mean a very little) back story needs to be told here, just so there is context for anyone who is unaware of the turmoil Maryland has been in since it's 90 day legislative session ended in April of 2013.  Maryland, in a purely reactionary and political nature, passed a bill that bans (arbitrarily) all assault weapons, detachable magazines or firearms with an internal magazine with a capacity of more than 10 rounds, as well as requires a Handgun Qualification License (akin to IL's FOID card) for the ability to exercise one's right to purchase a handgun after 10/1/2013.  Add to this that Maryland maintains 16 different databases, is the only "point of contact" for NICS checks in Maryland, use the looming law and its start date as gasoline on the run on guns fire and you have an EpicFail of epic proportions.

That brings us up to speed and now the rest of the story...

Normally, when a government agency does something good, they LOOOOOOOVE to toot their own horn; unless of course, you get caught with your hand in the cookie jar, stealing the people's cookies, then all bets are off.  In this case, Maryland State Police have been caught red handed breaking the law of the state, in order to clear the back log of 38,000 (thousand is not a misprint) pending gun applications with 18 days to go before G-Day (G is for gun).  What have the MSP done?  What appears on the surface as a genuine good faith gesture to meet the current statutes and process purchase applications in a timely manner, the State Police have enlisted the assistance of 5 other state agencies with data entry based off the Maryland Regulated Firearm Purchase Application 77R Form.  Problem is, by Maryland law, only MSP are entitled access to the 77R data.

Now that you know this, you are probably asking "How is it that a political foe in the AGC beats MSP to the horn tooting?"  The question I pose is obviously rhetorical, and I will give you the answer (unlike MSP and our Gov, free of charge).

Notice the date on THIS press release as opposed to THIS one.  Just in case, the MSP finally decide to nark the press release, here is a screen grab of it.

Strange is it not?  Also, grab yourself a calendar and take note of the day of the week AGC beat MSP to the punch on its own horn tooting!  Yup!  DocuDump Friday!  Hooray!  Thanks AGC for doing the work of not only the "premier" state law enforcement agency, but the complicit media as well (and staying late in the work week to do it, as in 8:00 PM Friday kinda late).

Disclaimer: If you're new to this blog...yes it is completely full of snark.  Don't like it... click here, I'm sure there is a fairy or something unicornish there that will satisfy your borny ass. 

So how exactly is it that several media outlets on Saturday/Sunday picked up the MSP press release dated Saturday 7 September 2013 (see here, here, and here) and not the AGC press release that proceeded it?  Don't answer that question, it's rhetorical too.

Obviously, another reasonable question would be, if the background check process is about keeping Marylanders safe, why hasn't MSP been processing these applications in a reasonable fashion?  Well, as luck would have it for MSP, by law, they are not required to process these applications during Maryland's mandatory 8 day waiting period.  They aren't required to process the apps within the Fed's 3 day time frame either.  Therefore, some dealers are releasing firearms, in accordance with the law, after the 8th day, and other dealers are waiting on the "not disapproved" paperwork to return.  (Yes, MD does not "approve" a gun purchase application, merely "not disapproved."  How's that for Orwellian IngSoc?)

This, wouldn't be a big deal, but for the folks who bought an item from a non-releasing dealer back in say, May or June, are out hundreds of dollars, have no firearm, and will now have to comply with the new law to pick up their arm unless MSP can "not-disapprove" the 38k in the next 18 days.  The state tells us they have been running full tilt, 21 hours a day, 7 days a week on 3 shifts, plus overtime.  Somehow, despite this, they are behind, and hopefully the good folks of Maryland will find it in them the ability to purchase at least another 2400 guns per week over the next 18 days.  Personally, I would like to see MSP buried in another 18,000 gun purchase applications between now and 10/1. 

Now, I know dear reader, you are asking, "What exactly is the stink if this 'all hands on deck' approach is being used to get folks their arms in a timely fashion?"  That's a good question...I'll address it in shocking detail in part two.  (Sorry for the cliff hanger, but I need to finish this post).

But before I get to part 2, I want to come back to the post's title: Hitmen and Poli[tical]Pawns.  Unlike the County Sheriff, the Commander of the Maryland State Police is an appointed, and thus,  political pawn.  You can follow this link, but I will quote it here (in case it does not load properly).  The link points to the Facebook page of the State Senator Nancy Jacobs.  Here is what it says:
I want to protect the State Trooper who relayed this information so names and Barrack names have been removed.
I went to _____ Barroks on _____ and spoke with the Trooper on duty about the improper release of PII (personal information).  His response tell me it was planned well ahead of time and done Friday evening so it could not be stopped.
 "I have been ordered to neither confirm nor deny that information."
"I have been ordered to refer you [to] the Licensing Division or Headquarters at the Pikesville Barracks.  Would you like the contact information?"
I got him talking a little and said it had to suck having to give those answers.  Again his reply was telling.
"I'm not real happy about having to deal with dirty politics."
 What a crock....
AHHH HA!  Now, I don't really want to throw the line Troopers of the MSP under the bus, but there is a SERIOUS problem here.  If we take these statements at face value (and it is Maryland, which means we should), add to them that there is a Progressive commie in the state house, and we get a pretty serious indictment that there is/was a concerted effort to deny Marylanders their rights before the effective date of the law.  If face to face with any Trooper in the licensing division, I would seriously question them if anyone has resigned over this, and if not, why not.  Integrity from within the State Police should exist, even if that means someone looses their job.  It is hard to know exactly who leaked these details to Associated Gun Clubs (and who has continued to leak them info), but last I checked, these Maryland's Finest, swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States; perhaps Lord O'MAOlly has changed that to support and defend the progressive agenda?

One lesson should be learned from this and from the "phony scandals" out of the White House; progressives are, and always will be above the law. 

Stay tuned for Part Two, where the plot thickens. 

11 September 2013

After a Two Plus Year Hiatus, I'm PISSED Off Enough to Write

Welcome back!

Of course I am directing that statement more at myself, than my readers since.  If you know whom I am from internet forums, Twitter, or this blog, a major thanks for not forgetting me.  If you're a new reader, welcome for the first time (and go read my original intro here).  I thought a one man blog (or even one with some guest posting on a rare occasion) was something that would be easy.  It turns out that good blogging can almost be a full time job in and of itself.  Mad props to the folks that can factor in work, a personal life, and other items, and not relegating blogging to where it needed to be for me; the back seat.

Why the sudden keystrokes?  Well, there really are so many scandals and so little time but one has really stuck in my craw over the last few days.  I will espouse upon it here, in detail in several posts to follow, but it is this editorial that made my blood reach a boiling point and has necessitated my writing a response.  Rather than email it to the ScumPapers knowing full well it will probably go unpublished (and really, unread because their readership sucks), I figured, "fire up the blog again, and have at it."  Yes, I plan to assuage this unsigned fluff piece at some point by week's end (because there is soooo much that needs to be detailed here that is NOT getting coverage anywhere (outside of certain circles like Emily Miller and other conservative outlets whom deserve a major Hat/Tip).

The Gist of the Situation:

  • What will I be writing upon?  Maryland Gun Owners / Purchase Applicants, their Personal Identifying Information and how it has been compromised.  
  • Why is this important?  Maryland State Police (allegedly under the direction of our lovely Governor Lord Martin O'MAOlly) have potentially exposed an unsecured database with this information to anyone whom knows where to look and knows how to brute force username/password crack a non-HTTPS website. 
  • Why am I writing?  Because the likes of the Baltimore Sun and the other complicit local media in Maryland A) Don't care and B) are in the hip pocket of the MD Dem Machine
  • Am I over blowing this situation?  Perhaps, but it is entirely unlikely.
  • What can you do?  I will cover that with the assistance from Maryland Shall Issue, the fine folks who are busting hump over at Maryland Shooters Forum (specifically the Maryland sub-forum), and the folks at Associated Gun Clubs who broke the story / blew the whistle on Friday 6 September 2013.
Stick around, buckle your seat belt, the ride is about to get bumpy, and the shit is about to go sideways.  Next post tomorrow.  

23 June 2011

We're Not Greece; We're Not Portugal!

Presented without comment.  (But a background for those that don't follow, Greece is in an economic meltdown, Portugal is not that far behind them, and Ireland is in very similar position). 

07 June 2011

Busy Week

It's a busy week this week (at least for the first three days).  I have a big push before being off, and then I'll get you some posts worth reading. 

Until then...Drudge yourself on over to places like this, this, or this

03 June 2011

A Small Business Owner's Outlook On the Econ

A small business owner whom considered himself the eternal optimist, discusses his outlook upon the US economy.  Just a hint, it isn't very good (just like today's jobs numbers).

Basically, it's a brace for impact as this sucker slooooooooooows down.