03 June 2011

A Small Business Owner's Outlook On the Econ

A small business owner whom considered himself the eternal optimist, discusses his outlook upon the US economy.  Just a hint, it isn't very good (just like today's jobs numbers).

Basically, it's a brace for impact as this sucker slooooooooooows down.

Need a House? Hit Up Your Grandparents!

Need to avoid the inheritance tax?  Perhaps you are looking to make some return OF your money (note the not "on" your money) and you are considered old enough to be "retired."  The best investment?  Buy your grandkids a house!  At least that's the mantra in England.

It seems as though that is what all the hipster g-ma's and g-dad's are doing these days, never mind that house prices are falling faster in Britain than in nearing debt default Spain!  You are guaranteed a good return if you lend to your grandparents (or just buy the house outright).  What is bound to go wrong?  At least with this model, the big banks don't get fatter, and it might put a floor under prices, but what happens if the grandparents default?  Chances are grandma and grandpa just might need those funds tied up in a grandkid's house to cover medical expenses for something like say, oh, cancer?  I bet that will support the housing market for the old country, huh?

Obviously, this is so ludicrous it isn't funny.  The whole idea is to encourage investment, and thus savings for retirement is so that every generation of citizen is self reliant and self sufficient.  With this model, we've completely blown up the traditional cycle of economics, and created a systemic problem waiting to happen (like say, morally worse and on a greater social scale than even mortgage fraud and the housing collapse that started this whole mess).

But ya know, it just means that as we plug along in our debt, deflation spiral, what's a little more gasoline on the fire?

Finance Friday Funny

Whom ever started and maintained Economists for Obama realized long ago, it was a failed venture.  The last post coming all the way back in February of 2009.  I guess there wasn't much "consensus" for "recovery" by then, even though "recovery summer" wasn't for another year and four months. 

Something tells me, as we complete the third year and head into the campaign year, there won't be too many more "Economists for Obama."

Effective Tax Rate: -67%

From Zero Hedge, only a chart that shows the top ten (or bottom ten?) lowest tax rates for US companies.  Guess whom happens to be the leader in this category?  Yup...Mr. Imagination @ Work!  (AKA, Mr. Adviser, AKA Mr. Waiver). 

Herm...a negative tax rate of 67% for a company with profit (and who received bailout money)?  Perhaps GE can effectively change its slogan to "we bring crony capitalism to life."