24 November 2010

QOTD: TSA Groping Perspective

I just find it funny that on some forums, there are rednecks who live in a cabin in Montana who have probably flown on a plane once in their life making a huge deal out of the TSA screenings like it's the end of the world and a huge challenge to their ability to live a free life.  Give me a freaking break!  Shut up and pay your taxes!  They can grab my balls all they want if they stop stealing my money!
Ahhhhhh, AK Fan.  Always having the way to put things into perspective.  He is right that we have the ability to vote with our feet and our dollars.  When we choose to fly, we do choose to sign over our rights.  Rights are not unlimited and everyone's ideas on rights are just a bit different.  It has often been said that my rights stop at your door step.  If I choose to fly, I imply that I agree to the terms and conditions that you set forth for my use of your service.  Granted, people choosing to opt out of the scanners and make a scene is one way to get the airlines to change their terms of service (same thing goes with canceling our tickets and telling them the reason why is because of the TSA).  

The main point that he makes is, we can choose to opt out of TSA check points and somewhat invasive searches by simply not flying.  Unfortunately, we do not have that option when it comes to earning a living, paying taxes, abiding by National Firearms Act laws, or the illicit growing of pot in our basements (not that we are advocating anything illegal).  We are controlled by the government in ways we have not stood up for in centuries, and yet this simple act of securing airlines, airplanes, and passengers is our "line in the sand?" 

We, the US People, have fairly well become sheeple, in a death by 1000 paper cuts assault on our individuality and freedoms.

Volunteering for the DHS & TSA "Christmas List"; Just Check Patriotic Extremist

Lesson number one of blogging (or anything press related), if ya got a good story, get it to press because someone might beat ya to it. 

According to the Canadian Free Press article, it would appear that the TSA is taking note of who is being civilly disobedient, and then labeling them "domestic extremists."  Why thank you!  I will gladly take that label Big Sis, but I would prefer to be referred to as a patriotic extremist instead.  So can you please make that change?

Wait, what?  This is the United States of America!  Since when have we not endorsed civil disobedience?  Hell, our country was founded on it! 

Further, Doug Haemann's article says that the internal, not for public consumption, memo had implications that the directive went all the way to the top.  Great, so we have a defacto admission that a sitting US President not only endorses the pathetic procedures but wants to add the unwilling and uncooperative to his "enemies" list?  Hell, if I knew I was going to be treated as such a serf in my own country, perhaps I can still get an airplane ticket shipping container reservation on a slow boat to China.  I'm sure customs will fail to screen the box, since they barely thwarted the toner cartridge bombs!

Oh, and if that's not good enough for ya, slide on over to John R. Lott's blog, where he has the viral Adam Savage (of Mythbusters) video and how he allegedly got through security with contraband.  Additionally, John has posted a Clinton News Network (CNN) video on whether or not the disrobing machines even work at stopping underwear bomber style attacks.  Excellent!  We give up our rights for the illusion of security, and it's even been admitted to by a biased news company?  AWESOME! 

I wish everyone out there today who is traveling through airports or other secure areas the best in their civil disobedience efforts.  I hope you had the name and number of a good civil rights attorney on your cell phone at both ends of your trip.  The only way this thing will stop is from public outrage and pressure on the airlines to "opt out" their airports and companies.  Hit the companies in the pocketbook, which will in turn, hit the lobbying industry in the pocketbook, which in turn hits the bank accounts of the politicians.  Simple enough, as we all know, money is what makes the world go around. 

PA State Rep Busted for Pot Possession

Ahh yes, the war on drugs is alive and well.  Also, no one ever mentioned that Pittsburgh Steelers fans were ever THAT intelligent.  Double stupid bonus when you are a public official (read elected rep) and caught tailgating while high! 

That is exactly what happened to State Representative Paul Costa who was cited for prohibited acts while passing a joint around amongst fellow fans.  Seems like if you are going to spark a doobie up while you are an elected rep, perhaps the privacy of your own home would be the best place to do your "prohibited acts."  At least this politician was honest when caught, which I can admire.

Leave it to the Polacks to Breathalyze Skiiers

There are days when I have trouble skiing on my own accord, so I am not quite sure how a Polack could ski while drunk (oh the irony, and the jokes).  Either way, it seems that legislation in Poland will now be targeting drunk skiers and getting them off the mountain.

I'm all for drinking and skiing, but I am a firm believe that the former should be done in a hot tub while recovering from the days adventures.  So, to all you powder hounds out there, I hope you find a good SUI (skiing under the influence) lawyer in advance of your trip to the Polish resorts this winter.