03 October 2010

EA Pulls "Taliban" Detail From Game

Undoubtedly, most of today's modern society plays video games.  Obviously, us gunners, do in deed find some pleasure in shooting "people" in online multilayer games, because in real life most of us can't use RPGs, grenades, or fully automatic AKs, SCARs, M4s, or SAWs.  Modern game designers have a tendency to make things as close to real life as possible, including EA's attempt to call the enemy the "Taliban" in their upcoming release of "Medal of Honor." 

At first glance to a non-military member, the naming of the enemy seems quite insignificant.  According to Military Times, military families and leaders tended to disagree and it has forced EA Games to back track and rename the enemy to Opposing Force or "OpFor."  What won't change is the actual game's plot line or the online multiplayer mode. 

I know that I don't specifically understand what calling the enemy our current conflict enemy's name, but I do know that if there was a great outcry from the military community and their families, give them what they want.  These people put their lives on the line day in and day out and we in society should do our best to sacrifice and support them in every way possible.  Even if this means that a video game maker should sacrifice some profits and realism to assist the troops in harms way.  

Good job EA, I just might have to stop playing Call of Duty to give your game a chance. 

Marines Want More Labs!

Awwwww puppies!  Specifically Labradors!  Even better, Marine Labs?  Hooh RAHH!  That's right.  The Marine Corp wants to get their hands on the best bomb techs in the world!  (Or at least the best bomb detecting techs in the world).

So, as a dog lover and a life long lab fan, I have to say, good luck guys, and come back safe.  We've got some geese and ducks for ya to sniff up and retrieve once you take your fortnight of retirement from the Corp.