10 November 2010

Obama's Deficit Council Plans to Piss on Troops and Military

I am sure that this headline shocks no one, but it has really just torqued me the wrong way.  I know that we really can't afford a lot of new military hardware, but, if we are printing up 105 billion in new paper between today and December 9th, why not just use those funds to finish the programs pentagon planers have said we actually need?  It would serve to put people to work rather than enrich the big banks, and while it will be directly inflationary right away instead of sitting in an pseudo-inflationary trap, it might just well be the kick in the pants that we need. 

Ok, not really, but here is the point:  We've heard it time and time again that the USA spends more on defense than any other nation in the world.  True.  When you have to protect your vassal states, you have to spend more than they spend combined.  However, the main point is that the President's new "deficit plan" goes directly to cutting defense when the total of social security, medicare, medicaid, and other discretionary spending more than doubles the entire defense budget, which does happen to be Constitutional in nature. 

So, there ya have it, typical leftist, war apologists/appeasists go right for the jugular on the defense budget, mainly because it's not lucrative enough to buy votes come election time. 

Socialists Rioting in London Over Cuts

Between the best actual news paper in the world (The London Telegraph), the best truthful financial (and other news) blog in the world (Zero Hedge), and the most mediocre reporting in the world (CNN), all three are reporting that students in London are rioting over rising fees for their education. 

So nice to see the Socialist Workers party continuing to buy into the money for nothing, Ponzi scheme that has ruined the sovereign debt positions of most of the developed world.  These students are seeing their day of reckoning with UK budget cuts, so is this what we'll see here in the USA? 

Side note:  AK Fan just told me looks like Ireland might be looking at defaulting on it's debt in a mere matter of weeks.  Interesting times in deed.