28 June 2010

Falnfenix, Family, Rolling Stone: 3 Things Behind this Blog

As I am a news / geopolitics junky, blogging has a place for following the events of the world that are unique unto themselves. Generally, they give a very personal picture of what is happening in the space of a confined person's life. Some blogs publish posts daily or weekly, while others are monthly, and some even hourly or by the minute. I've determined, that there simply isn't a concrete structure to blogging but when the mood strikes you. Obviously, a blog is a journey, a column of life so to speak, and what is a good slice of life without some background?

I mentioned on Friday in my USA Soccer post that a cousin told me to quit ranting about politics on Facebook. In the short space there, I tended to be over dramatic to the point of belligerence. Considering that myself and fellow blogger / friend Falnfenix had discussed my gift to scribe (her humbling words, not mine) I finally found the opportunity and courage to branch out of the short message dramatics that were irritating friends and family. I figured that rather than alienate all of them, I should give them the choice to "opt-in" and read instead of capturing their news feeds, perpetually. Further, the blog allows me to write in a more professional, thought provoking manner with more structure.

As a strict Constitutional loving, Libertarian-Conservative, I have an aversion to almost everything that the Rolling Stone publishes. I find that most of their journalists have a huge leftist lean to them that I rather not patronage, no do I care to support financially through subscription. That said, the RS reporters have bigger stones than Chris Mathews and Keith Olbermann combined. No other mainstream media newspaper or TV newscast would dare publish the edgy material that the Rolling Stone's political editors can get away with. It goes to show, that when you think outside the box of normal news, you find good reporting and journalism does exist, even if you know the journalist and you would disagree on the substance.

The Article in question last week was "The Runaway General" (which is linked above). Michael Hastings has written an absolutely gripping piece that gives a true to life insight into our political leadership, our military, and the strategy on the ground in Afghanistan and Iraq. While to the naked eye, it would seem that the expose was a showcase of bad military leadership gone a rye, Gen. McChrystal is far to smart for a shadow game of bad politics. The article is almost a preemptive strike against failed support from Washington, in an effort to keep the history books from showing a fine field commander blundering an un-winnable war.

It is this article that helped to spark the name for this blog. McChrystal's background is that of a man who knew exactly what he wanted and needed to accomplish the task at hand, winning. "The Run Away General" shows a military man that is almost completely lost to today's Joint Chiefs, political leaders, and even the troops who serve under him. Plain point, war sucks. It's ugly, it costs massive amounts of money and massive amounts of morality and life. McChrystal understood this probably better than his bosses, and yet, he was the one that was becoming the scape goat.

Of course history has a hindsight of 20/20, when it isn't perverted. The question that will remain to be answered here is, how does McChrystal come out smelling? Considering the article here helped to create at least one off shoot blog about him, a similar field commander (Patton) and the spirt of "Team America's" kickassness, I'd say McChrystal's memoirs will be an excellent read.

25 June 2010

Team USA, the time is now!

As I start this blog, I must keep a sort of self promise. A few weeks ago, a cousin told me to find some extra joy in my life and stop ranting on facebook about politics. I will save the rest of the founding of this thing for anther time but you now have the context for this post.

The youtube video linked in the post title can't come at better time for myself, and perhaps our country. While you may see me call out the political establishment, I have to remind myself that life has a lot of dreams to be chased. The gents of USA Soccer are doing exactly that. The thing is the whole of the country needs a distraction and something to grab onto to truly feel united. Will futbol spelled weird grab hold and stay caught on here once the world cup is over? Who knows. Heck even my wife has made me a true fan of the sport going back to last years ConfedCup.

The point is, watch the vid knowing the outcome that your country just did basically what it was supposed to do, advance. Then watch it again and let yourself get lost in the raw shock, disappointment, and pure overwhelming joy that was witnessed with friends and stranges alike. You may not like the sport but it is evident that it has a way of uniting a country with great pride, history, and the ability to do anything it wishes if one just dreams a bit.


23 June 2010

To Congressman Gerrymander, RE: the "Un"budget

Yesterday, I sent this letter to my no-load congressman in regards to the fact that the lame duck congress is refusing to pass a budget. Unfortunately, in the state of Marylandstan, if you have a D after your name it seems that the useful idiots will pull the lever for you no matter what; Repeatedly.

Congressman Sarbanes rode the coat tails of his daddy's retirement (another no load) to the 3rd Congressional District of MD. Of course, it doesn't hurt matters much that the geographical make up of that district is so strewn over central Maryland that it is carved out of a leftist's dream to give the good old Dem-machine the edge every single election. I will admit, his office doesn't hang up on your like Barbara Mikulski's office does (no joke).

Needless to say, this nitwit votes with his party 99% of the time (source), and it's assured that he will do the good party thing and keep his mouth shut yet again. Don't worry about the fact that he is supposed to represent his district and do his Constitutional duty by proposing and voting for an annual budget (Article I, Section VII).

Never before in modern history has this election year tactic been executed. I guess congress doesn't want to go on record and say that they've spent some $60,000.00 US taxpayer dollars on Hookah smoking Jordanian college students? (source). Oh well, I suppose our boys in harms way in Iraq and Afghanistan can keep on fighting on their last supplemental spending bill, no matter that the political leadership can't admit we've overspent the incomes of the next two generations.

We will see what kind of response the illustrious Congress Critter will grace us with this time. I'm sure he will have some staffer hand out some canned excuse replete with the usual self-shoulder-patting "I've accomplished x-y-z." Hopefully I will restrain myself not to say shove it until I punch the polling machine in November. I know you as well as I await his reply with bated breath.

Congressman Sarbanes:

I must pose a very simple question to you: Why is it that you are allowing the democratic leadership to abscond on their Constitutional and legal duty to pass a budget for the 2011 fiscal year? Are you and your colleagues afraid to go on record in an election year when some 55 to 65% of the American public is fed up with the reckless spending in Washington?

Please remember that the citizens of your district, whom hired you, expect you to do your duty and vote for a budget. Make the hard choices and please stop playing the political kick the can down the road game.


Concerned Citizen of the MD 3rd

22 June 2010

Welcome to "Where Has Patton Gone?"

WELCOME! And thanks for finding my blog! I am your humble host, FightinBluHen51 (FBH, ’51, or FBH51 for short). If you can’t guess from the pseudonym, I am a University of Delaware Alumnus who likes to pay tribute to my school pride and history. Since I’m sure you are now asking yourself, “Were the first 50 FightinBluHen’s taken?” the answer is no. The number 51 comes from perhaps the best fighter plane of all time, the P-51 Mustang. There isn’t much rhyme or reason to why it got added to my interweb handle, but it’s just there and it isn’t coming off anytime soon.

I am a late 20something professional accountant who has decided to join the craze of self publication. I tend to muse and more often (as I am told) rant about politics, news, and other items. I, like the name sake of this blog, consider myself a patriot. With that patriotic theme in mind, it is my hopes that while I maintain this blog I can make you scratch your brain, get over your emotions, engage your critical and rational thought processes, and make you use and apply your common sense.

With a degree in accounting, I’ve had plenty of economics, finance, math and statistics courses, but I much rather talk about politics, philosophy, and history. I promise to accept your religious and sexual choices, even though we may not agree. I am more libertarian than liberal, and I have a good streak of non-apologetic Reagan Conservative mixed in as well. I unfortunately carry an R after my name, but hold no allegiance to party affiliation. I do hold dear to the two flags of freedom; The Stars and Stripes and the Gadsden Flag. I would argue that the founders believed in nationalism, individualism, God, and not necessarily in that order.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading about history, politics, some classics, anything that is Tom Clancy, and of course my American Rifleman magazine. Yes I am a card carrying member of the NRA, and I am deemed certified to drive a boat. You can also find me on the ski slopes in the winter or at the camp grounds in the summer. I fish, I hunt, and I eat my game that's caught or killed. I also believe that gun control is being able to hit your target, and I practice often.

I am a hometown sports fan, loving my maligned Orioles and the fierce Ravens. Spring time and summer mean that lacrosse is in full swing (go Hens, Terps and Mids!). I will admit that I have become a fan of soccer over the last few years and do frequent a few Blast games a season. Being close to Washington, the United get some hometown support as well. The Heart Attack Yanks of Team USA have captivated my patriotism during this year’s World Cup, but I don’t blow on a vuvuzela. Much like the Orioles, I am a paper bag Capitals fan (can they ever just win a Cup?). That said, please join the “I hate Sidney Crosby” club, go USA Hockey!

Finally, and most importantly, what this blog is about: Somewhere deep inside the soul of a man moved to a battle field in the sky, the name behind this blog speaks to the kind of Patriot and American that seems to be long forgotten. “Where Has Patton Gone?” is meant to spark the raw emotions of a never say die, never quit American attitude that was, and I still believe is, known to win at all costs on the sides of right and freedom. I see that the civil society these days is too unaware, to uneducated and to self loathing all while requiring constant coddling and blame someone else that prevent the good people from achieving great things.

General George S. Patton didn’t believe in excuses, mistakes, or yellowness. He believed in winning at all costs, good competition, and friendly rivalry. Old Blood and Guts never wanted to stop moving. He believed that when you dug in or retreated, you proved to yourself and your enemy that you are a coward. Patton knew full well that he might fail, but to him, failure was never an option. Emboldened by his destiny, he knew that he could achieve great things, if only his human spirit was allowed by the political leadership to achieve them. That spirit is something that all Americans are born with but one that has been systematically removed from us through teaching us not to fight, not to reach for our dreams and that we are only able to “achieve” in equality.

It is my hope that through this journey here, I will be able to speak to that fiery drive that most Americans have been taught to shy away from and inspire other patriots to speak their minds, learn the ways of survival at all costs, and be role models for future generations.

Welcome to “Where Has Patton Gone?” I hope you find his spirit here.