15 October 2010

Restoring Sanity Update: Oprah to Pay for Audience

AHHHHHH!  What's a batnut party without some good old fashioned astroturfing?  Yep, that's right.  As predicted here on this blog, the correctly named "ratings coup" is turning out to be a lot of a flop. 

Look, there simply aren't enough "moderates" whom are outlandish enough to really show up at an event like this.  Further, considering the batnutter following of the left that is out there (and their pay for play audiences) it will really be a batnutter party with a headline grab and ratings boost for the ComedyCentral host.  Hey, I have no problem with a man trying to make a buck, but it's a crying shame when we can out your nuttiness before it even starts.

My wife said a few coworkers were planning on attending this event, I wonder if they will be asking for a refund now that they are showing up for free and others at least had their travel covered?  Hey, someone should tell the actors union that there are extras working for below market union contract rates! 

Latest Trend in Enviro-Wackos: Done with Tree Huging, Now Glacier Huging?

Conservative blogger Michelle Malkin has this one today for humor (or seriousness, depending upon which school of thought to which you subscribe).  

It seems that instead of hugging trees (that's old school apparently), Enviro-Wackos have taken to hugging Glaciers.  The mere fact that A) Someone has made a "hugging" suit for hugging glaciers is not only batshit nuts, but B) there are people whom actually go out to express, physically, their emotions to trees, rain forests and glaciers?

Herm.  Sorry folks.  Environmentalism is worse than I thought.  I've heard it called a religion, but it appears to be on par with that of the radical islamo-fasicsts.  If they aren't busy with their "jihad" against "non-believers" and their quest for a "purge of the infidels," they are busy having perverted sexual relations with non-reciprocating trees, rain forests, and glaciers.  (I wonder if the jihadists have anything in their Koran pertaining to sex with geological formations?)

For the ultimate in liberalisation, I wonder if anyone consulted the glaciers for consensual sex contracts prior to dawning of the suits?  I mean, we're all about glacier rights here, can I get an amen? 

Balto Home Sales Down 19.4% in Sept

How are those home sales doing in your area?  Is your state one affected by the fraudclosures?  

Well, in Baltimore (as of this measure date) the fraudclosures haven't even begun to inflict pain upon the housing market.  Baltimore Biz Journal reported earlier this week that home sales were down 19.4% for the month of September.  Seems like some reasonable rate of economic recovery to me now doesn't it? 

Slice of Life: A Date in Virginia with Concealed Carry

If you’ve read this blog before, you have undoubtedly seen numerous stories pertaining to the concealed carry of firearms.  I have been, and always will be, a firm believer in our Second Amendment civil rights and the free exercise thereof.  Suffice it to say, I finally got an opportunity to use my fairly new Virginia Permit while on a long weekend on the Virginia shore.

With this new experience in life, there were certainly a range of emotions.  Those feeling ranged from happiness and excitement to apprehension, nervousness, and a constant uneasy feeling.  Remember, this is the first time in my life that I have had the ability and the power to defend my life and the lives of my family members.  As the saying goes, “With great power comes great responsibility.”  Fortunately, the experience was liberating and most importantly, uneventful.  

On the Monday of a three day weekend retreat, the family and I went for a little drive in search of boat ramps to expand on the flounder fishing territory.  Being a chilly and dreary morning, I chose to wear a pair of cargo shorts, a t-shirt, and a U of Delaware hoodie.  Of course, I can’t forget the non-wife approved, non-visible fashion accessory that is my SERPA holster and XD 40.  Considering no one watched me arm myself, no one other than my father (whom I informed to make sure we would not cross over into Maryland) was aware I was carrying.  The fact that the sweatshirt hid the handgun from sight of everyone on the trip, the act of concealed carrying did its job to perfection.  It was out of sight, out of mind, but only a moment’s reach away should the need arise.  

Our first stop was a small, defunct ferry terminal along one of the inter-coastal waterways of the VA tidewater.  Upon our arrival at this stop, it appeared as though several people were sitting in their cars for various reasons, but not acting suspiciously, nor did they make any overt advances towards us.  Both my dad and I did take note however.  You can never be sure where you might find a crack head shooting up.  Also, considering my father and wife have a bit of a photo-bug and like nature photography, the potential for theft of their camera equipment is quite a real possibility.  Thankfully, in VA, I am afford to defend myself if someone really wants to do us harm to obtain our property.  

Further along on our drive, we stopped at another ramp that looked out to an ocean inlet.  We talked with some local surf bums, got some knowledge of the channel, and climbed back into the car.  The surf bums and my wife were still clueless that I was carrying, and I now understand the point to concealed carry.  Again, out of sight, out of mind, and you don’t freak out the general population, but you certainly do get a chance to deter criminals.  Also, I had learned by this time that getting in and out of the car was a bit more of a hassle.  The holstered handgun caught up in my sweatshirt, and caught the seatbelt.  It hit the door of the vehicle upon exit, and I was constantly aware that it existed on my hip.  Was it a bit of a pain in the ass?  Sure, but I knew I was safe, and that is a very securing feeling.  

A few more stops and then we returned home for a quick lunch before a trip to the beach for some more photography opportunities.  Being warm and toasty in the house, I removed my sweatshirt, at which time I got a “Really?” from the wife.  She was displeased at that point to have learned that I was carrying (safely) a concealed handgun around her.  

Sidebar:  My wife, if I haven’t mentioned it before, is not the most ardent supporter of my interest in my 2A civil rights.  I respect that of her and of course wish to take every reasonable and prudent precaution for safe storage and bearing but I have made it clear that I refuse to be a victim in my life.  I do understand her irrational fear of a tool of self defense, and I can understand how she may think that I am “looking for trouble” in carrying a firearm.  As she said to my mother “there is a difference between wanting to and a need.”  Yes, there is a want to in my carrying a gun but it is solely for the need to be prepared for trouble when it finds me (and hopefully IF it finds me).  In this day and age when you cannot trust the world to be safe, it is evident that we see the world and how “safe” it is in entirely different ways.  

Back to our main story, a little more driving around, some more pictures taken, and finally a return to my parent’s house, all without incident.  It was a good day with valuable lessons learned, and a prayer that the Second Amendment Foundation is successful with their lawsuit against Maryland.  As soon as that case is found favorably for my state and “We the People,” I will be applying for my Maryland permit too, that way I won’t have to disarm to return to my home state.

In summary, freedom is great! 

Who Needs a Gun in Westminster, MD?

Even though the current Gov and some local County Execs have been saying crime is down, it still doesn't prevent crack heads from holding up pharmacies for their drugs and cash. 

By definition of the Maryland Permit to Wear or Carry a handgun laws, the pharmacists could have obtained their permits for defense of their products and cash.  Even though Investigative Voice has reported that no shots were fired and the suspect was apprehended pretty quickly, it still doesn't excuse the fact that people in this state must cower in fear of criminals who mean to do harm to others.