31 May 2011

Pak Open Air Home Made Arms

What is one of the major problems with the war in Afghanistan?  Just your friendly, neighborhood home made arms, and the open air market that sells them.

The famed Khyber Pass is home to some of the most entrepreneurial and passionate people on the face of the planet.  From the video, these people believe in "many sons, and many guns."  In a normal world, I'd say that is a good thing to have; in this region, it often means dead US soldiers.  To me, that means just one more reason as to why we are fighting a war on a front which is not winnable but only manageable.  The video itself is dated 2006 with an edit and tack on from 2009.  The situation hasn't changed all that much removed from either of those dates.

If you scroll down the article, it does take a pot shot at the NRA for it's devout opposition to the UN and it's international arms trade "regulation" schemes.  My question is in that region where for thousands of years, conquerors have failed to master the terrain and the people, how does even the UN think it will be able to regulate what is a pure black market?  Simple answer is, that it can't, and it won't.

This post did not start out as one about our 2A rights, but it certainly is a nail in the coffin of the bureaucrat that believe they can control us, even from their "high perch" in New York.  If anyone for any minute can watch this video and believe the UN is sincere in stopping "small arms trade of illicit and illegal guns" throughout the world, then you are either a libtard, a Utopian, an idiot, or just plan naive.

Hellfire vs. Sniper; Which One is Your Bet On?

What happens when a hellfire missile from an Apache meets up with a sniper hanging out in his hide?  Only this

I can only imagine that he felt no pain, which was far to good for him.  However, one less Jihadist in the world is one less Jihadist in the world.  Now, if we could just convince our political leaders (and our allies in the International Security Assistance Force) that we don't need to be spending 100k a hellfire to take out insurgents, then we might actually win over there. 

QOTD: Three to One is Bettin' Odds!

Other evidence also suggests that Hoven did “the right thing.” The National Crime Victimization Survey shows that defending oneself with a gun is by far the safest course of action when one is confronted by a robber. For example, people who protect themselves with a gun are injured in robberies about 8 percent of the time, but those who behave passively are injured by the criminals 24 percent of the time, a three times higher rate.
From John Lott's latest on Big Government, we find that if you prefer to be a pascifist when it comes to being a vicitim of crime, you are three times more likely to be injured!  I'll use a gun please!  Then I'll bet on the poor suckers who chose not to heed the following...