30 October 2010

Still Blaming Bush: A Slogan so Good to a Dem, Even the Local County Exec Candidate is Doing It

A new radio spot for Baltimore County Executive says "Don't put Baltimore County in Jeopardy, vote for Kevin Kamenetz."  This comes on the heels of a make believe Jeopardy game between a voter and the host as she answers "Who is Kevin Kamenetz?", correctly for every question.  As the spot concludes, a final answer is given:  This man will make the best next county executive.  Of course, a dumb male answers "Ahhh, George W. Bush!?" to which he is informed that he is incorrect. 

Blame Bush.  So good, even the local County Executive Candidate can do it for his final campaign push.  Hopefully this sleaze ball is booted back to private life come 8PM Nov. 2. 

Over / Under 20: What's Your Bet On USA's Corrupt Politics Ranking?

Most of the readers of this blog are smart enough to know that politics and the democratic system in our country is well, at times, corrupt.

How corrupt?  Oh, so corrupt that we no longer crack the top 20 for corruption (meaning the higher in the ranking the less corrupt your political system).  While the Daily Reckoning has their take on the situation, you can read the raw report from Transparency International, here.

N(o) F(un) L(eague) Hates TEA Parties!

SHOCKER!  Or rather, we shouldn't be so shocked, should we?  The NFL's PAC gave the maximum allowed by law to dingy Harry Reid.  Oh, but wait, also try Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck U Schumer. 

From Doug Powers writing for Michelle Malkin:
Talk about a helmet to helmet hit on a defenseless constitution!
No kidding Doug, couldn't agree more!  However, it is football, and I'll still watch.  What else am I going to do?  Watch the World Series?