17 April 2011

Union Pay in One Chart

Full back story here.

Yes, it is from Ohio, but as we've seen with some of the very powerful teachers unions (and it is not state specific) the same story seems to be generating a recurring theme.  That theme being those on the left, have been taking advantage of the extra productivity of the private sector for quite some time now, and thus have spent their cost of living adjustments for years to come.  Meaning, no raise for you in the private sector (for the foreseeable future), as we need higher taxes to foot the bill for OUR raises.

So, the next time some teacher complains about the fact that they aren't making enough, just point them in this direction. 

That Explains It! Libs vs. Conservatives = Brain Differences

Not like you really need a fully funded scientific study to tell us what we already know, but...here it is.  

Differences in the brain are something we've assumed of the other side for YEARS!  Now, if a funded (or even free) study comes out that shows liberals are really aliens, we might be on to something.