11 September 2010

9/11 Tribute: Shinning Beacon of Freedom Still Lives Within American Souls

One part of the date:  Nine years.  Nine years since the most dastardly, underhanded, devilish attack against the homeland of the United States of America.  A cheap shot would be a good term if it had been a bar fight.  But the infamous date of 9/11 wasn't just a sucker punch in a bar fight.  It wasn't even David smacking Goliath.  It was a strike at the heart of freedom, and freedom struck back harder than the little arrogant jihadists had anticipated. 

September 11, 2001.  A sentence unto itself.  One that will always exist and never change.  A day when far too many innocent people from all over the vast earth perished at hands of a few disgustingly perverted young men who's minds had been brainwashed by their equally disgusting and perverted political leaders.  That date reminded us that even in the absence of the cold war, peace was more dangerous for your enemies were not as discernible.  Accurately put, the hate mongers we Americans are blamed to be now nine years later, are not the ones who changed the landscape of hate in the world. 

Three thousand.  Another sentence unto itself.  It represents the number of Americans, including people of Muslim faith, that died for the advancement for a theocratic political experiment without borders.  One that hates not our impirical meddling, but our alliances with good.  One that hates our freedom and economic engine.  One that hates that we discredit their metaphysical qualities simply because we are non-believers.

NO.  The lives that were taken in that disgusting act of cowardise were not taken in vain, simply because their spirit was released to that of a higher power and to a far freer society.  In death, the victims of 9/11 acheived an ultimate freedom that islamofascists will never be able to acheive, not even in life.  The spirit of individual freedom, freedom from mind control, and from the backward ways that left the people of the earth nearly 200 centuries ago, was beset upon the victims that day.  No longer can they feel the pain from chains of bondage given to them by their assaultants, and they can certainly be at easy because of the eye for an eye punishment that both God and the USA have inflicted upon their "borthers in jihad." 

No outside force will ever criple our great nation.  No matter how much disagreement occures between our people, we certainly will not allow our nation to be attacked from those outside.  Our open society, the envy of the world's ruling class for our success, is the model most fit for then inovative nature of the human spirit.  So as is this 9th anniversary of the 9/11 jihad attack, let us pray for the saving of our fallen citizens, our troops in harms way, and the end to such propsterous and nonsensical attacks by radical islamofascists.  Let those who wish to do us much harm for our way of life remember this, ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ (come and take it)!