04 August 2010

Following Our Foundings, Renouncing Citizenship to Save on Taxes

The Financial Times has an article published Monday that people are lining up in London to renounce their US Citizenship and hand in their US Passports.  Apparently, the line is so long, that appointments are necessary and you can't get one until February of 2011.  According to the article there are many reasons why people are renouncing their US citizenship but chief among them is the attempt to escape the ever growing reach of the IRC (Internal Revenue Code).  It seems that those working and living abroad have better tax advantages available to them since nations like the UK do not have far reaching revenue generating schemes that extend beyond their borders. 

No longer is the IRC just internal and the people of this country should call it what it really is, an all encompassing Inter-World Revenue Code.  Our founders effectively renounced their loyalty to the English Crown on the basis of taxes, so it seems fitting that it is coming full circle.  It is a shame that those would rather renounce their citizenship than fight to make changes that would benefit all Americans.  However, it is a decision based on freedom following the American spirit of personal choice and one that I honestly can't find fault towards.  Good luck to those who have or are thinking about escaping the tax code through renouncing your citizenship, but just do me a favor, and move to the lower latitudes first! 

Summer of Recovery: For Everyone but American People

While the American Regime is busy spending your tax dollars on "Summer of Recovery," from AKFan we get that in reality, your tax dollars are being spent to ship high tech jobs over seas.  Precisely the jobs that the President claimed to be for keeping here and now he is apparently against keeping them here?  Twenty-two million dollars is being pushed to an initutive to better train approximately three thousand IT specialists in  South-Asia. 

Further evidence that the President could care less about the American public and their plight to crawl out of the double dipping recession. 

Read about it here.

Mr. President, Israel Means Business

Zero Hedge has an memo published by VIPS (Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity) to the President detailing the dire situation that is manifesting in the Middle East.  The memo is extremely long, but a worth while read. 

If you have been following the non-USA news lately, you would know that Lebanon and Israeli tensions hit another flash point this week and border skirmishes have kicked off yet again.  It is apparent that Israel is staring to feel they are backed into a corner, with no where to go, along with an American administration that will probably do nothing to support them, unless forced.  Israel knows how to play the fiddle and force America into support, despite the US's apprehensions, or so the memo explains.

The memo is too detailed to really summarize here with my lack of concrete understanding on Middle Eastern politics but it is simple enough for the laymen to get a good idea of where we are headed.  The main factor to take home is that Israel seems to want regime change in Iran and they are less concerned with nuclear weapons as they are the body politic of the Iranian leadership.  As you will read, this "baiting" strategy is familiar to the world, circa 2003.  Go figure, another intelligence piece that wants to advert another war of preemption which seems to be the modern norm. 

So, I'll pose the question to my readership;  With hindsight always being 20-20 and the philosophical fight between good and evil always a metaphysical relevant, if you were President, what would you do? 

Missouri Rejects Obamacare!

By a vote of nearly 3:1, Missouri voters adopted Prop C on a ballot initiative to reject Obamacare.  Good for them!  Read about it here.