27 October 2010

Mexican Cops Quit After Cartel Attacks With "Over the Counter Guns & Grenades"

Those pesky "over the counter guns & grenades" caused an entire Mexican Town's police department to quit on the spot after a 15 minute, 1000 round, bullet riddling of their new building. 

HotAir has the coverage of the event, but it's safe to say that those cartels were busy running guns in and out of the USA only 24 hours before.  Damn those over the counter guns and grenades!  Doesn't anyone in the USA regulate those gun dealers and gun shows? 

Who Needs a Gun? Fortunately, a Happy Ending

A very frightening and disturbing story linked to me by a friend is shared here
Police say two men who broke into a New Hampshire home and held a woman at gunpoint may have accidentally targeted the wrong home.
Disturbing in the least, terrifying if you are the victim.  The rest of the short update blurb on the link states that the perps may have been looking for money and/or drugs.  Fortunately, the lady who was attacked, lived and was unscathed. 

Obviously, it just goes to show, when second count, sometimes your gun is too far out of reach.  I'm sure most of the readers here have arms for personal protection and self defense, but when you are home, where do you keep them?   While it isn't practical to stash guns all around the house in various locations for a multitude of reasons, it makes you think that perhaps, you should be a little more strategic in the storage of your home defense arms.  We can certainly speculate as to whether or not this lady had any tools to protect herself or not or if it was even close enough to make a difference, but it does make us think that we should re-examine our personal "castle doctrine." 

Just goes to show that the world is a dangerous place, no matter where we live. 

QOTD: Putting and Monetary Policy, the Latest Econ Course Offered at Your Community College

Economic news lately is well, depressing a best.  If you follow what is the truth in the world, you find there is no news in the truth, just more doldrums.  If you are a Zero Hedge reader you might have seen this quote this morning:
Mr. Bernanke has used the analogy of a golfer with a new putter: Unsure how it will work, he finds best strategy is to tap lightly at first and keep tapping until the golfer figures out how best to use the putter.
The Fed has found themselves in a severe catch 22 (or liquidity trap), and now they are using golf as the fundamental "new tool" to bring us back to pre-crisis levels.  As Zero Hedge's articles and authors stated in the link, we're learning as we go?  This from the one organization that is supposed to remain politically and economically neutral?  Putting our way to prosperity will only further sink us into our own Japanese style lost decade, but the concerns of the public and certain Fed Governors are falling on deaf ears to Mr. Bernanke.

Perhaps I'm too negative, cynical, and pessimistic, but what we really should be doing right now is praying Nov. 2 goes the right way.