23 June 2011

We're Not Greece; We're Not Portugal!

Presented without comment.  (But a background for those that don't follow, Greece is in an economic meltdown, Portugal is not that far behind them, and Ireland is in very similar position). 

07 June 2011

Busy Week

It's a busy week this week (at least for the first three days).  I have a big push before being off, and then I'll get you some posts worth reading. 

Until then...Drudge yourself on over to places like this, this, or this

03 June 2011

A Small Business Owner's Outlook On the Econ

A small business owner whom considered himself the eternal optimist, discusses his outlook upon the US economy.  Just a hint, it isn't very good (just like today's jobs numbers).

Basically, it's a brace for impact as this sucker slooooooooooows down.

Need a House? Hit Up Your Grandparents!

Need to avoid the inheritance tax?  Perhaps you are looking to make some return OF your money (note the not "on" your money) and you are considered old enough to be "retired."  The best investment?  Buy your grandkids a house!  At least that's the mantra in England.

It seems as though that is what all the hipster g-ma's and g-dad's are doing these days, never mind that house prices are falling faster in Britain than in nearing debt default Spain!  You are guaranteed a good return if you lend to your grandparents (or just buy the house outright).  What is bound to go wrong?  At least with this model, the big banks don't get fatter, and it might put a floor under prices, but what happens if the grandparents default?  Chances are grandma and grandpa just might need those funds tied up in a grandkid's house to cover medical expenses for something like say, oh, cancer?  I bet that will support the housing market for the old country, huh?

Obviously, this is so ludicrous it isn't funny.  The whole idea is to encourage investment, and thus savings for retirement is so that every generation of citizen is self reliant and self sufficient.  With this model, we've completely blown up the traditional cycle of economics, and created a systemic problem waiting to happen (like say, morally worse and on a greater social scale than even mortgage fraud and the housing collapse that started this whole mess).

But ya know, it just means that as we plug along in our debt, deflation spiral, what's a little more gasoline on the fire?

Finance Friday Funny

Whom ever started and maintained Economists for Obama realized long ago, it was a failed venture.  The last post coming all the way back in February of 2009.  I guess there wasn't much "consensus" for "recovery" by then, even though "recovery summer" wasn't for another year and four months. 

Something tells me, as we complete the third year and head into the campaign year, there won't be too many more "Economists for Obama."

Effective Tax Rate: -67%

From Zero Hedge, only a chart that shows the top ten (or bottom ten?) lowest tax rates for US companies.  Guess whom happens to be the leader in this category?  Yup...Mr. Imagination @ Work!  (AKA, Mr. Adviser, AKA Mr. Waiver). 

Herm...a negative tax rate of 67% for a company with profit (and who received bailout money)?  Perhaps GE can effectively change its slogan to "we bring crony capitalism to life." 

02 June 2011

Peoples vs. Bank Robber

What happens when a combat vet home on leave encounters a bank robber who then threatens the vet's kids?  Typically, the robber gets the spank down, and that's what happened.  

Army Staff Sargent Eddie Peoples stopped at a bank before taking his boys on a fishing trip where said thug was encountered.  Thug was dumb enough to threaten the kids of a soldier who has probably cleared rooms in the bad areas of Baghdad and disarmed insurgents, meaning that a man with a fake pistol wasn't all that difficult to spank into submission.  (Read the article for the detailed take down, as the thug certainly qualifies for a Darwin award for stupidity, only difference was he didn't die). 

I'm sure somewhere, some sad panda pacifist is crying in their Wheaties thinking that this guy took a chance he didn't need to and that he could have been a statistic.  It is just a shame he can't even be counted amongst the concealed carry permit holders in helping to thwart crimes in progress.  Certainly Peoples' actions deserved a commendation from the police department, and not to detract from his bravery, but does the same thing happen for those who pack?  I doubt it. 

Machine Gun is Bus Stop in Soviet Russia

Stealing from the comments on this vid, I couldn't help but not post it. 

Hot Damn, THIS GUY for MD's US Senate Seat!

This guy doesn't sound like a politician.  He even comes from an agency that frowns upon anyone looking to make the leap to politics quickly after retirement. 

That is exactly what Daniel Bongion is planning upon doing, and hopefully taking and smacking the snot out of sitting Senator Cardin.  Anyone has to be better than someone who votes with his party 99% of the time (no lie). 

I have to wonder though, how a former Secrete Service member would do in the political arena, knowing a lot of the players and having to been "absently minded" ignorant of the discussions that occurred in front of them.  I guess that is why the agency dislikes people leaving and heading straight into politics, as they don't want the "ugly" to be used against their opponents. 

Like the Col. Cooper has stated...
If you're in a fair fight, your tactics suck. 
Hopefully Mr. Gongion will consider using better tactics against Mr. Cardin.  The state of Maryland certainly deserves better.  

New Meaning to Jailhouse Rock

Not that I ever want to be in jail, but if I was and I had my choice, I'd choose here.

That said...isn't cantina just another name for jail in Mexico?  I mean

Oh That's Why!

That's why there wasn't a release of the OBL burial at sea vid?!!!!  Makes sense now. 

Mr. Holder, Shouldn't You be Running the Justice Department?

And shouldn't you be managing your own BATFE and getting to the bottom of project Fast and Furious instead of running HBO and pitching new episodes (or perhaps a movie) of The Wire

This man heads the justice department but is kind enough to consider himself the latest CEO of a cable subscription channel?  If Mr. Holder wants The Wire back on the air, perhaps he could start writing the script and casting the acting slots.  Certainly he has enough time to multi-task between Fast & Furious gate or Black Panther gate to write the scripts, no?  If that's not the case, shouldn't he be helping states rid themselves of the illegal immigration problems they have?

If it is not apparent to you now, it probably never will be, but it is quite obvious that the current executive branch administration is only in this for two things: 1) Personal gain, both financially and political power wise, 2) To absolutely destroy anything with any shred of our founding as to remake us into their ideals. 

Now, Mr. Holder, would you please leave the Justice Department and start directing that new The Wire movie?  I'm sure the BATFE would thank you for getting the heat off of them that way they can go back to more Waco's and Ruby Ridge's like their sister organization instead of the current international incidents. 

01 June 2011

QOTD: Debt Limit Smackdown

There isn't a person outside a mental hospital or an Ivy League faculty who believes the federal government can continue on its current fiscal trajectory, even with tax increases. Change is inevitable. Real change. Bone-deep, re-write the social contract, no more free lunch, learn to live within our means change. What is the political wisdom of demanding that it can only happen over your party's dead body?
Bill Frezza had that to say a week ago as the debt ceiling vote drew nearer (the no strings attached version of which was voted on last night and went down harder than a DC hooker).

Obviously, Mr. Frezza is correct in that Washington is so delusional with regards to spending that they can (and should) be grouped with the Ivy League nut jobs and the psychos whom belong in white padded rooms.  Thus, it's imperative that some how, some way, the putzes inside the beltway get their shit together and find a way to cut the federal budget now (and not for next year, or the next 10 years) and forever to allow our country's finances to remain in tact (or at least functional).

The Law, Its Objective, and What It's Not

An interesting three part article (here, here, and here) that explains just how the law is supposed to function as an order of defense of individual freedom and property.  Also, this series explains how the individuals is entrusted to make as much of himself as possible, and anything to the contrary is nothing more than a perversion of the natural rule of law (and thus a perversion of founding). 

Of course, the author does an excellent job in describing how politicians have motives expressly to the contrary of those objectives of the rule of law.  Read it, because it says what we think!

Morning Laugh: Out of the Car!

Passed along via email to me from a family member and too funny not to post.

Another lesson to ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings, and cut little old ladies some slack.  

31 May 2011

Pak Open Air Home Made Arms

What is one of the major problems with the war in Afghanistan?  Just your friendly, neighborhood home made arms, and the open air market that sells them.

The famed Khyber Pass is home to some of the most entrepreneurial and passionate people on the face of the planet.  From the video, these people believe in "many sons, and many guns."  In a normal world, I'd say that is a good thing to have; in this region, it often means dead US soldiers.  To me, that means just one more reason as to why we are fighting a war on a front which is not winnable but only manageable.  The video itself is dated 2006 with an edit and tack on from 2009.  The situation hasn't changed all that much removed from either of those dates.

If you scroll down the article, it does take a pot shot at the NRA for it's devout opposition to the UN and it's international arms trade "regulation" schemes.  My question is in that region where for thousands of years, conquerors have failed to master the terrain and the people, how does even the UN think it will be able to regulate what is a pure black market?  Simple answer is, that it can't, and it won't.

This post did not start out as one about our 2A rights, but it certainly is a nail in the coffin of the bureaucrat that believe they can control us, even from their "high perch" in New York.  If anyone for any minute can watch this video and believe the UN is sincere in stopping "small arms trade of illicit and illegal guns" throughout the world, then you are either a libtard, a Utopian, an idiot, or just plan naive.

Hellfire vs. Sniper; Which One is Your Bet On?

What happens when a hellfire missile from an Apache meets up with a sniper hanging out in his hide?  Only this

I can only imagine that he felt no pain, which was far to good for him.  However, one less Jihadist in the world is one less Jihadist in the world.  Now, if we could just convince our political leaders (and our allies in the International Security Assistance Force) that we don't need to be spending 100k a hellfire to take out insurgents, then we might actually win over there. 

QOTD: Three to One is Bettin' Odds!

Other evidence also suggests that Hoven did “the right thing.” The National Crime Victimization Survey shows that defending oneself with a gun is by far the safest course of action when one is confronted by a robber. For example, people who protect themselves with a gun are injured in robberies about 8 percent of the time, but those who behave passively are injured by the criminals 24 percent of the time, a three times higher rate.
From John Lott's latest on Big Government, we find that if you prefer to be a pascifist when it comes to being a vicitim of crime, you are three times more likely to be injured!  I'll use a gun please!  Then I'll bet on the poor suckers who chose not to heed the following...

30 May 2011

More Memorial Day Tribute

H/t to Defense Tech & Military.com

P-51 Mustang Recon Machine

When compared to the high-tech, Skunkworks projects of the U2, "Ox cart", or SR-71, a modified P51 Mustang fighter is considered low tech, low budget, and low altitude to get ASAP info of what was happening on the battlefield.

RetroMechanix.com takes a look back at the construction and testing of the recon bird that was able to give the US Army and its allies critical info it needed to help win Europe in WWII.

Who Said the Black Knights Can't Fly?

Military.com takes a ride along (or is it a fly and jump along?) with the US Army's Black Knights.  I still think there is no good thing about jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, but these guys do it over and over again.

Someone please tell my wife these guys are pros, and she should leave the sky diving to the pros.  Either way, mad props to these guys for their stones and dedication.

QOTD: Operation Proper Exit Challenge

What lies behind us and what lies before us, are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
Ralph Waldo Emerson's poetic quote is certainly appropriate on Memorial day, especially when remembering the soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice.  Their efforts certainly are efforts from within that respond to a much higher level of service for fellow man and the defense of liberty.  A soldier's combat death, no matter within what conflict is not something to be taken lightly, and today it is completely absent of a political prism.  Sacrifice for the good of the many is something that none of us can even begin to comprehend in this life.  Perhaps we will understand it when we see our heroes again in the next one.

While I am about to post this video here for your viewing, I emphatically encourage you to click through to watch it on YouTube in a quest to push it to 1 million views before the end of the year (as of this writting on Friday afternoon, it sits around 940 views).  Hell, there are plenty of viral videos that hit that number in less than a week, so let's make this one happen in the next month!

The reason for my grotesque level of goading?  Simple.  Local radio personality Mark Zinno is a member in the Maryland National Guard who is currently in theater and wanted the help of listeners to hit 1 million views.  If that happens, he has pledge to put up $1,000 of his own hard earned combat pay to the Wounded Warrior Project.  He plans to be back by the year's end but as said above, let's not wait that long.

While I can't manage to match that generous gift personally, I can pledge a few bucks to a worthy cause as we go into this Memorial Day if it helps entice you to share the word with your friends and family.  So, please, watch the video, click through to YouTube, and let's help Major Zinno and all of our vets as we remember those who have give us their lives in defense of freedom. 

I hope you can all do a little bit while partying and enjoy burgers and beer this weekend to help out our military and their injured.  Most importantly, let us all be a bit somber at a few points this weekend to remember the fallen, those who laid down their lives in defense of freedom.

29 May 2011

SHTF List & a Thought for Twister Victims

We should ALL be better preppers!  (Full disclosure, I am guilty of not being as prepared as some people out there, but certainly not in the bottom 50%).

In light of all the twisters lately, I'm sharing this list that I happened across eons ago.  The top 100 items to disappear first in a national emergency.  Needless to say, I've got some catch up to do.

 Today has been a busy day between blogging, reading the news, actually being productive at work, and day dreaming about the weekend.  It was very easy to get caught up in listening to talk radio (and then some Jawaiian Music) and just kinda bypass our fellow citizens afflicted by some huge natural disasters.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all of those affected by the tornado outbreaks of the last few weeks.  I cannot imagine the pain and suffering some of you are going through.  I hope you find solace and comfort in the support of your friends and family, and the generosity of the American people. 

QOTD: Marine Whoop Ass Style!

One thing is for certain, that Marine deserves a beer (or two)!  I hope to see him run for office one day, and slap some silly liberal/hippies around like this (because of the the Trumpified language)!  Look, average Joe six pack (meaning me, and people like me) appreciate this kind of speak.  It's raw, it's real, and it certainly takes balls, and yes, even patriotism to speak it.  That's America in a nutshell, someone with the sense, the guts, and the passion to lay the wood.  HooooRaahh!  Well put! 

H/t to Trevor Loudon.

28 May 2011

QOTD Double Bonus: Freebie Love!

Yeah!  It's happy brown truck of joy day!  Your mount goes out today!  I'll send you a tracking number when I get it out.
Freebies are awesome!  Especially when it comes out of a semi-bet with an upstart company.  More on the back story after the introduction.

That company is RS Regulate; a new accessory manufacture for AK variant firearms (and what ever else comes from the upstart).  So, shipping out to me today is the RS AKM, side rail mount that accepts 30mm optical red dots while also allowing for the optic to be centered over the bore, AND provide a lower 1/3 co-witness of the factory irons!  How bad assness is that?!

I've followed this product's development for approximately 5 months now, and when designer / company owner made me a bet that he'd have this mount on the market for my February birthday, or my first was on him, he certainly pulled through.  When a company believes in its product so much before the end user ever gets to put their hands on it, it says a lot!  I can wait to get this thing in my hands, and mounted up!

So, mad props go out to RS Regulate!  You can find their products shipping from AIM Surplus or Brownells.  If you want the development stuff, check out this thread on ARFCOM.

Author's Note:  As I mentioned here I've been slacking and I have actually received my mount.  I'm hoping to get it installed this weekend and get it sighted in and shoot some with it.  Hopefully I'll even get some pictures and an initial review.  I must apologize to RS Regulate's owner for being a bit back logged.  He has been nothing but "all world" when we first started conversing.  Had he not been true to his word, I would have been shelling out the cash for this product myself as it seems true to the AK design; simple, effective, and rugged.  I'll keep you readers posted with initial impressions and round counts.  

QOTD: Constitutional Senility

It is wrong to use some constitutional provisions as spring-boards for major social change while treating others like senile relatives to be cooped up in a nursing home until they quit annoying us. As guardians of the Constitution, we must be consistent in interpreting its provisions.
Judge Kozinski had that to say from his dissenting opinion rendered from the 9th Circus' decision in the Nordyke case.

My question is, why can't all judges write opinions like this?  We libertarians and conservatives feel this way, how hard is it for judges to express their thoughts in "normal" commoner language?  It certainly would make decisions easier (and more fun) to read, but the best part is that this is the kind of language that sets jurisprudence for years to come.  Can anyone imagine Scalia writing something like this into a majority opinion to screw with the libtards for decades to come?  Two words...last laugh.

BATFE Multi-Rifle Reporting Comment Period

Comment period for the BATFE's multiple rifle sale reporting requirement ends on Tuesday May 31st.  If you have not done so (or even if you have), click here to oppose this illegal executive action.

If the BATFE can't track guns THEY let slip into Mexico, why should we trust them with information regarding our citizens?

Naval & Coastie Impact of Climate Change (Read, rUn FoR tEh H1LLs!)

I'm assuming you haven't heard that there is a recession (or great correction), two active wars, and now a third conflict, all the while our fearless leader actually did something militarily productive (get OBL), but you should run for the hills now while there is still a chance.  Oh, and when you arrive upon the hill, contact your Congressman and Senators and demand funding for a Navy installation or a Coast Guard facility. 

The lunacy of global warming (errr, climate change) is now becoming a concern about its impact (or realistic non-impact) on strategic national defense.  This according to the National Research Council and projected in the Military Times from 3/10/11 (yeah, I know it is way over a month old).  Heaven forbid that the Goreacle can't save us from the rising sea levels by 2030 and great floods ruin bases like Norfolk, San Diego, or Kodiak!  It would be TEOTWAWKI!  RUN!  SAVE OUR NAVY!  SAVE OUR COAST GUARD!

Or, do what I did a couple weekends ago and grab a fishing pole, a good boat, go fishing, and wave at the friendly Coasties as they patrol our territorial waters and perform safety checks, Homeland Security, and (hopefully not on me) rescue operations.  I mean, I'd much prefer for the sea to come to me (and the non-existent maritime base in my backyard) than for me to go to the sea.  After all, that's just how the earth has turned for billions of years ya know!  Why change now?

27 May 2011

The People vs. Goldman Sachs: The Tabbi Effect

If you aren't familiar with Matt Tabbi, let me just put him into the category of one of the best journalists on the face of the planet.  While I may not agree with his political views, he certainly does a good job of writing articles based on facts, and reporting ONLY those facts.  He even drops an F-bomb here or there.  What's not to like? 

His latest full length article was released a few weeks ago in the May edition of the Rolling Stone magazine.  Entitled The People vs. Goldman Sachs, Tabbi details all of the egregious illegalities perpetrated by the investment bank (and its brethren).  If you have 10 pages of printer paper, I suggest that you read this article.  You will find it quite shocking. 

Bank Reforms too Complicated to Work

Do any of these reforms seem complicated to you?  Yeah, me too.  Fortunately for us (for now), they are proposed for our British friends across the pond, but to me there is clearly a simpler solution; one the central bankers meddlers would absolutely hate.  A gold standard. 

It's so easy and simple, it's almost painful!  It's also endorsed by our Constitution...imagine that?  The Constitution promoting not meddling?  Que Guinness Guys!

Discrediting the Fed

Mark Steyn (self proclaimed undocumented anchor man as a fill for Limbaugh, and author of America Alone) had an excellent editorial on the Fed, the beltway mantra, and the policy impact upon an accelerating collapse of the US economy.  Also, he throws in a simple man's essay of explaining the debt ceiling debate.

What spurns Steyn's article?  It seems as though some of the beltway baboons (no offense to baboons) take great offense to the members of congress whom refuse to do the bidding of the Turbo Tax Timmy and the Bernake's ologarch orders.  Those reps in congress are "financial terrorists," according to some hack from the Bush 1 admin:
The people who are threatening not to pass the debt ceiling,” he said, “are our version of al-Qaeda terrorists. Really."
I guess that makes over 70% of the American people financial terrorists since they don't support a debt ceiling increase?  AWESOME!  I've always wanted to be on a government list! 

This Author is a Slacker!

Yes dear reader, I've been a major slacker.  I was in a writing mood a few weeks ago, and then blogger decided to go Tango Uniform and eat posts...(DAMN YOU GOOGLE SKYNETS!).

So, that said, I spent some time last night getting some posts in order and they'll be going up in small releases...some stuff is dated, some stuff is new and recent.  Don't like that I'm late on discussing stuff?  Well...entertain yourself here. (Joking of course).

No dear reader, I hope you understand, I am mostly a one man show.  Sometimes, burnout happens.  I envy those other bloggers I read and follow that are able to put in effort day in a day out.  So thanks for sticking with me here and there, and for your patience. 

QOTD: Pay Discrepency

The point is, the dollar is going down. Over the short term, I don’t know…but certainly over the long term. As it is, a tollbooth operator in the state of Massachusetts earns more than a person with a master’s degree in computer science in Beijing. And the fellow in Beijing works 12 hours a day…and gets almost no benefits.
Discrepancy in pay certainly is a major problem of the current economic crisis.  We can say the same about our CEOs of major corporations in this country that their salaries are very disproportional to the earnings of the company, the amount input that they have (or chose to put in), and their employees'.

While no man should ever be limited by laws (or more precisely, taxes) on the amount of wages one can earn, we must realize that the market does set the fair wage, inclusive of the inherent risk in the currency with which the wage is paid.  The problem with pay discrepancy is that it will always find equilibrium; which means that through inflationary burn, debt enslavement, the burden of government, and high unemployment, the wages of average workers in the United States will not have upward pressure.

All the more reason to reform Washington, end the Federal Reserve, and prevent the meddlers from meddling with our currency.

12 May 2011

QOTD: Turtle Harness Racing

So we are watching two horses round the clubhouse turn, gotta keep watching them to see if one pulls ahead of the other.  Actually, it's more like harness racing, but with turtles.
As various Maryland Shooters members watch the threads pertaining to the challenges before our legal system with regards to public RKBA, member SkunkWerx had that to say about the quickness (or lack thereof) of the process. 

I'd say he is spot on!

11 May 2011

QOTD: Get up, Stand Up!

I don't stand for the black man's side, I don' t stand for the white man's side.I stand for God's side.
Often times, the Google Trends gadget I have on my home page makes me shake my head in disgust at the ignorance of my fellow humans.  Fortunately, Skynets (aka Google) isn't doing that today, and it made me see that one of the best musicians of all time had an anniversary today (that of his untimely death).
Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds!
The singer I am referencing is of course Bob Marley (as today marks 30 years since his death).  Certainly, Marley is not an individual that I would agree with in every facet of life, but he did understand nobility, integrity, freedom, and rights.  Those are personal characteristics I have to admire!

Rest Peacefully Bob, and know well that your music is still delivering the goods to this day.

ETA:  WaPo Blog Post here (and you should know how I hate the WaPo) has a nice write up on the Jamaican National Hero.  

10 May 2011

Zero Tolerance = Zero Brains

What happens when you mix liberalism and political correctness with education, and add in a pinch of zero tolerance for good measure?  You have quality, student athletes getting suspended for lacrosse stick repair tools, more commonly known as pen knives, multi-tools, and lighters.

I wish I could say that this story was an isolated incident to our wonderful leftist state, but unfortunately, that is not the case as it follows a national trend of zero tolerance policies lunacy.  Darwin would NOT be proud! 

The short version summary (full version read above on the initial link) is that two students were suspended after a search of their lacrosse bags failed to yield alcohol (as was suspected), but did net one pen knife (apparently a concealed deadly weapon warranting a 17 year old's arrest) and one lighter (apparently an "explosive" device).  Would someone please beam me up to the starship Enterprise, because this shit is not out of left field, it's pure moonbattery! 

What happened to common sense?  Are humans incapable of adjudicating rules, intentions, and mistakes in conduct that run afoul of prescribed ethics or actions?  So much so that two young men face the potential black mark against their educational careers that could alter their lives, permanently.  And for what reason?  Simply because they are victims of playing a sport that requires using tools that ordinary, common citizens use every day of their lives!?  I mean, holy-hell, a concealed deadly weapon as a minor in school could land the one player in jail for three years (and thus disbar him of his 2nd amendment civil rights)!  Anyways, not the point I'm trying to make here (at least, not about firearms and civil rights).

The lack of educators to reason and critically think through consequences for a student's misguided (or misinformed) actions, is reprehensible on its face, but it is rooted in a poor policy of rights suspension.  Once those kids step foot onto school grounds, they are bound to forfeit their rights prohibiting unreasonable search and seizure.  All it takes is for one high school advisory with a vindictive nature to "accuse" a student of carrying contraband in their personal belongings and initiate an investigation, thus subverting their civil rights  and potentially landing them into this kind of a mess.  We try to teach high schoolers civics (well, they claim to "attempt" to teach it), yet school policies themselves are totalitarian in nature and reinforce "police state" to the minds of our impressionable citizens. 

Not only is this asinine, it is archaic and tyrannical.  If minor children are required to behave like citizens outside the classroom, then they should be treated as such from within the classroom, including access to their civil rights and a comprehensive "student justice system" that can properly adjudicate the injustices and inequalities that come with human behavior.  Ignorance is no excuse, but neither is a failure in compassion or morals.  Perhaps we just need to have some teachers with better sense and more balls to stick up for the rights and actions of quality human beings!

I can personally speak from a situation where I understand what has happened to these two young men.  At current, I am aged 29, and this short story is probably 20 years removed from my memory, but it is a lesson that I am able to recall to this day quite clearly.  Growing up in a rural area, it was nothing for youth to hunt with their fathers (in this case it was dove season, so say between Labor Day and mid to late September).  After spending an afternoon hunting with my father on a Saturday, I attended school the next week and wore the same camo jacket.  Obviously, as September weather changes quickly in Maryland, the jacket was that of convenience on a chilly morning, and I did not even notice the 20 gauge shotgun shells (loaded) that remained in its pockets, until I was already at school and the day was 1/3 or better gone. 

Now, mind you, as a 3rd grader, you run into a very difficult situation.  You know you have broken a school rule, and you have two choices.  Either cop to the fact that you made a mistake, purely out of accident and you have no means (gun) to fire the shells, nor the intention to do it anyways, or tell no one, keep the shells in your pocket, hope you don't get caught and correct the mistake by telling your parents (or no one) once you get home.

Having been raised to be honest, I chose to cop to the mistake in school, to my 3rd grade teacher.  Her punishment?  Nothing.  Absolutely zip, zero, zilch, nada, nothing!  That's right, she told me to keep the shells in my pocket, tell no one, take them home and make sure they never came back; and that was exactly what I did.

So, I can't image things have changed that much in the last 20 some odd years, that the same reasoned thinking by our teacher level educators (and the administrators as well) couldn't come up with a better solution to the initial story.  Though, for that to be the case, that would mean that teachers and administrators might have to think outside their lib-progressive box, and admit their policies are wrong. 

First rule of politics (and everything socialism) never admit failure or defeat. 

New Posts Are Coming...

Dear readers, I'm assuming you've noticed the pattern.  I have energy to post, and blitz you into education submission, and then fall off the face of the earth for a bit. 

Frankly, lately, all the news has been so horrid, I have not had the motivation to write.  So, this week, you will see some new posts, with new material, along with old dated news items.  Throw the Maryland Monday and Finance Friday topic days out the window, while I try to publish things I've wanted to write.  We'll get back to a "format" once the back log is done. 

A personal note...I missed out on the NRACon and wish I had been there.  Hopefully the next time it comes back east (or into a State that I'd like to travel to), I'll block out my schedule to make it. 

So, hello and welcome back! 

02 May 2011

Bin Laden: USA After Action Report

The following is purely opinion, but one that I find needs to be written.

1 May 2011, 22:45

That was the news last night around 10:30 EDT, and man was it some good news!  I admit, I partook in staying up until the early hours of Monday, gaining a sense of the speculation by the MSM (mostly wrong as they fondled themselves to talk up Obama and to beat their competitors to the punch) and the reaction to the speculation by the people in the streets (and to a lesser extent, the country).  Now that the reaction has died down, and the details have emerged, I find it prudent to express a few more sentiments to support my Tweets from last night (read them via the panel on the home page).

As the day has progressed, I've listened to the talking heads, I've read the retail news outlets, and the blogosphere, and even listened to talk-radio callers fornicate over this great success.  Unfortunately, that opinion will not be seen here.  Yes, undoubtedly justice has been served, and that is great news (without any discount).  Great credit should be given to the nameless and tireless work done by the grunts, the SpecOps, the Spooks and the intel-guys (and gals) who have spent countless man-years (not man-hours), attempting to piece together the mouse crumbs left by, perhaps, the most illusive man on the (then) face of the planet.  The preceding sentence should be interrupted as a resounding and major Kudos to those who have given their lives or put their lives in harms way to make the past 36~48 hours (and several prep months before) a resounding success.  The .mil and .spook folk "done good" and get a major "atta boy!" 

So shall I now begin my qualification of the whole thing; I am not celebrating, and I refuse to celebrate.  While this is America, and I would be a bit of a hypocrite to prevent anyone from freely expressing their emotions, ideas, and expressions, I would call these people fools for acting out the celebration one witnessed last night.  My reasoning?  Simple.  Celebrating the death of one individual (a spiritual figurehead of an Islamic militant movement) does not win the War on Terror.  There are many whom still wish our citizens and soldiers dead, and further wish our way of life to die a death with which will banish it for perhaps a thousand years (historical reference to be written tomorrow).  Further, celebrating the death of humans is not something even great soldiers wish for (namesake of this blog included).

The celebrations I witnessed last night on TV make us as civilized (or barbaric) as our foe.  I don't condemn them, but it certainly speaks to how bin Laden's legacy has truly affected our country.  As I write what follows this sentence, please realize that I absolutely HATE this analogy, but it must be made.  We, as a country, did not celebrate the death of one despotic dictator (Hitler) until the War was officially over, and our troops were brought home to march in armistice parades.  Today, that is not happening.  Today, the WOT continues, and today, the war against an idea continues. 

Ideas supersede martyrs, and wars supersede soldiers (and generals).  While I will leave our military actions and interventions to another day's debate, let me continue by saying again, history has been made and this is great news.  The families affected by 9/11 have some closure, and closure is certainly welcome for human benefit.  Yet let us as a united people not look towards our political leaders for this success, and let us not look at our foe for the status that will surly be lauded upon him.  Freedom resides within the hearts and minds of man and I encourage the intelligent readers to remember exactly this and discuss it with their family and friends.

I would hope that as our country moves forward, we take this "battle" win, and learn from it.  Perhaps this small, tireless effort to bring justice will be the next step in the War on Terror, and thus shape the battle field away from the protracted natures we have found ourselves in.  I pen this as a wish of mine, for the people o the front lines, as well as our country whom tires here at home of extended engagements.  Though, the last thought in all of this is that we, the American People, know how to fight.  We are not weak, and we will always be resolute for justice and that freedom based upon that justice within our society.  Of course, we encourage the entire world to join us in this endeavor, but it is up to the citizens of other countries to make this happen. 

To sign off...ObL, you have lost the battle, you have lost the war.  Regardless of the political leadership's imperial policies, the people realize what freedom means, and we realize what justice means.  We have served justice, and unfortunately for you, it was not vengeful (for the most part) but righteous. 

25 April 2011

Williams Case (MD) Petition for Cert: Bearing

A little known case is now thrust into the spotlight by this simple question:
 Whether peacably carrying or transporting a registered handgun outside the home, without a carry permit that is unobtainable by ordinary, law-abiding citizens, is outside of the cope of "the right of the people to ... bear arms" protected by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.
The petition can be found here along with the major credit to the Maryland Shooters board found on these threads for the details and background. 

As far as I can see, the only detraction from the question is this: loaded and either openly or concealed.  Does this question mean that the states that do not respect our rights (like Maryland) can require that the arms be cased and locked, or does this truly mean "bear."  This new civil right's movement is beating on a lot of doors, and yes, patience is the preferred method, but for those of us who have tasted freedom in freer states, we want our rights NOW!  Hell, at some point, we want our rights restored to pre-1934. 

Happy Monday!  

19 April 2011

QOTD: Judical Check & Balance

The dignity and stability of government in all its branches, the morals of the people, and every blessing of society depend so much upon an upright and skillful administration of justice, that the judicial power ought to be distinct from both the legislative and executive, and independent upon both, that so it may be a check upon both, and both should be checks upon that.  -John Adams

18 April 2011

Black & Decker: Crony Capitalism Comes to Maryland

What's that you say?  We have a budget deficit here in the State of Maryland?  Oh, we just raised the alcohol tax?  Other fees and taxes were raised?  You say that we are probably destined to getting hit with tax increases during the special session for gerrymandering this fall?  However, Stanley, Black & Decker of Towson is getting a favorable loan from Maryland and Baltimore County to "spruce up their campus?" 

It's so nice to see crony capitalism at work here in Maryland.  If the company can afford to make the payments on the note, plus the interest, why can't it afford to make the improvements without the aid of the state.  Surly the Fortune 500 company could tap the open market for debt, but perhaps the interest rate from the state and the county is more favorable?

Nothing like some good old vote buying huh? 

Mason-Dixon Line History

Interesting.  As a MDer all my life, I have always been taught that the Mason-Dixon line was contentious.  What I never knew was that main cause of contention has been in dispute until only recently.

Of course, with this being the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, that's all we need is to spark a new debate between MD and PA.


That's what I'll be doing (within the limits of the law of course!).  

Last Monday, was the last day of the 90 day Maryland Legislative session.  Of course, the session could not be complete without the Dem dominated make up passing some kind of tax scheme and scheme they did!  In passing a bill that will shoot the alcohol tax up from 6% to 9% effective July 1, 2011.  Of course, any good scheme wouldn't be complete without claiming to help the needy, and then divert the raised revenues to politically expedient, vote buying jurisdictions in the form of "education" funds.
Of $47.5 million of first-year revenue to be doled out for school construction, $43 million goes to the larger, more Democratic counties in the state. Baltimore, Montgomery and Prince George’s counties would each receive $9 million if signed into law by O’Malley. 
The above continues to prove that Maryland, like it's FedGov cousin, continually has a spending problem and not a revenue problem! 

So, yes dear reader (and the state of Maryland, since I'm sure you're watching) I can assure you I will be participating in this tax as little as legally possible.  I will not be transporting any alcohol from our neighboring states for financial gain, but only for personal consumption.  Meaning, I intend to drink anything bought out of state and returned to Maryland.  No gifts will be provided to friends and family, and no distributions (except to my liver and kidneys) will be made for compensation or non-compensation.  Further, I will be making all my beer and wine purchases before this regressive tax is imposed on July 1. 

I guess it's time to figure out a good home brewing setup; suggestions are welcome. 

17 April 2011

Union Pay in One Chart

Full back story here.

Yes, it is from Ohio, but as we've seen with some of the very powerful teachers unions (and it is not state specific) the same story seems to be generating a recurring theme.  That theme being those on the left, have been taking advantage of the extra productivity of the private sector for quite some time now, and thus have spent their cost of living adjustments for years to come.  Meaning, no raise for you in the private sector (for the foreseeable future), as we need higher taxes to foot the bill for OUR raises.

So, the next time some teacher complains about the fact that they aren't making enough, just point them in this direction. 

That Explains It! Libs vs. Conservatives = Brain Differences

Not like you really need a fully funded scientific study to tell us what we already know, but...here it is.  

Differences in the brain are something we've assumed of the other side for YEARS!  Now, if a funded (or even free) study comes out that shows liberals are really aliens, we might be on to something.

16 April 2011

Hard Head Jarhead or Hard Hat?

Can someone get me one of these kevlar helmets!  I might need it when I'm skiing next season!

The best part is that when the guy gets hit, he was still in the fight (more or less). 

Bamboozling Some Bimbos

 What happens when a former CIA man takes on two CNN Bimbos?  Hilarity!  Of course, duh!?!

Of course it's more Zero Hedge goodness.

Navy F18 Hornet Firey Engine Landing

I can across this from Danger Room and figured it too good not to share. 

Just goes to show that our military (especially pilots) are damned good at what they do.

E*Trade Baby's OOPS! Moment

Unfortunately, E*Trade doesn't come with its own "Oops is brought to you by erasers, don't make a mistake without one," tool for recourse.  (Of course, there is a language warning associated with this post if you happen to be at work for Initech).  

I've been waiting for this parody for a while, so I'm glad someone has finally pulled off the E*Trade baby clicking his purchases to, well, completely failure.  I wonder why it took so long to finally see? 

H/t of course to Zero Hedge. 

15 April 2011

Idiot Monetarists

Usually I can't find a whole lot of fault with the authors over at National Review Online, but this one takes the cake.  

Anyone who is stupid enough to advocate actually making the Federal Reserve's mandate to literally, make nominal inflation, doesn't have a brain or an understanding of the words free and market.  Go read the article (and if you are like me, it'll make you practically go mad).  But once you're done, enjoy yourself and give my unfiltered and raw feed back a read from my comment the other day. 

Pull this lever, turn this knob, and prime that pump! Credit, credit, and more credit! Yes, more liquor in the punch bowl is what we need! After all, the party isn't wild enough with the strippers, Cuban cigars, LSD, and cocaine, we must have more punch!

Monetarists are all the same Keynesian, yet just by another name. Neither understand John Maynard's true economic principles of government should save money in the good years, to be able to inject the savings in a downturn to take up the slack of spending by the private sector in a non-money fueled inflation like the one that Mr. Beckworth advocates for.

The mere fact that Mr. Beckworth would consider making the Fed's mandate to litterally manipulate the already manipulated GDP number, goes beyond anything that is liberty minded, and down and outright imposing of tyrannical control of the money supply. Carte blanche to actually cajole the money supply into a permanent "mark to fantasy" of the entire economy would enslave the entire country into a debt prostitute lifestyle. Strong words, I am aware, but nessecary when combating idiot wonks who think the right people and right policy will fix our problem.

Errrrnt, wrong! Sorry, no policy will work until the actual free market wins out, debt defaults happen, credit write-offs and write-downs occur, and we can actual figure out the non-manipulated price of goods, services, and commodities. Besides, with every expansion in the monetary base by the Federal Reserve, we have ALWAYS seen a dramatic rise in the price of oil, accompanied shortly thereafter by a prolonged recession / stagnation. Meaning, even the Fed can't fight the Austro-Hungarian economic cycle.

Meddlers work in Washington, because they only know how to meddle. Wonks work for meddlers because the wonks have the brains the meddlers wish they could have to provide the logistics to implement their ends. Of course, the means are one in the same, the people.

Precious Metals Trend

I've been seeing a lot of mainstream/dino-media saying that precious metals are over bought (of course yours truly doesn't even have any horded, so I do welcome a sell off).  However, as the investing saying goes, the trend is your friend (provided it isn't a bubble). 

So, reading something like this from the Daily Reckoning, backed up with this from the Telegraph, it seems like gold is not yet reaching consumer saturation, at least from a sound money perspective.  

Thieves will obviously steal anything of value, and insurance companies must limit their liability to settle their customers losses (else it doesn't fit their business models).  It is ironic that the institutional investors of insurance companies (at least in England) think the trend is still up, when they consider the remote possibility of telling their customers to check their policies and update their coverage limits.  The more coverage, the more risk, and thus the more you pay which makes sense.  That said, you have to think that if the InsCos want more money in policy form to cover your gold jewelry and coins, what does that say about the actual trade itself? 

Sprawl of the Slums

Author's Note:  This is months old, but just now getting around to releasing it.  Hope it was worth the wait.

If you have ever visited FerFAL's blog (old or new), he has many times talked about the plight that is a socioeconomic collapse of society due to government mismanagement and rampant inflation.  With this, comes things like urban slums, shanty towns, squatting and other forms of communal ownership of property that may or may not be through purchase or legal transfer. 

From Business Insider comes an article that highlights slums from around the world via sat photos.  (A USA version of this article can be found here). 

At any rate, FerFal is always talking about slums and the disease, filth, and crime that comes with them.  These sat photos certainly put the towns into perspective from a geographical stand point.  Any person with common sense an a basic understanding of demographics would quickly assume that crime is a problem, but so too there would be an environmental impact as well.  When population densities hit multi-thousands of people in put a few square miles (or kilometers), no wonder FerFAL often writes about trash, poor drinking water, and waste water and sewage problems.

These pictures have to call into question the claims of environmental-wackos that economic growth is what contributes to pollution and green house gases.  Just looking at the population densities and to know what countries these slums are in, it isn't hard to see that there is a negative environmental impact associated with recessions or depressions.  Which, if we extrapolate our common sense thinking, means that economic growth and sound private sector business profits fund the tax coffers which help governments to pay for environmental "mitigation" projects as a way to find balance between business and planet.

I'd say that these type of slum cities are worse from an ecological health stand point.  I can only imagine that when you have population densities this high in cities that are marginally 1st world countries, the lack of  running water and the waste water control are probably BIG problem.  Not to mention the amount of physical refuse that is generated and probably just piled around without collection and safe disposal.  I would also venture to guess that since these kind of places don't have much in the way of central planning and zoning, meaning that none of these cities manages their storm water runoff to account for erosion and sediment (thus impacting downstream health).

While environmentalism push groups like to clamor that the USA and it's consumption is the problem, in reality, first world countries that have economic might, can do some good for the environment through conservation projects.  Obviously, we can sit here and debate about tax revenues and proper use thereof, but the point being, economic growth allows a population to take into account some projects of nobility to preserve open space and the environment.  That is something of a contradiction to my limited government stance, but there is no reason that the government and business can't co-op to be able to achieve a mutually beneficial society.  The problem is, as is exampled here, unchecked growth is a negative to eco-health, but unchecked government intervention (and crony capitalism) can cause an economic decline that allows for a degradation of society into the cheapest means of living, often resulting in the most egregious, negative environmental impact. 

As an avid hunter and sport fishermen, no one understands more the balance that is necessary to the survival of the human populace and the planet as we know it.  The problem that is generated by those on the left is there outright assault on economic and human progress in the "name" of the planet.  After all, the unintended consequences of protectionist environmental practices and ineffective monetary policy can be and are, quite catastrophic. 

Dump the Mac's (Freddie & Fannie)

What is the biggest centrally planned US market?  Housing of course.  Fannie and Freddie are New Deal era companies born out of "necessity" only to become behemoth bureaucracies.

So, what is the solution to fixing the ever evolving housing problem?  Simple, let the market work and get the bureaucracies out of the way.

Declining Standard of Living

If you followed the news here in the states, instead of across the pond, you would think everything is hunky dory.  Of course, we know that our dollar buys a lot less these days. 

Unfortunately for the Brits, their Pound buys a lot less every day as well.  To the tune of about 1 Pound a day.  Yikes!  As the blog article states, it gives a whole new meaning to the term "bank robbery."  Watching negative interest rates eat at your bank savings is depressing.  I'm in that boat myself. 

Of course, life isn't without risks, since the precious metal trade also has downside risk as well

Zero Hedge Week in Review

Some interesting things from Zero Hedge that I think are worth reading. 

The Con of the Decade:  A guest post with a logical explanation for why inflation will not turn hyper-inflationary, based upon the "other side" of the trade.  Meaning, debt is an asset to those who hold it to earn the interest.

FBI Raids Chuck E. Cheese:  I thought I had blogged about this before, but perhaps not.  I suggest you read the back story from the Daily Reckoning first, before reading the satire of von NotHaus' conviction.  I mean, if someone wanted to giving a silver coin that is meant to represent a US Quarter Dollar (but is .999 pure silver and a metal content value of say, oh, like $15), wouldn't you accept that as payment on goods and services?  Read the satire, it is funny, in a somewhat scary way.

Misery Index All Time High:  This one is from 3/29.  Oops.  I told you dear reader I had a back log of posts.

$1,800 Gold By October: Ben?  Is that you!?!

TEOTWAWKI preps inflation, 47% in 6 months:  Enough said.

And...last one for the week, which is more survival / prep minded here: Keeping Capital in a Depression

Of course, you don't need me to read www.zerohedge.com.

One Year Later: BP Oil Spill

A look back through pictures from the Telegraph from one year ago regarding the Deep Horizon accident.

While the above link isn't really a "Finance Friday" topic by itself, the industry, the fall out, the continued lack of drilling permits as a result of the ever moving "rule" target by the Interior Department, has certainly been one cause for oil to head back above $100 a barrel.  Not the sole reason, but one of the reasons and certainly one that can find blame with the Obama appointee Ken Salazar.

Have the processes and safety protocols really improved?  It is hard to say.  I plead ignorance as to the current impact upon the Gulf of Mexico and its ecosystem because both the enviro-wackos and the right have their respective spins on the issue.  The one thing I do know is that we are witnessing government central planning stall the plans of private business to the point that it has wreaked havoc upon the market.  While the cash that finances the industry is fungible to where geo-political and environmental concerns aren't as big of a concern, US based companies continue to loose the capital necessary to explore, extract, and mitigate the environmental costs associated with oil production.  Not to mention the roughnecks who are unemployed or forced to travel to foreign lands to make an honest living, or the rig builders who have now lost productivity to await the new regulations.

As usual, what the government doesn't know, it attempts to regulate and thus, snuffs it out of existence. 

Finance Friday Blitz, Coming Today

Well, actually, a ton of posts period coming.  Like Uncle, sometimes we need a break.  My problem is, I need a break, plus I go through info overload. 

Google reader feeds stack up, get skimmed, sped read, and the interesting ones usually end up here to be blogged, discussed, or opined upon.  That doesn't always happen at the first part of the month because of the accounting cycle.  It's one of the reasons that when Foxtrot Uniform asked to write his "OpEd," I just offered him the chance to be a regular contributor (hopefully plugging in some gaps here and there when he has interest and time).

At any rate, as things come to a slower rate in the final 1/2 or 1/3 of the month, I tend to put out more work.  So now you understand if things get a bit backed up and not written as much as they should. 

13 April 2011

Tax Freedom Day

Tax Freedom day was yesterday (Tuesday) for this year.  Translated, all of your income through April 12, 2011 for this year, was effectively paid to the federal government to satisfy your tax obligations (how nice of you comrade!). 

The question is, do you feel free from the federal government and their uncontrolled spending?  No?  Me either!  Nor this author either.

Meanwhile, as I type this I have cruised over to www.usdebtclock.org where I see that my share of the Federal Debt as a taxpayer (per taxpayer) is approximately $128,548 of the total $14,292,975,600,000 debt.  (Of course, give or take a few clicks of the printing press mouse).  Have you paid your fair share?  Have you gotten a good return on your investment?  I didn't think so.

Here's to hoping that the Repubs get their act together and stonewall an attempt to raise the debt limit.  Perhaps they can make some push with all 47 Repub senators signed onto a Balance Budget Amendment, but I'm not holding my breath. 

QOTD: Happy Birthday Jefferson Edition: Government Restraint

The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.
How true is that statement given today's current political and economic climate!  Oh so accurate words to live by, that is for certain.  Happy birthday great founder, perhaps we'll reform our republic back to your (and fellow founders) original intents before it is too late and we need another one of these...

09 April 2011

Everyone has a budget, why doesn't the Government?

So, the main reason I asked Fightin' to let me pen a piece for this blog is the following: I'm unhappy with the Government, and their inability to do the little things required to keep things moving. In shorter terms, why can't the men and women in D.C. representing us, the citizens; remove their heads from their respective anuses(anii?) and pass a budget?

This is the email I sent to Fightin' that brought what you're reading now:

This is spurred by the fact that these assholes in DC can't pass a budget to save their life. They've been kicking the goddamn can down the road for over a fucking year now, and because of this, and Big O's (and not the beloved and FIRST PLACE ORIOLES!)
determination that he won't grant an extension again on the budget
(mainly because of the republican controlled House), I'll be out of work
starting, well, now.

Yes, that's right, as of 12:01am, April 9, 2011, I as well as many
other government and contract workers, along with the currently
deployed military, and more than likely millions of other federal
funded workers, will be out of work/not getting paid for the first
time since 1995. Funny, who was in office in '95 when the government
shut down? Oh yeah, Clinton. Further proof to me(as if I needed
anymore) that democrats really are not democratic. They want it their
way or the highway. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm pissed off at the
republicans too, because they're taking their political partner to the
woodshed for a whooping over the atrocities that have happened over
the past few years of the Bush/Obama presidencies, and that's fine.
But, there comes a point where you stop playing politics and get YOUR
FUCKING JOB DONE. If I/we played this kind of game at work, how long
'till we'd be fired?

Ugh. This is a tragedy on so many levels. Maybe travesty is more
appropriate, I'm not sure. I know one thing is for sure. Come 2012, if
the world doesn't end, I'm printing out a list of names of every
senator and every house member and voting the exact opposite of who's
in there now.

Now, obviously things have sort of changed in the past 24 hours. But the fact still remains. They didn't pass a real budget. Instead they again kicked the can down the road(for lack of a better term) and decided that April 15, 2011 makes things better than April 8, 2011. Really, what's going to get accomplished in a few more days, that hasn't been able to be accomplished in about a years worth of time?

Sure, republicans got what they wanted, sort of. And the democrats got what they wanted, sort of. But in the end, who are the real losers? Us. You and Me. The American people. The hard working, average citizen. Why? How? You ask. Simple: Without a federal budget programs can't be funded, workers get furloughed, all kinds of things come to a grinding, screeching halt. Active military was slated not to get paid. It's a huge stress on everyone outside of Capital Hill. This is why I'm upset, as it is now 100% painfully obvious to me that the politicians really don't give a crap about us. If they did, they'd put their "differences" aside and come up with a plausible solution.

Cut backs are needed, reform is needed across the board, and anyone who doesn't see that, realize that, or notice that; may be deaf/dumb/blind/on the government teet. Personally, I have my own views of what is needed to be done to achieve reform, but that's neither here nor there, my biggest beef is getting the job done. Get the job you were voted to do, done. Pass a budget, do the work of the people, be what you're supposed to be. A line for the people to express their displeasure/happiness with the government. Protect the hard working, prosecute the criminals, and leave everything else alone.

It's not your job to delve into gun control. That's a right. It's not your job to regulate life choices. It's not your job to tell me what to eat, where to go, etc. It IS your job to be my vein to the government. Do the work of the people, or get the hell out.

That's all, folks.

Hello, Hello!

So, as you may or may not have figured out by now, I'm the new "author". Fightin' is an old friend as indicated; from way back in the day, and I came to him recently with frustration over our federal government and their inability to pass a budget(more on that later), and my general disdain for their lack of progress towards resolving something that is pretty important as far as our country goes. I asked him if I could pen(really, type) an editorial piece for his blog; he kindly invited me to join as a contributor, so, here I am!

As for a little background about myself. I'm in my late 20's. I like guns, good beer, good friends, and the outdoors. Baseball is America's national pastime, and to that I say, LET'S GO O's! I build computers in my spare time, and in the "old days" Fightin' and I wrenched on/played with cars together. I'm fired up about Washington, and their frequent inability to do the job that was granted to them by the people, regardless of political feelings.

Ok, so, enough about me, onto the good stuff, in a little while....

08 April 2011

New Author Coming...

There is a new sheriff in town!  Errr, well, at least a new author around these parts.  Well, not a sheriff.  A deputy maybe?  Barny Fife?  No, not quite.  Not in the least.  No dear reader, I would not unleash a Barny Fife on you, lest I see my readership plummet even further than the mere crickets that read now.  *cricket cricket*  (As always to those who do read, a thanks, as I am only one man, and I do this for free and sometimes other priorities get in the way).

At any rate, since I have been sinking up to my eye balls in posts yet to be written (and thankfully not debt), when this author approached me about coming on, I figure what could it hurt.  Considering that we go way back, I may come to regret this decision, but considering he is fired up about Washington politics, hello world, here ya go! 

I promise you, FoxtrotUniform1911 will be VERY entertaining.  So when you see his post(s) as its (their) 1s and 0s traverse the vast space that is the internet, please be kind as this is his first attempt at blogging (for free, not for pay considering owning this space doesn't pay very well either). 

FoxtrotUniform1911, the floor is yours! 

02 April 2011

StratFor Assement of Declaration of War

A pure no nonsense, no BS analysis of our actions in Libya, and all the "conflicts" since the end of WWII can be found here from StratFor.

Want the Constitutional clarity as to why we have things like the "War Powers Act" and why we have not had a "declared war" since WWII?  Then you want to read this.  Nothing like a good intel-estimate for the average man, so click, read, and educate.

No Fanfare: US Soldiers Casualties Continue to Mount

I am posting this only as a redirect.

The more I read and learn about history, current events, and monetary policy, I have to question why we are still in Afghanistan (and thus why we went into Libya).  Further, I have to ask, why isn't the media covering the fallen whom are supposedly fighting for our freedom?

Perhaps it is time for a dramatic shift in US geo-political-economic policy? 

01 April 2011

KC Fed Hoening Hawks

Wondering why you are paying more at the pump?  Ohhhhh, it might have something to do with that "accommodating monetary policy" program that the Fed has been running.  In laypeople terms, printing money.  

Finally, a Fed board governor agrees and see the downsides of what is coming our ways.  

Gresham's Law: Take the Dollar Back to "Good as Gold"

Gold bugs have been called a little bit nuts at times and often discredited by the "real" market makers since gold doesn't really "produce anything."  (Referencing to Buffet and others saying that gold is only a hedge and that it has no productivity value).

No, the shiny yellow metal may not have a lot of productivity appeal (more than that of making a lot of coins, bricks or jewelry).  Though, recently, even mainstream publications have been running editorials calling for a return to the gold standard.  The mere fact that a blogger for Forbes is saying we need a return to some form of gold standard is telling in and of itself. 

I've made no bones about being a fan of the DailyReckoning.com who has made a simple case for years on how "gold takes away the meddlers' ability to meddle."  In one of their posts today, they discuss how a man has been convicted of coining his own silver "Liberty Dollars" in an effort to circulate them and have them compete with the Federal Reserve Notes.  Obviously, this landed the man in jail but oddly enough the charged levied against him by using "The Constitution – Article 1, Section 8, Clause 5 – gives Congress the power to issue money," disappeared at the trial.  As Bill Bonner of the DR notes, "Apparently, it makes it a federal offense to compete."

So, that leads me to the big hitter of this post.  While several states have been contemplating coining their own money (too which we are sure the FedGov will backlash), Utah has become the first state to buck Gresham's Law by removing the tax implicating penalties associated with the float of gold's price.  (After all, the dollar floats too but only in the devalued form of cotton against the rising cost of goods). 

While I am not a personal gold bug (as finances and commerce still have to be conducted in the worthless cotton/linen mix), I would feel far more secure and happier if I had some shiny "dollar" hedge of my own.  After all, Warren Buffet is correct, gold is just another store of value that has no productive attributes, it just means that the big .gov and its crony / zombie capitalistic brothers can't stealthily steal from me as much.  I think I speak for most of America by saying that we just want the ability to be able to pay our bills and not have to chose between food, heating oil, or mortgage payments, as our wealth is wiped out on the efforts to default the debt. 

Dogs Rule!

That is all...

What Happens in a Recession?

Foreigners steal our jobs!  Wi-wi!  Viva la slopes!  Le' Britons steal our plush and cushy jobs as ski instructors!  END FRENCH ACCENT

Good old Europe.  No matter how much they attempt to prevent economic disparity (as a way to prevent wars), the countries will always be arguing and bickering about something that gets their feathers up in a ruffle.

And yes dear reader, sorry that this is a bit old.

28 March 2011

MD Gov Subsidizing Failed H2O Heaters

I guess the state of Maryland has not learned the consequences of subsidizing environmental policy.

That said, I do think there is some merit to alternative energy at the end user level if only to get "off the grid" and be more self sufficient.  Additionally, it would mean that the end user / individual would be less reliant upon the .gov, so I wonder if they see the unintended consequences in their actions?  Probably not, they are legislators after all. 

Limiting Impact of Speech

While most libertarians would agree that SCOTUS properly ruled in favor of the Westboro Batnuts earlier this year, I for one believe that we can limit the impact of their antics.  (Since the press seems to give them limitless attention that they don't deserve).  

Now, Carol County (and maybe even the whole state) is poised to limit the ability of the Batnuts to protest at funerals by increasing the "buffer zone" distance for permitted speech.

I know that in this posting, there is a bit of contradictions and irony, but that is a fraud I am willing to commit.  If SCOTUS says we have no right to sue for monetary damages based upon the brash and indigent speech that is spewed forth by that of Westboro, then the families of fallen soldiers, popular celebs, or anyone that dies tragically with enough media attention should have the ability to not be subjected to speech they don't wish to see or hear.  In that, we are not limiting the ability of the turds to drone their message, but the state can and should restrict their ability with which to use public lands (road right of ways and sidewalks, ect) to protest.

This is truly a compelling interest in its purist form, and one that is fully supported by a majority of the people.  The scope of such a limit does not impact the ability of the attention whores to whore before the cameras for the depraved press, but it does make sure that police officers don't have to stop any vigilante justice seekers from Molotov Cocktail-ing the rejects all the way back to their "pearly gates."  While as we hear the likes of the anti-gun movement shout for common sense restrictions, this prime example of restrictions which are temporary and benign towards enumerated civil rights does protect the rights of both classes of individuals; something that anti-gunners don't seem to be bothered with.

No matter what Carol County and the State of Maryland do, I'm sure these Westboro Batnuts will be back through the state, trying to seek attention.  Should they attempt to breach any buffer zone intended to prevent their harm towards a fellow man, then I certainly wish God to strike them down through some fine lighting bolts of furry from above (and not through the vigilante justice implied could happen above).  After all, irony is a dish best served cold.

27 March 2011

Maryland Monday (Coming tomorrow)

As a resident Behind Enemy Lines, and for the fact that I neglect the Maryland aspect of this blog a bit, I'm going to start focusing exclusively on the state on Mondays.

Not to say where I might not get a bit of other stories thrown in from time to time, but I'm going to start following the disgusting politics of this state a bit more and keep the geo-politics to the other days of the week (and the Financial / Economic stuff to Friday). 

Hey, it is my blog, I'll do what I want

Civilty (Codeword for Lib Rage) + Sad Panda Alert = Attack Against Researcher

I'm not 100% certain why the left likes to attack people whom produce alternative views and statistics (considering they are soooooooooooo tolerant), but their vitriol knows, no bounds. 

Paul Krugman is a douche extraordinary that wishes he had 1/10th of 1% of John R. Lott's credibility.  Besides, Mr. Lott actually has a degree in economics and doesn't just shill for the Gray Lady.

(Note:  I don't care of Krugman actually has an econ degree, graduate degree, or PhD, he's a Keynesian putz that has dedicated his blog, columns and other print materials towards ever more print, borrow, and spend policies in a hope that eventually, when capitalism falls, he and his socialist buddies can implement their leftist Bolshevik revolution). 

Imagine That! China Leading on Safe Nukes!

It seems that the United States doesn't lead on much these days, but this is something that I could actually cheer for China on.  Safer nuclear technology that still generates electric, but a meltdown would actually cause a self imposed fission shut down.  Meaning, at least in theory, safer fission and less risk of accidents like that of Chernobyl or Japan.

Generic Trader's Desktop

From ZeroHedge and John Lohman, the generic Trader's Desktop.

Side note: I hate it when Excel or another piece of productivity software automatically fills patterns for you, thinking it is smarter than you. 

Click through for the full size and description. 

Russian Nuke Lighthouses

H/T to MilitaryPhotos.net for this coverage of defunct and decaying (literally) nuclear powered lighthouses. 

Like (almost) all Russian engineering, something to be observed from afar.  

26 March 2011

QOTD: The World is Just a Trailer Park

While debating Canada taking over the NATO command of Libyan actions, and adding in the irony that the Canadian government just took a vote of no confidence in the PM (which passed), AK Fan and I lamented for the days of the cold war.  Simply because during that era, at least we knew who the players were.  From AK Fan:
The world truly is a fucking mess.  Like we've joked about before, you ALMOST have to miss the cold war.  Sure we were always on the edge of destruction, but you have the US/NATO and you have the USSRF.  Everyone else stayed the fuck out of their way.
Pure and simple, the two major players kept each other in check.  Yes, there were proxy wars and actions on the periphery, but for the most part, the world was a fairly stable place.  The US also did not need to have this policy of freedom export upon the level that we do today, knowing full well that we might find ourselves up against Ivan himself if we over stepped our bounds and threatened his interests.  The cold war kind acted as it's own mediator in a civilized suburban neighborhood.  There were rules of detente along with weapons inspectors (the good old Reagan doctrine of "Trust but Verify").  Of course, the clandestine game was probably at its best during that era which gave us some of the best books and movies of all time.  

Unfortunately, as I analogized, the world has degraded into that of a proverbial trailer park.
 The world is really a big cluster fuck; since the fall of the wall, it has turned into one big trailer park.  Unfortunately, I think that a trailer park could manage the world better than the numb-skulls running it.  On the economy they'd just say "Fuck you, you didn't pay your loan, so we put your pick-em-up-truck on the record and toed yous ass down to the junk yards, now leamme alone so I can drink ma beer."
Never one to be outdone, AK Fan makes the analogy even simpler:
See, right now the world is a trailer park.  The problem is the US is the cop who tries to keep order but, while he's there to enforce the law, he's also fucking half the wives in the park.  Further, he's helping them pay their rent with $20's he prints up on his HP copier.  At some point, it just can't continue. 
Folks, this is the world in which we live...Welcome to the Trailerhood