19 January 2011

Who Needs Enemies with Friends Like These

No. 1 rule of blogging...when you have the lead on something, post it while it's hot (and new), or someone might steal it from ya. 

Dick Chaney went on the record to sell us out say that magazine capacity restrictions might be a good idea.  Um, no thanks Richard Cranium!  With friends like this, who needs enemies?  I mean, do we really want to look like this in the next five or ten years after the gains we've made in the past four?  As the saying goes, ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ.

Emotions aside, the facts remain the same in that this is not a gun issue.  It is even marginally a crime and social issue.  Removing freedom from those whom use it properly is never a solution, and the lot of us are tired of that being the answer to a nonexistent problem.  Let us consider the mere fact that it was freedom that stopped this man from killing more than he did.  Bravery in a free world is reward and commended, yet bravery in a country filled with control is often called stupidity at best, and treason at worst.  I assume that Mr. Chaney would prefer us to be more like the latter in his statements today. 

When the former VP says that we "want to do something to prevent this from happening again," we need to ask him what if done differently, would have prevented this attack.  What would have happened if Laughner had simply used a Molotov Cocktail instead of a G19?  Would the same victims have been hurt?  Would more people have been killed or severely burned?  Would the tragedy been any less tragic had another tool of "destruction" been the culprit?  Would Laughner been any less crazy or motivated had he wielded a Mason's jar full of petrol instead of 9mm FMJ? 

The solution that Chaney, Megan McCain, HuffPo, Brady Bunch, et al offer is the same solution that the true citizen class of this country has seen since King George; ie, simply more control, less freedom, and being more subject to the whims of the state.  I don't know about you, but the average citizens will keep our enemies and leave our friends to their own affairs, especially when they can't even realize they lack the necessary safety skills to be deemed, safe. 

Imagine That: IRA Makes Illegal Mortars & Weapons

Why do bans on weapons not make sense?  Simple, because motivated people will simply make their own weapons.  Or, in this instance, their own mortars and pipe bombs, both of which are not legal to be owned by citizens in Ireland.  (Especially Irish Republican Army citizens). 

This silly talk of banning standard capacity magazines is simply knee jerk reactionary lunacy.  Perhaps our congresscritters can be busy solving things like, oh, budget problems? 

One of These Things is Not Like the Other

Would that happen to be a box around George Washington's statue at an NAA(L)CP even for MLK day?

So much for Dr. King's dream for civility and unity, huh?  

H/T Free North Carolina Blog

China = America?

Can someone tell me what is wrong with this picture?  Is it SOP to fly another country's flag on par with the Stars and Stripes when their president is here on an official state visit? 

Either way, putting the ChiComms on equal footing to our country is not only disgusting, but encourages them to maintain their unfair trade practices and deplorable human rights abuses.  Of course, when you are a Communist and trying to create socialist utopia here in the United States, what do you care about bowing down to ideology that most Americans dislike at best and absolutely despise on the whole.