02 September 2010

Summer of Recovery: Baltimore Construction Sheds Jobs

Ahhh, the grand summer of recovery!  How is it treating your local economy dear reader?  Is it recovering fast enough for you?  Or do you find yourself like me and are in a lethargic area that has been affected by non-prudent tax and spend liberal, state general assemblies? 

Hopefully you have inferred from the lead in that Baltimore and it's general metro area are not doing so good in the construction jobs department.  According to the B-more Biz Journal's article, the area has shed about 12% of it's labor for a total of 8,600 jobs lost.  That is good enough for a rank of 290 out of 337 metro areas based on percentage of change.  What jobs are being added seem to be stimulus driven, which means once they are gone, we will see another downward trend.  
There is no doubt that we have seen an increase in stimulus activity this summer," said Ken Simonson, the [Associated General Contractors of America] association's chief economist, in a statement.  "Unfortunately, that increase in stimulus activity is largely being overshadowed by continuing declines in overall demand for construction that are likely to persist well into next year." 
Despite the DC bedroom counties of Calvert, Charles, and Prince George's counties adding 8% for 2,800 constructions jobs in the year period ending July 2010, the health of the state economy is certainly not as good as one would like.  The weighty burdens of Owe'Malley's taxes and regulation have show a depressing trend in private sector construction that helps to provide income to Maryland families, and thus revenue to the state.  Obviously, Maryland has followed the way of the nation but with the horrendous rank in the 86th percentile, the current Governor has to shoulder some of the blame.  Coupled with a one billion dollar deficit heading into next fiscal year and even higher debt service in a deteriorating economy, hopefully the smart voters of the state will take this information to the polls and vote accordingly on November 2nd.

Semper Fi & Happy 100 Marine

From the feel good department, I had to share this link.  Samuel (Sam) Domino turned 100 back on July 12th and Leatherneck Magazine was there to cover the honors.  Having lived through the great depression, WWI & II, Korea and Vietnam, Chief Warrant Officer Domino got a wonderful birthday present from his brothers in the Corp. 

From one patriot to a far better and more deserving patriot, happy birthday Chief, Semper Fi and many more. 

Slice of Life: Burgers, Beer, Crabs, Family & Friends

Often times, as I write this blog, it is easy to get frustrated with the absurdity that is the news today.  While our freedoms are attacked from the death by 1000 paper cuts mentality that is the .gov establishment, it is hard to find quality time to just forget about things for a while.

So, while I was busy the prior weekend catching a boat load of fish with the wife and my parents, I didn't think twice about my blog, or politics.  (Ok, maybe that's a lie, I probably did).  Over this weekend, I repeated that opportunity while planning a little cookout with some family for Saturday night and then again on Sunday with some friends for crabs and beer.  Living in Maryland may have drawbacks, but the perks are sometimes worth the payout. 

Family is great.  They don't have to understand you to love you, and if they are like my family, the endless ribbings are a challenge unto themselves.  A few beers and shooting the breeze for an evening, while catching a bit of my Ravens in preseason football was a nice distraction.  No thinking needed, just enjoying life without all the worries.

I'm also fortunate in that my wife else enjoys my side of the family (like I, her's) and that she gets along so well with the younger generation.  The cousin offspring of my older cousins is the ripe age for rough play and hard sports, and I was envious that my bum knee kept me from returning the favor from decades ago.  Oh well, it'll be healthy again, and the next time there is a family sporting event, I'll be out there.

As we head into the Labor Day weekend, most of us will visit friends and family.  Use it as a good distraction.  Try to avoid politics and the upcoming election if you can.  Trust me, it will do you some good!