08 April 2011

New Author Coming...

There is a new sheriff in town!  Errr, well, at least a new author around these parts.  Well, not a sheriff.  A deputy maybe?  Barny Fife?  No, not quite.  Not in the least.  No dear reader, I would not unleash a Barny Fife on you, lest I see my readership plummet even further than the mere crickets that read now.  *cricket cricket*  (As always to those who do read, a thanks, as I am only one man, and I do this for free and sometimes other priorities get in the way).

At any rate, since I have been sinking up to my eye balls in posts yet to be written (and thankfully not debt), when this author approached me about coming on, I figure what could it hurt.  Considering that we go way back, I may come to regret this decision, but considering he is fired up about Washington politics, hello world, here ya go! 

I promise you, FoxtrotUniform1911 will be VERY entertaining.  So when you see his post(s) as its (their) 1s and 0s traverse the vast space that is the internet, please be kind as this is his first attempt at blogging (for free, not for pay considering owning this space doesn't pay very well either). 

FoxtrotUniform1911, the floor is yours!