13 December 2010

Balto O's Player Scott, Excoriated for Political Leanings

While it is no secrete that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are effectively dead in this country, it is sad to see the denigration run all the way into the world of sports.  Though, that statement should be qualified since it is sad to see the repugnant stench of the leftist agenda and legacy media excoriate a decent man who believes in God, Guns, and Country. 

Oriole's slugger Luke Scott is well known as an avid firearms enthusiast and hunter.  Scott was a loud critic of the new MLB rules regarding firearms in the clubhouse that went into effect earlier this year.  Though, being a bit more "centric" in one's political and heritage leanings, will seem to earn you the target on your back.  Especially if those leanings including having questions regarding the President's citizenship status. 

Last week,  Scott, did an interview with Yahoo Sports "Answer Man," David Brown.  The two engaged in a lengthy question and answer session that covered the gambit from baseball winter meetings and free agent signings, to hunting, and of course politics.  While the main soundbite is what got the play last week, most news agencies failed to convey the back story in the lead up to what Scott said about the President and his birth certificate.  Scott's skepticism of Obama's citizenship status wasn't the only criticism the designated hitter had for the current regime, as he conveyed a central distrust towards the CIC. 

Reading the whole article, it puts a perspective onto professional athletes, and how some are just your average, law abiding, country loving, people.  Scott appears to have a genuine love of our country.  He firmly believes in our founding and our founding documents, and absolutely loathes anyone that would mean to tear apart our freedom, independence, and the ability to live in those ways.  What is truly sad is that media outlets, other baseball players, and even Scott's own organization either chided him or distanced themselves from him.  Last I checked, this is a free country, and as Scott said in his interview, "It is what I believe."

Well said Luke!  Well said!  This is a free country (or at least that is what we have always been taught).  So it should come as no shock when the likes of Keith Overbite try to smear Scott as the worse person in the world.  Further, Overbite accuses (with no evidence whatsoever) Scott of taking steroids.  While sports and politics might not mix, if that's where the interviewer lead Scott, then let the interview run there.  We are all free to read or not read an article or ignore a specific player.  I am glad that Overbite actually admitted that Scott has a First Amendment right, and hopefully Scott realizes that he has right to sue the hell out of someone that has slandered him.  (Granted, there is a huge hurdle to overcome since Scott is a public figure and does play in a sport surrounded by steroidal controversy).

I honestly am not one that really believes in going out of my way to boycott leftist actors or athletes, but the double standard that is presented here is absolutely horrific.  Overbite is nothing more than a shill and a cheerleader for the president, and has been suspended for direct contributions to the leftist party of the USA (read demos). 

So, in a put up and shutup kinda statement, it is easy to say that Luke Scott is now my new favorite Oriole.  Too bad most of the Christmas shopping is done for this season, else I would consider going out and buying a Luke jersey and some form of autographed memorabilia!  I wounder if the O's would plan on doing a Wounded Warrior Project and auctioning off the items so I can get a Luke Scott autographed camo jersey?  Tis' the season! 

Unpossible: French Armed Teen Takes Nursery Schoolers Hostage (Updated)

From the land of the original unarmed pacifists (read French), a 17 year old teenager armed with swords has taken a classroom full of nursery school children, hostage. 

This seems to be completely unpossible since owning a sword gun in France is nearly impossible for the average citizen.  Shouldn't this have protected the poor and innocent children?  I'm sure that they will have to deal with this fear for the rest of their lives!  Oh the horrors! 

On a serious and non-sarcastic policy note, I do hope that the children that still remain in the control of this mad-kid will be rescued safely and swiftly.  I certain hope that none of these children will suffer from emotional distress and PTSD from an event like this for the rest of their lives.  Though as part of the gun / freedom blogging world, I always feel the need to point out the hypocrisy of the statists and their inabilities to control the crazies that mean to do us harm.  Just more facts that policy does not influence behavior, but behavior modification via freedom, self defense, and consequences can and will defend life and liberty.

UPDATEDThe situation has ended with no loss of life, including the hostage taker.  Seems that the young man was in need of some mental help and unfortunately, chose the wrong way to cry out for it.  All is well that ends well I suppose.