16 April 2011

Hard Head Jarhead or Hard Hat?

Can someone get me one of these kevlar helmets!  I might need it when I'm skiing next season!

The best part is that when the guy gets hit, he was still in the fight (more or less). 

Bamboozling Some Bimbos

 What happens when a former CIA man takes on two CNN Bimbos?  Hilarity!  Of course, duh!?!

Of course it's more Zero Hedge goodness.

Navy F18 Hornet Firey Engine Landing

I can across this from Danger Room and figured it too good not to share. 

Just goes to show that our military (especially pilots) are damned good at what they do.

E*Trade Baby's OOPS! Moment

Unfortunately, E*Trade doesn't come with its own "Oops is brought to you by erasers, don't make a mistake without one," tool for recourse.  (Of course, there is a language warning associated with this post if you happen to be at work for Initech).  

I've been waiting for this parody for a while, so I'm glad someone has finally pulled off the E*Trade baby clicking his purchases to, well, completely failure.  I wonder why it took so long to finally see? 

H/t of course to Zero Hedge.