13 November 2010

Cold War Sojourns On

Seems that the Cold War never ended and that there is now a modern day Red Rabbit for the NATO intelligence agencies to brain pick.

No doubt though that Russia has operatives inside the USA (along with China and Muhammad), looking for informants and information in anyway they can get it.  It just so happens that this one is real, and known to the American public.

I wonder if this Rabbit flipped for money, ideology, or morality?  My guess is the former rather than either of the latters, because really, what's the main difference between the USA and Russia these days?  The Rubble (sarcasm)? 

Who Needs a Gun in Hazard County

Local news website has two stories of armed robbers that hit up a GameStop store in Harford County. 

Thankfully no one was hurt, but the potential was there.  Yet again, another reason why this state needs to lose it's case as the defendants in the SAF's lawsuit!