06 September 2010

Russia, USA, Iran: 3 Countries with Nukes & the Power Struggle of Persia

Readers of this blog know that I like to get outside the realm of US politics and occasionally focus on geo-politics.  I will say that by no stretch of the means am I more than an arm chair QB on matters of foreign affairs, but it is safe to say that the middle east is remaining a brew-ha-ha of disturbing tensions.

While Yahoo news service only picks up on the Iranian threats against Israeli nuclear assets, what is being unreported in the USA media is the escalation of the proxy war via the Syrian and Lebanese backed Hizballah.  As the DEBKAfile report details, Hizballah and the 13 various orders of Hamas are all bring joint operations to increase terror efforts against Israel.  Additionally, these groups are seeking to sink and destroy Israeli ships in the Mediterranean Sea.  Of course, all of this comes on the heals of strategic Russian, American diplomacy trade offs that probably will not stop Iran from creating a nuclear device and will leave us to make a tough decision on whether or not we should be engaging in yet another foreign conflict.  

I know that there is a lot of material to cover inside those links, and some of it is is a few weeks old.  However, the hindsight here is pretty self explanatory.  Obama has created himself a fine pickle of problems to deal with internationally for the remainder of this term as president.  Iran isn't going away, especially not with the back room blessing from the UN security council's too major players (Russia and US).  If the current administration had wanted to honestly prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear capabilities, it would have green lit an Israeli strike on the facility before it happened.  Of course, that means the USA would have been drug into another war for regime change, undoubtedly, but there is still that potential anyways.  

Reagan proved that peace through superior firepower (Russian doctrine) is precisely the way to go.  People fear cowboys because well, cowboys are unpredictable.  Cowboys are certifiably insane, psychopaths that can actually control their fits of rage and know how to use them for personal (or general public) benefit.  Teddy Roosevelt Theory still works to this day, and always will.  If you have a big enough stick, they will always leave you alone and in the Persian region, Israel is the one with the biggest stick.  Iran and it's surrogates only want the same big stick, but, are the consequences to the moral people of Israel worth it?  What about our new found Iraqi republic and the potential disaster that could ensue?  

I guess we will continue to the follow the story as it unfolds.