11 August 2010

Hello Elephant in the Room! Bankruptcy You Say?

Somewhere in that title, there is a cruel, cruel joke, but unfortunately, this is today's reality.  It is the bleak assessment that has been offered from the IMF reverberated by Boston University Professor Laurence Kotlikoft, and even echoed by the Congressional Budget office.  The total bill of current and future spending at today's present value?  Some 202 trillion dollars!  That's 202,000,000,000,000!  If you calculate each tax payer's share of this bill, each individual is on the hook for 1.3 million dollars.  That doesn't even include the state and local budget deficits or your personal debts! 

In his Op-ed today for Bloomberg News, the professor goes through a quick analysis of where we are as a country and where we are headed, financially.  The short version is that it's ugly.  At best, we will resemble Spain and Greece but at worst, we are headed for an Argentinian style fiscal collapse.  The numbers are so large, you can't really wrap your mind around them. 

There will be some tough choices that will have to be made as we move forward in the United States.  The budget pressures of maintaining the social spending, overseas aid, and even a litany of military programs will have to come under strict scrutiny if we are not to collapse under the weight of our country's mortgage. 

Arguing With Idiots Made Easier: Gun Control "un"facts

I need to be a lot faster moving on news, but work lately has been a drag limiting my ability to get it up as fast as I would like.  Hey, unlike the US Government, I need to pay my bills.

Several other bloggers had this posted last week, but to those who only follow me (hopefully friends and family), here's how you make arguing with idiots simpler and dispel the lies they have been told by the controllers in regards to concealed carry.  As usual, John R. Lott knocks it out of the box with his statisical and economic take upon the real world data that the Brady's just can't seem to wrap their little pea brains around.  The professor looks at the "stories" the Brady Bunch tells pertaining to permit holders having their permits revoked or the crimes they commit with guns (either with or more conveniently without a permit).

To those of us in Maryland, this should be a great article to us against those who oppose Shall Issue going into upcoming election especially with the recent SAF court case.  Considering most of the dolts in this state are dims with no sense of self respect and self reliance, I'm sure the reality of how law abiding citizens act with powerful weapons will completely confuse them.  So go get to confusing!