11 September 2013

After a Two Plus Year Hiatus, I'm PISSED Off Enough to Write

Welcome back!

Of course I am directing that statement more at myself, than my readers since.  If you know whom I am from internet forums, Twitter, or this blog, a major thanks for not forgetting me.  If you're a new reader, welcome for the first time (and go read my original intro here).  I thought a one man blog (or even one with some guest posting on a rare occasion) was something that would be easy.  It turns out that good blogging can almost be a full time job in and of itself.  Mad props to the folks that can factor in work, a personal life, and other items, and not relegating blogging to where it needed to be for me; the back seat.

Why the sudden keystrokes?  Well, there really are so many scandals and so little time but one has really stuck in my craw over the last few days.  I will espouse upon it here, in detail in several posts to follow, but it is this editorial that made my blood reach a boiling point and has necessitated my writing a response.  Rather than email it to the ScumPapers knowing full well it will probably go unpublished (and really, unread because their readership sucks), I figured, "fire up the blog again, and have at it."  Yes, I plan to assuage this unsigned fluff piece at some point by week's end (because there is soooo much that needs to be detailed here that is NOT getting coverage anywhere (outside of certain circles like Emily Miller and other conservative outlets whom deserve a major Hat/Tip).

The Gist of the Situation:

  • What will I be writing upon?  Maryland Gun Owners / Purchase Applicants, their Personal Identifying Information and how it has been compromised.  
  • Why is this important?  Maryland State Police (allegedly under the direction of our lovely Governor Lord Martin O'MAOlly) have potentially exposed an unsecured database with this information to anyone whom knows where to look and knows how to brute force username/password crack a non-HTTPS website. 
  • Why am I writing?  Because the likes of the Baltimore Sun and the other complicit local media in Maryland A) Don't care and B) are in the hip pocket of the MD Dem Machine
  • Am I over blowing this situation?  Perhaps, but it is entirely unlikely.
  • What can you do?  I will cover that with the assistance from Maryland Shall Issue, the fine folks who are busting hump over at Maryland Shooters Forum (specifically the Maryland sub-forum), and the folks at Associated Gun Clubs who broke the story / blew the whistle on Friday 6 September 2013.
Stick around, buckle your seat belt, the ride is about to get bumpy, and the shit is about to go sideways.  Next post tomorrow.