30 September 2010

QOTD: Marginal Rates

Today's QOTD comes from AKFan paraphrasing CNBC. 
CNBC reporting that when the Bush tax cuts expire, the top marginal rate will be 39% on all income over 250k.  In 1913 when the federal reserve act was passed, the top marginal rate was 7% on any income over 500k.  Adjusted for inflation, that same 500k would be 11 million today.
Thank you Marxists!  You have done an exceptional job over the last 97 years to fully implement Marx's dream for a progressive income tax upon corporations and the people.  If it is not obvious to anyone who has half a brain, it is these burdens that will suffocate the people further in an effort to rebuild our nation.  So nice that Congress adjourned to leave us to this mess until after the election.  I thought Nancy Pelosi was supposed to be the new Sheriff in town and didn't want to play politics? 

28 September 2010

MD Gov Caught Scrubbing State Job Report Numbers

Over at Red Maryland, a two part series cropped up yesterday detailing how the Owe'Malley Administration has been attempting to scrub and cleanse the state's job numbers.  (Part I & Part II).  Of course, this story breaks right at the same time that our illustrious President debuts in a radio spot for our glorious Governor today in the Baltimore market.  Considering the polling has been dead even now for several weeks between former Governor Bob Ehrlich and Owe'Malley, I'm sure bad jobs figures that could hurt the Governor in an election year isn't exactly the news he wants the public to see.

Typical of a true statist, scrub the numbers, pull the report, issue a rosy press release, and do your best to cover up the sanitation.  I can't imagine that these numbers are so bad that they would remind the people of the 20% sales tax hike, the business income tax increase, the millionaires tax increase, the vehicle excise tax increase, BGE rate hikes, and numerous other increases in costs for Marylander's now would it?  Seems that the Owe'Malley campaign is worried, and enough so that he has turned to the poison pill of the President for help.  All I have to say is, go ahead Mr. President, help away!

26 September 2010

Updating SAF Against MD's CHP Laws

Just a quick blurb that on Monday Sept 20th, the state of Maryland met their deadline to respond to the Second Amendment Foundation's suit against the permitting scheme's severe bias to 2A rights. 

Excellent analysis from the initial filing, as well as the latest on the response (post 816) can be found on the Maryland Shooter's forum linked in this sentence.  Of course, there is the possibility you need to be a member to access that portion of the forum, but you will definitely need to be a member to download the PDF attached briefs. 

I will do some analysis next week after reading this weekend and promise to give updates to the next wave of Gura lawsuits as I get them. 

25 September 2010

Gary Sinise Band to Play 3 Free Concerts

I know I'm behind on posts readers, and I hope you realize that work and personal life have both caught up with your upstart blogger. 

Military Times reported last Wednesdsay that Gary Sinise's band is set to play three free concerts for military members and their families as part of a USO tour.  This tour is on the heals of a fund raiser that his ensemble played late last month for a benefit for an American Hero.  

Kudos Lt. Dan!  Blogosphere appreciates your dedication to the men and women of the US Armed Forces! 

24 September 2010

ROTD: Responding to Warren Buffet; Shut Up You Grumpy Old Man!

Linked off of Drudge today, Warren Buffet told the taxpayers of this country to "Get over your anger...because it's not productive." 

Excuse me old Chief of the Midwest free market economy, who anointed you the mediator between the people and the government?  Anyone?  I didn't think so.  Please Mr. Buffett, you grumpy old SOB, drink a nice big cup of STFU!  While anyone in this country can admire your personal success story, you've become complacent in how your mind sees the economy.  You have a mountain of wealth and capital that for all intents and purposes will never be destroyed.  Your personal life and the ability to live it without fear of homelessness, hunger or untreated medical conditions, is completely insulated from how the market meddlers and their dangerous actions affect us average Joes.  Sure, I understand you don't mind the death tax, nor do you have a major problem with the redistribution schemes that congress has cooked up in recent years, but how much have you paid to play inside the system and help keep us serfs down at serf level? 
“The truth is we’re running a federal deficit that’s 9 percent of gross domestic product,” Buffett said. “That’s stimulative as all get out. It’s more stimulative than any policy we’ve followed since World War II.”
YES SIR, Mr. Buffet sir!  We all asked for that economic stimulus!  Every one of us in these great United States ask that our federal government mortgage our future and that of our children to create an ordered growth that has no doubt benefited your company's bottom line.  How pathetic are you to tell us to shut up and take the elitists' position and not partake in OUR government.  No Mr. Buffet, money doesn't by you the people's votes, it only buys you influence in the representative republic.  What you failed to realize is that once the serfs have enough putting up with your garbage peddling, we will do everything in our power, to take back the means of opportunity so we can potentially reach the riches you have acquired. 

Further Mr. Buffet, you yourself should know that the true Keynesian model is for the government to run surpluses in times of economic prosperity, so that it can then pull from the safety net in times of need.  Once the safety net is used, borrowing from the savers of the country, or using foreign financing is acceptable, as long as that leverage is paid back as quickly as possible to put the country back in the black.

But, I digress, Mr. Buffet knows all of this and has used it to make billions upon billions.  The sad matter remains that the old kook has officially gone off his free market rocker, simply because he knows that to maintain his power and riches he must toe the party line of the ruling class.  All aboard the country class train, as it runs clean through Mr. Buffet's pompous ass. 

Restoring Sanity to Clown Car Hearings, Commedy Central Hosts Washington's Power Couple

Last week, we learned that Comedy Central's, Daily Show host Jon Stewart, is planning his own "rally" in Washington to "Restore Sanity."  All I have to say about this is that I hope Stewart can find enough macro lens cameras to film all the crickets that show up for his ratings stunt.  He fails to realize a few key things in his effort to neutralize the tea partiers. 

First, Jon Stewart believes that there are enough moderates to draw a million people to his "Restoring Sanity" rally when in reality the tea party movement is the "moderate" movement of this era.  It will be hard for the Daily Show host to drawn that many people when he has to contend with 500,000 or more numbers that have attended three or four major rallies in the District in the last 2 years.  Second, when you become the target of TV popularity in the easiest to manipulate 18-30 viewership crowd, I guess that's when you know that the tea party movement is really the mainstream movement and not "extreme."  Last, if Stewart can draw a million people to his ratings coup, they will not be moderates; they will be leftists.  The moderates will still be at home sitting on their hands just like the 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 split of the colonists during the Revolution.  Moderates are de facto "leave me the hell alone, but I'm to carefree to get involved" libertarians, since they primarily sit on the fence waiting for others to make the hard decisions. 

Then we come to today where Stephen Colbert takes on the House Judiciary Committee for their hearing on  immigration.  Posing as an investigative reporter who has covered "migrant workers," Colbert certainly does his best to insult congress' intelligence but he falls very short considering congress has no intelligence to insult.  Even though John Conyers saw the trap, he was not smart enough to outwit the satire artist at his own field craft and Colbert was able to do what he does best by making the Capital Hill idiots look like, well, idiots.  The unfortunate thing here is that our elected representatives let themselves be completely DUPED by a professional comedian.  I think it is safe to say that we officially have the dumbest congress in the history of the country!  That, in and of itself, is NOT something for which to be proud. 

So how does all of this tie together?  Simple.  One network; Two comedians; Two completely insane publicity stunts; And an American public that is left with a completely exposed, pompous government that the ratings whores knew how to exploit for their personal gain.  Kudos Stewart and Colbert, you've figured out the American dream of gaming the system.  Isn't being "extreme" grand for your wallets boys? 

22 September 2010

Hopkins Attacker's Background Included VA CHP

Investigative Voice has a good article today detailing the background on a man that attacked a Johns Hopkins doctor before committing a murder suicide of his mother and himself last week.  According to the article, police found that the man possessed a handgun and a Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit.  Also summarized by I.V. is that the security staff at JHU Hospital says they won't, and more importantly can't, screen every visitor for deadly weapons.

Paul Warren Pardus was obviously highly motivated to do harm to people and he had the means with which to act.  Thankfully, in his derangement, he only harmed three people in the doctor, himself and his mother.  The doc looks like he will make a full recovery.  His mother, though sad, was probably not living a quality life and Pardus disgustingly didn't seek help and chose to take his own life.  Unfortunately, the reaction by many in Baltimore will be a choice to focus on the means with which this man carried out his acts and the outcry will be "people have guns and I'm scared."

Hopkins, a noted gun free zone, and it's head of security has just told the general public that they not only won't screen every visitor for weapons, but they can't.  This means that motivated people know their victims are basically a "shooting" gallery and they are free to execute without consequence, their perverted acts against fellow human beings.  I do not fault the hospital or the campus for instituting policies that create gun free zones, even if they are theoretically flawed, because it is their property.  However, as we have seen time and time again, disarmament zones become victim zones.

It is extremely unfortunate that Mr. Pardus snapped like this, but I don't know how you can pre-screen anyone for premeditation towards physical violence.  As someone who has gone through the process to obtain a VA permit to carry a concealed weapon, I can assure you that a through background check is conducted and it sounds like Mr. Pardus did not have any prior predisposition that would have denied him a permit.  What bothers me is the abject failure of the security staff to enforce it's policy against people who exhibit a willful disregard for A) Human Life and B) are willing to violate the rules and laws that create a "self defense free" zone.  From VA Tech, to Fort Hood, to Discovery Channel, to now John's Hopkins, no rule of law, nor policy of property, has disarmed any criminal.  Period.

As discussed here on these bandwidths before, the concealed handgun permit holder's express line for the Texas Capital Building in Austin, TX, takes the opposite approach.  Instead of placing restrictions upon the law abiding citizen from entering the building in response to a criminal shooting a year prior, they added a CHP "express lane" that completely bypasses metal detector security.  Bags are still x-ray examined however and their permits are checked for validity.  This also gives security staff a chance to observe the behaviors of the patrons for potentially violent persons who already have a valid permit.  Additionally, on the off hand chance that such patron has obtained a permit to carry a deadly weapon for purposes that are not lawful, including assault or murder, they run a higher risk of being stopped by a peaceful person read to deal with such a threat, instead of continuing their rampage for hours while unarmed persons cower in broom closets.  

Again, the hospital and campus have every right to institute policies no matter how ineffective they are at deterring or stopping crime since it is their property.  However, it is time that we as a society realize the tools that cause destruction, can also provide protection, and in fact do in 40 other states.  Responsible citizens being armed, levels the playing field against average street thugs, or even act as a deterrent to highly motivated individuals.  True, Mr. Pardus may still have carried out his plan for attempted murder, murder and suicide, but perhaps he may have chosen to not carry out his actions inside a place filled with innocent people who could have shot back and stopped him.

By no means do I defend the actions of the assailant.  They are horrific, perverted, and disgusting in the course of today's, and yesterday's, civil society.  It is hard to find fault with Hopkins as they have instituted their policies for their perceived work place and learning environment benefits.  It is unfortunate though that a noted gun free, and thus self-defense free, zone has been at an epicenter of violent crime for several years in Baltimore.  From a man defending himself in the area with a sword, to a young researcher brutally murdered, to now a direct frontal assault upon the hospital and it's staff, perhaps it is time for a change of policy, culture, and state laws to prevent such atrocious acts in the future.

21 September 2010

Righthaven Setback; Judge Rules in Favor of Implied License

Our glorious friends at Righthaven, LLC have received their first legal smack down, and boy it feels good!  The Las Vegas Sun is reporting as of yesterday that new federal Judge Gloria Navarro, has given the go ahead to an implied consent license defense for Jan Klerks the owner of http://www.skyscrapercity.com and receipient of a Righthaven suit.

From the Sun's story, detailing the Judges ruling:
Navarro in her ruling wrote: "The defendant has reasonably asserted that the plaintiff's conduct may have constituted an implied license and that the defendant may have properly inferred that the (copyright) owner consented to the use, especially in light of the established and accepted custom of users freely and openly sharing certain information posted on the Internet."
Nice, stick the screws to these turds of the intarwebs!  Further, Judge Navarro opines:
"The Las Vegas Review-Journal offered the allegedly infringed work (story) to the world for free when it was originally published. It encouraged people to save links to the work or to send links to the work to others anywhere in the world at no cost and without restriction. The Las Vegas Review-Journal website also enables third parties to 'right click' and copy the text of articles on the site. Accordingly, based on this implied license, the allegedly infringing copy was, in fact, authorized by the Las Vegas Review-Journal and therefore, is not an infringement."
See, when people share original work for informational purposes only, and not to make a buck, it falls under fair use.  Perhaps this grubby lawyer should revisit the morality clause of his bar license! 

18 September 2010

Blog News

Considering I tend to pre-write my weekend posts, I did not have any time yesterday to do that with the bad news.  I will return to blogging on Monday with some meaningful insight.  It's election season and I have saved up some good articles that we need to discuss dear readers, but take this moment to reflect upon how your lives are impacted by the interaction with your loved ones. 

Enjoy your weekend. 

17 September 2010

Slice of Life: Untimely Passing of UMass Minuteman Marching Band Director, George N. Parks

Far to often, people forget that their friends and family are truly the most important things in life.  No matter the highs we reach or the lows we approach, a gentle hand, a warm touch, a kind word, some inspirational wisdom, or even a swift kick in the pants can always be appreciated.  Then there are the kind of people whom you meet rarely and interact with extremely little but through their influential nature, have the ability to forever change your life.

George N. Parks was exactly that kind of person.  In my brief two years with the Delaware Marching Band, I had a rare chance to interact with Parks on a level that was yet unrealized until today.  Unfortunately, that realization comes upon the sad mind and heavy heart to report his passing.  While my personal interaction with Parks was extremely little, if at all, his tremendous reach and outward character has shaped the lives of many young women and men whom have an appreciation for music on all levels.

My wife, my friends, and myself have all learned the "Park's way" through one of his best friends and disciples, Delaware Marching Band Director, Heidi I. Sarver.  Through following Facebook feeds to support our mentor Sarv, we remember George's self-processed mantra that every person should be Santa Clause.  Individually be great, together be unsurpassed and do this every time in everything you do simply because you can.  Learn to do things the right way while having fun and making it so contagious that everyone around you will catch it.  That "it" obviously being tradition, education, leadership and values, and molding kids into adults.  Some of us got it during college, others not until our early professional career, but anyone who has ever been associated with Dr. Parks certainly understood his excitement for life.

That excitement for life is exactly what we need to remember today.  Not the legacy he leaves behind, nor the tradition and excellence that he taught and drilled into everyone of his band members,  Drum Major Academy students, or "baby band" members, but the fact that today is just as good as yesterday and we are going to do something fun!  Sarv captured that and spread it to her own program at Delaware and undoubtedly her students have spread it to area high school bands where they now teach.  It's in every one of us to remember that life is what we make it, and that we can all be Santa Clause and should be every day.  I admit, a small part of me has shed a few tears for a man I've barely known, but the memories and friendships forged through the experience of UDMB that was so inspired by what Parks' teachings, how could I not feel some sorrow?

With all of this said today, I feel only a fraction of a pain that can be expressed by those who were and are personally close to one of the greatest musical educators the world has ever known.  My thoughts, sympathies, prayers, and condolences go out to every member of the "baby band" community whether they wear Blue & Gold, Purple & Gold, Maroon & Black, or any other color that George Parks infected with his lively spirit.  To Mr. Park's family, may you find comfort in support from band members everywhere.

To Sarver:  I will say what I've already told you in your question of how you go on.  You go on Sarv with all of us behind you.  You continue to keep those feet together, that stomach in, your chest ouy, your elbows frozen, your chin most importantly up, and you can let tears of pride be shed.  A man's body is not nearly as strong as his spirit, and Dr. Parks knew that better than all but the greatest spiritual prophets that have walked this earth.  It is apparent to this band member, that God needed a band director this day, and he got a damned good one; the best one.  All of UD and UMass band members are behind you, because all of us were behind your great friend.  Even though your friend did it "My Way,"  we will make this easy for you Sarv, and do it HIS WAY!

And now the end is near
And so I face the final curtain
My friend I'll say it clear
I'll state my case of which I'm certain

I've lived a life that's full
I traveled each and every highway
And more, much more than this
I did it my way

Regrets I've had a few
But then again too few to mention
I did what I had to do
And saw it through without exemption

I planned each charted course
Each careful step along the byway
And more, much more than this
I did it my way

Yes there were times I'm sure you knew
When I bit off more than I could chew
But through it all when there was doubt
I ate it up and spit it out, I faced it all
And I stood tall and did it my way

I've loved, I've laughed and cried
I've had my fill, my share of losing
And now as tears subside
I find it all so amusing

To think I did all that
And may I say not in a shy way
Oh no, oh no, not me
I did it my way

For what is a man what has he got
If not himself then he has not
To say the things he truly feels
And not the words of one who kneels
The record shows I took the blows
And did it my way

Yes it was my way

Constitution Day: 223 Years of Simple, Enumerated Powers

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Happy Constitution Day!  A mere Two Hundred, Twenty-Three years ago today, our glorious piece of parchment paper was ratified, thus cohering our great nation as a free and open society, with the hope of limited government intrusion into our every day lives.  For today, let us focus on the great prosperity that has been bestowed upon the hard working, average, individual Americans for these last two and a quarter centuries.  

16 September 2010

World War II Ace Gets First Jump at 93!

As always, I love to bring you the cutting edge, feel good articles that we don't see in your average lamestream media.  Today's edition involves the Military Time's coverage of a WW II fighter jock that got to make his first skydive a few days before his 94th birthday.  I guess I should relent and let my wife do a jump considering a 93 year old fighter ace is tough enough for the task, shouldn't I?  Dear readers, please feel free to dissuade my change of heart and mind.

At any rate, thanks for your contribution to the free world Airmen McCauley.  May you make another jump next year and until God takes your blessed soul!

After Action Review: Maryland Primary

Finally!  The gloves are off and maybe we can get a good old fashioned street fight going.  Instead of two heavyweights going at it in the ring with an official to keep the hits above the belt, we'll just bill it as a rematch, a slug-fest, a winner-take-all event!  Perhaps we could even mix in a little mud slinging and a few good lies to go with it to make it that much more interesting. 

Well, of course, that's what we have!  We've got a rematch.  O'Malley vs. Ehrlich, 2!  Hell, we don't even have to wait for the mud slinging, it's already happening.  Thanks to Martin!  Your commercials on the radio make Rex Ryan's football smack talk appear as a though it's the gospel.  Yes, Bob worked for a lobby firm, even though he never took any lobby money or even directly lobbied himself.  True he's an advocate for drilling for oil but so are a lot of hard working Americans to get a reasonable assurance of an "all of the above" energy independence strategy.  Yes, Bobby raised fees and property taxes, but that was also at the hands of the legislature, since THEY make the budget and the Governor's office only proposes it.  What have you done Martin? 

Oh, that's right OWE'Malley has done nothing but raise taxes:  Sales tax 20% increase, a new "millionaire's" tax on not only businesses, but the individuals as well.  No, our fees haven't gone up, but we've borrowed profusely to balance the budget and have endangered Maryland's Triple A bond rating (assuming that bond ratings mean anything in this casino investment economy these days).  Additionally, we plugged the holes in the defect with handouts from the FedGov that is basically stolen property from states with better fiscal responsibility.  Oh, and of course, the two biggest campaign promises were what, no BGE rate hike and no need to have slots in the state of Maryland to save horse racing or balance the budget, right?  I guess you were for the BGE rate hike and slots before you were against them, only to be ultimately for them again dear current Governor? 

But, I digress, and these are not the only reasons why I am writing this post today.  Most of us know that Maryland is blue through and through (and no, not Elvis blue), and the apathy showed itself in the primary.  In a state of over 5.6 million people, only 724,659 total ballots were cast in the Gubernatorial primaries for both parties.  Compared with the previous Gubernatorial primaries of 2006, that's down from a total of 738,415 votes cast.  It will be interesting to see just how much that apathy bleeds into the general election come November.

Of personal note and interest was the primary race for District 8 Maryland Delegate.  Being a Hazzard county native and not understanding Baltimore county politics, I wanted to get the low-down prior to the election on this race, and several others.  A friend of mine gave me some good insight, but it seems that the party backed candidate who is effectively a closet dem, closely beat out an up start Tea-Party candidate by 127 votes.  I still hold out hope that the absentee ballots can turn the tide in that race, but it appears that won't be the case.

I have yet to understand why the party establishment wants to back those who are moderate or RINO leftists like Mike Castle, when clear alternatives with conservative and libertarian principles are now mainstream and are showing us they can win, or run a very close second.  If the party had thrown it's weight behind candidate Merryman, might she have won in a fairly conservative dem district?  Considering it shot itself in the foot for power over policy, I guess we will never know. 

That means I will probably support the returning democrat Delegate since he is pro-business, pro-gun, and good at communicating with his constituency.  Fortunately there will be two good alternatives on the Republican ticket and it would be nice to make district 8 a two republican and one dem district.  It just means that I'll have to hold the dem's feet to the fire so he doesn't vote aye with his party on every bill. 

Ah yes, the largest Tea Party countdown may no commence.  Welcome ye Reds to Blue Maryland. 

15 September 2010

QOTD: Lasting Recession Effects

A joint IMF-ILO report said 30m jobs had been lost since the crisis, three quarters in richer economies. Global unemployment has reached 210m. "The Great Recession has left gaping wounds. High and long-lasting unemployment represents a risk to the stability of existing democracies," it said.
The study cited evidence that victims of recession in their early twenties suffer lifetime damage and lose faith in public institutions. A new twist is an apparent decline in the "employment intensity of growth" as rebounding output requires fewer extra workers. As such, it may be hard to re-absorb those laid off even if recovery gathers pace. The world must create 45m jobs a year for the next decade just to tread water.

Today's quote comes from an article written by the best journalist on the planet, Ambrose-Evans Pritchard.  While I do not welcome prolonged employment mediocrity, I do welcome the skepticism of our government overlords, the world over.  Our US system of government was born out of skepticism and our overall distrust of the officials who had been entrusted to treat us as ends in ourselves.  Today, that skepticism is returning and people have to look into the hearts and minds of those in power and see where things are headed. 

Hopefully, the keepers of the US Republic have been awakened enough to change our course towards moderation and balanced budgets and away from irrational exuberance.  Obama was correct in running on change, because change we have got, and change will continue to come. 

Conservatisim vs Nutty vs Leftists; Adios Mike Castel

Mike W. from Another Gun Blog (noted Delawarean) had a short blurb this morning about his state's Republican Senate nominee. 

Over on his comments I opined that this is a win for the movement despite what the talking heads like Rove and Krauthammer are saying last night and this morning.  Here are my thoughts cleaned up for clarity...

First:  A liberal RINO is not better than a liberal democrat especially in clear instances when the RINO is defeatable.  They [RINOs] hurt us when we go to the polls for elections and the enemy can say "look, they're progressive, why isn't the rest of their party!" 

Second:  Castle was a sure vote against us at every key opportunity.  Let the democrat (if he wins) shoulder that vote, and then run against that record.  This was a special election for the remainder of Bidden's seat, which means whoever wins the general election will only have four years in that seat.  Further, their record in the Senate will start on November the 3rd for the lame duck session of congress.  IF Delawareans favor cap and tax or Obamacare, then let the Dem vote for it!

Third:  By some small stroke of miracle, perhaps O'Donnell does win in the general.  Sure, she has some baggage but so does every other damned politician.  I could care less if she just got her degree or she was fired from a job.  I don't care whether she was a lesbian that did hookers and crack as long as she admitted to it when confronted about it or even disclosed it up front.  By dealing with theses skeletons in her closet as they've appeared, she tells me that she isn't a career politician with a predisposition to lie.  That would make her of a higher caliber that most politicians like Castle that run to the right, lying their ass off, only to turn around and besmirch us in the country class every damned legislative vote.  As long as he's [Castle] is taking care of his buddies, getting campaign contributions, and using the congressional fringe benefits, WHO CARES who he's screwing for his personal gains (in his own little mind). 

Fourth (and not posted on Mike W's blog):  Yeah, O'Donnell is a bit bat nuts.  She has personally issues, but has stayed focused on the issues.  Hell, I'm sure if you dug into the backgrounds of any private sector CEO you would find they've been fired once or twice, probably used questionable office funds for personal benefit, gamed the tax code to their advantage (legally and sometimes illegally), may or may not have any run-ins with the law for drug and alcohol use, and have probably sued a former employer for any number of reasons including wrongful termination and emotional distress.  Saying these things does not make me an O'Donnell appologist, but it points out that she herself is human, and true to form the RNC establishment allowed a non-principled, career politician to attack a fellow party member beyond the issues.  After all, we're looking for honesty and the ability to undo the 80 years of Washington destruction, what the hell do we have to loose given the present course? 

Fifth:  RINO apologists and the RNC SHUT UP!  You lost.  Yes, this puts a damper on this year's conquest to win control of the Senate, but all we need is a solid 41 votes to be able to hold up debate and prevent them from breaking filibusters.  I would rather stymie the progress in the Senate while being able to have principled voting records to run on when there are even more Dem Senate seats up for grabs in 2012. 

Last:  Even the talking heads in Washington are concerned that the rising tide might sweep them out to sea in just two months.  I'll take this win, even if it means a "sure" loss here in two months.  Remember, O'Donnell has done the improbably once already. 

Election Season Buffoonery

I happened to see these bumper stickers yesterday morning prior the polls opening at my polling place.  Ya just have to love some good old fashioned puns.  Yep, it's that time folks, general election season is here (and the political opinion posts are a comin')! 

14 September 2010

Slice of Life: Ravens Win!

How 'bout dem Cowboys.  Err, well, they lost.  How 'bout dem Bungles.  Err, well, they lost as well.  How about those Charm City Ravens?  ATTA BOY!

Yes, there is a part of me that enjoys the fine things in life, of which beer, wings and football are one of them.  Better still, thank the good lord that my wife is also a homegrown, hometown Ravens fan (and kudos to her sports minded, mind that understands the game even)!

While I dislike Monday Night Football for my team, the national attention, the fanfare, and tradition are always nice to take in, even if it was from the couch in front of my TV.  There is just something about the added trash talking, smash-mouth, buckle up yo chin strap football that is on display.  So, for 60 football minutes, I was able to ignore politics, ignore economics, ignore everything except yelling at the TV to say "HOLD ON TO THE BALL," which my black-birds did everything in their power to ignore.  I would have liked to have seen a bit more scoring by Baltimore, but fortunately, you don't get style points for rankings in the NFL.  U-G-L-Y wins are still wins.

Points to take away from the game?
  • Flacco had one glaring mistake, and didn't exactly set the world on fire, hopefully he settles in with a "normal" Sunday routine for the remainder of the season
  • Defense was pretty stout against the run, and the pass rush was better thus far.  
  • Blitzing:  B-more D-cord still is adverse to the blitz, but did get after it a few times which hurried a young QB.  I hope we see more of that as the season progresses
  • Receivers:  We've got a bunch of gems finally!  
  • Progress:  Week 1 to Week 2 you should see the most improvement, hopefully limiting the miscues will be the biggest area Baltimore fans will see.  
As the ESPN commercial goes, is it Sunday yet?

Blogging is Activism UPDATE: Assateague Island Letter

Yesterday, I posted a letter written to the refuge manager of Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge regarding the beach parking that has been there for decades.  This morning the Eastern Shore Post's coverage wound up in my inbox.  (Hat tip to my mother). 

From the Shore Post's story, it appears that I am not the only one who does not want to see the beach parking and access be moved from it's traditional place on Assateague Island.  Magically, the unintended consequences that bureaucrats and politicians don't foresee, are very easy for the non-elite public to contemplate. 

I will let the Shore Post's coverage speak for itself, but the general consensus amongst community members and visitors is that the shore and beach access provided by the parking on Assateague island is important to the local economies and traditions of the park and Chincoteague Island.  Hopefully, it won't be forgotten in the name of environmentalism. 

13 September 2010

Blogging is Activism: Assateague Island Letter

As mentioned in previous posts, I've been enjoying the use of the Virginia shore this summer.  A lovely place and certainly a slower pace of life, but with a good thing, it seems that it is never meant to last.  This is especially true when it comes to accessing our public lands and parks where the environment always seems to be the battle cry for proposing limitations.  Thus it comes as no major shock that a change has been proposed that would ultimately limit access to the Virginia portion of Assateague Island's National Seashore.

It has been proposed that instead of allowing for visitors to park near the beach, a practice that has been done without many problems for decades, the parking will be vacated from the beach and moved to neighboring Chincoteague Island, where patrons will be bussed to the national park.  As a user of the park, I certainly have no issues paying the $30 a year fee to access the natural beauty of the park but damnit, why change something that works?  Yes, the near beach parking has erosion problems, but that's natural.  Yes, they monitor the number of vehicles and people that enter the area so as not to have too much detrimental impact.  So, why is that where man and nature have been able to coexist for decades, a change is needed?  Certainly it can't be a cost savings to construct and maintain new parking lots, maintain buses, pay bus drivers, and increase the liability insurance? 

Needless to say, the only way to make your voice heard is to offer input during the public comment period and I did just that on Friday.  I have yet to receive any reply from the refuge manager, the Congressman for the Congressional area of Virginia, or even my Congressman.  We shall see what they say and if the public outcry out weights the lunacy of what will surly have unintended consequences. 

September 10, 2009

Mr. Lou Hinds, Refuge Manager:
Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge  
P.O. Box 62
Chincoteague Island, VA  23336 

Mr. Hinds: 

I hope this letter finds you well this day proceeding Patriots Day.  I am writing to you to discuss the proposed changes to Assateague Island's Virginia beach and refuge access. 

It is my understanding that a study is being conducted that would potentially change the way that refuge patrons access the park.  Instead of providing parking for personal vehicles, patrons will be bused to the shore areas and allowed to roam about the park on foot.  While I understand that this might decrease the environmental impact that personal vehicles have on the refuge itself, I have to question whether the unintended consequences have been considered. 

Presently, my family and I use the park for a variety of reasons including summer ocean access, fall surf fishing, and of course, year round photography.  All of these activities involve moving a significant amount of personal belongings to take full advantage of the environment and our hobbies.  Additionally, these outdoor activity items are heavy at best and bulky at worst.  We are able to use the refuge during it's convenient operating hours and we rarely have to wait for a parking spot to access our favorite spot on the beach.  Nor have we been inconvenienced by your maintenance staff's ability to repair the parking lots after events such as Earl.  (Many kudos and thanks to their timely and efficient operations as were witnessed this past weekend). 

I am concerned that with a public transportation system to access the refuge and shore, personal items such as surfboards, coolers, surf fishing rods, and umbrellas will be prohibited from buses.  If these items are prohibited from being transported on the public transportation system, it would effectively limit my reasons from coming to Assateague Island and enjoying the investments made in outdoor adventure gear.  Should a policy be implemented that still allows for the use and carry of these items, it will most certainly cut down on the number of people per transport and directly limit public usability.  As the Commissioners of Accomack County have also expressed, moving vast amounts of people and personal effects posses a great risk in any adverse weather event.  I would certainly hope that such a condition would not ultimately limit public access to the refuge as a mitigation for liability. 

Finally, I believe this policy will discourage pack in pack out doctrine.  I am aware that the refuge does provide some trash service, but my family and I do our best to minimize our footprint and environmental impact but packing in our food, and more importantly, packing out all of our refuse.  Being conservationist minded, I can foresee a higher amount of litter because people will not want to carry the weight back to bus lines after a long day on the beach or to the refuse containers near by.

Assateague Island and Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge are a great asset to the community of the Virginia shore.  Considering my parents just finished a house local to the area, I have immensely enjoyed reacquainting myself with the natural beauty found here.  While I have fond memories of the refuge as a child, I hope to develop fonder memories with my wife and future children.  I hope that you find these comments helpful in weighting upon the decision to be made with regards to the change in parking.  Should you wish to discuss my concerns personally, I welcome the opportunity and maybe reached via mail above or in email reply.  Additionally, I may be reached any time via cellular phone.

Thank you again for the consideration of this input.



12 September 2010

America Not Immune to Hyper-Inflationary Risk

As usual, Zero Hedge has a great article shared off their site today.  Derailed Capitalism's "How Hyper-Inflation Will Happen," is a must read for everyone if you're concerned about dollar risk and potential economic / US Treasury bond meltdown. 

Agonizingly well thought out and mind blowing in terms of the "scary" level, if you are still skeptical as to how hyper-inflation will occur in the USA, this will get you off the fence and into prep-mode.  Take a good 15 minutes to read and digest this piece, it's highly worth it.

11 September 2010

9/11 Tribute: Shinning Beacon of Freedom Still Lives Within American Souls

One part of the date:  Nine years.  Nine years since the most dastardly, underhanded, devilish attack against the homeland of the United States of America.  A cheap shot would be a good term if it had been a bar fight.  But the infamous date of 9/11 wasn't just a sucker punch in a bar fight.  It wasn't even David smacking Goliath.  It was a strike at the heart of freedom, and freedom struck back harder than the little arrogant jihadists had anticipated. 

September 11, 2001.  A sentence unto itself.  One that will always exist and never change.  A day when far too many innocent people from all over the vast earth perished at hands of a few disgustingly perverted young men who's minds had been brainwashed by their equally disgusting and perverted political leaders.  That date reminded us that even in the absence of the cold war, peace was more dangerous for your enemies were not as discernible.  Accurately put, the hate mongers we Americans are blamed to be now nine years later, are not the ones who changed the landscape of hate in the world. 

Three thousand.  Another sentence unto itself.  It represents the number of Americans, including people of Muslim faith, that died for the advancement for a theocratic political experiment without borders.  One that hates not our impirical meddling, but our alliances with good.  One that hates our freedom and economic engine.  One that hates that we discredit their metaphysical qualities simply because we are non-believers.

NO.  The lives that were taken in that disgusting act of cowardise were not taken in vain, simply because their spirit was released to that of a higher power and to a far freer society.  In death, the victims of 9/11 acheived an ultimate freedom that islamofascists will never be able to acheive, not even in life.  The spirit of individual freedom, freedom from mind control, and from the backward ways that left the people of the earth nearly 200 centuries ago, was beset upon the victims that day.  No longer can they feel the pain from chains of bondage given to them by their assaultants, and they can certainly be at easy because of the eye for an eye punishment that both God and the USA have inflicted upon their "borthers in jihad." 

No outside force will ever criple our great nation.  No matter how much disagreement occures between our people, we certainly will not allow our nation to be attacked from those outside.  Our open society, the envy of the world's ruling class for our success, is the model most fit for then inovative nature of the human spirit.  So as is this 9th anniversary of the 9/11 jihad attack, let us pray for the saving of our fallen citizens, our troops in harms way, and the end to such propsterous and nonsensical attacks by radical islamofascists.  Let those who wish to do us much harm for our way of life remember this, ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ (come and take it)!

10 September 2010

Preisdent's Annual Back to School Address

Seem that this year B.O. is delivering his BB (big brother) speech to the school kiddies , and I say "Kudos Mr. President!"  It is clear from the debate off of the Dagger's article that we have the most divisive president ever.  Forget Bush, he was for pansies!  Even though he drug us into two wars (one legitimate and one not so much) and spurned some really messed up legislation upon us (Patriot act), for the most part he was just the same as Clinton.  High spending, high borrowing, moderately high taxes, government handouts, contracts for "friends," really just another politician.

Did Bush have his cool-aid drinkers?  Absolutely!  However, he also had a lot of detractors on the conservative side that disliked his social agenda and big government intrusions.  As one can see from the debate, there is a very stark contrast between those who oppose big government and those who are the counter-revolutionaries that support big government.  Even the act of a benign back to school address is now so politically charged that educators feel the need to throw their clout around and show their true liberal colors. 

I get that some messages need to be drilled into certain children in an effort to mold them into productive members of society.  Others are lost causes and will never be reached.  Additionally, I realize that our nation has often looked up to men of great stature for guidance on tough subjects.  Please keep in mind the messenger should never over shadow the message, and that's what we are after here; the message.  We want every school child to work hard, stay in school and learn as much as possible every single day.  A politician who uses a questionably captive audience does not achieve the same response that structural reinforcement from educators and administrators, or more importantly parents and mentors, do on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 

By President Obama delivering this message, parents are absolved from their responsibility for being engaged in the development of their children.  Reliance upon the state for morality and values, even those which are admirable traits associated with the civil society, perpetuates a breakdown of the traditional societal structure that promotes freedom and liberty.  Denigrating the family nucleolus is a not only a key to the success of the statist, but the direct implosion that causes family members to be pitted against one another is a powerful tool for agenda advancement.  If we allow our politicians to infiltrate the halls of education (which has been done for the last 50 years through the use of their proxy educators), we have the exact pitting of children against parents that Orwell illustrates so successfully in 1984. 

The detractors are already say, "But isn't this a bit drastic."  Of course it is, but is it real?  With the division we see amongst community members in the linked article, is it really hard to imagine this ulterior motive to be so accurate?  Kudos to the president for wanting to trumpet that kind of work hard message (if that is all that it is), but it really is unwarranted in the tradition and history of the USA’s liberty minded people.  Like most government interventions, the civil society does not need it's governmental Big Brother to deliver morality and civil society messages to us on a daily, weekly, or even annual basis.  The civil society, when left alone is quite good at taking care of itself.  We in the country class have done and will continue to do a good job of taking care of the problems (or un-problems) that are present in life. 

In short, does it really matter if President Obama makes a speech to school kiddies as they return to their classrooms and course work?  Probably not, but in this case Mercury completely overwhelms his dispatch by his mere presence, and that is what we should be focusing on; the message. 

QOTD: Rant Style (Government Stupidity and GPS Trackers)

This morning, while on my way to work I received a phone call from my wife...
Here is my rant of the day, are you ready for this?  The government wants to put GPS trackers on our vehicles to track our every move, but when you call 911 to report a fire along the side of the road, they don't know where the hell mile marker 4 is on the interstate!   I can't believe they asked me where mile marker 4 was on the interstate!  They also asked me what county it was in!
So, even when you do your good deed for the day, you still want to go face-palm because of the stupidity of the government official.  Additionally, the ineptitude of those with "power" eludes to the potential corruption of an expanded Big Brother state.  It wouldn't have matter what county mile marker four was in along the interstate that my wife travels, because it's a non-changing standard of measure.

Sure, she may have bounced off of a different jurisdiction's cell tower, but even if that is the case, how hard is it to quickly Google map that and figure out which jurisdiction it does belong.  Further more, an EMS operator should know something about inter-jurisdictional issues and hand-offs, no?   What is worse is that if an EMS offical, who is supposed to be concise, speedy, and knowledgeable for handling emergency situations can't calculate or comprehend geographical problems, how in the world are we to trust other bureaucrats to calculate our "mileage" allowance for carbon emissions taxation? 

Hence the reason the wife had to give me her ROTD (rant of the day) on continued government absurdity and backwardness.

09 September 2010

QOTD: America Has a Structural Problem [Caused by Congress]

Unintended Consequences.  We see them everywhere:
Congress which is comprised of individuals who know nothing about engineering, chemistry, manufacturing, or any other technical know-how, pass a law based on political agenda without even bother to consider the impact on the US economy.
Obviously, who would have considered that at a time when we need to save every job that we can or create more, what would it hurt to shut down a perfectly good inert gas, light bulb producing factory?  Do gooders do nothing good, unless you consider meddling, good.  

Quran Burning vs. Christian Hating

Let's get some things straight!  What's worse, 50 no-name church members whom the media should have ignored for their radical agenda to desecrate another religion (which, by the way is the epitome of intolerance and non-christian ways) or 200 American flag burning, christian hating Islamo-fascists chanting in Afghanistan? 

Obviously, if you are the sane, liberal, moderate, or even a conservative American, you probably feel that the morons in Florida are doing nothing good with their little political stunt.  (Noticed that I called it a political stunt).  Sure, they have a right to speak out against Islam as not being a true religion because in their minds Christianity is the only religion, but here they have just created the same whacked out philosophy that the Islamo-fascists use for their jihad.  Further, the dolts in the media give these morons credibility and credence.  If the statist-dino-media members weren't so in the tank for Obama's American destruction agenda, they would have never brought this to the forefront of national attention.  Coverage of said Quran burning affords more dead soldiers to Obama (increasing his clout to get them out of Afghanistan), as well as his ultimate goal of diminished validity to spirituality's role in the American civil society. 

So, back to the original point, what's worse?  Fifty whack jobs that will go away in a few weeks, never to be heard from again, or nearly one-billion extremists in the making?  The Quran burning event hasn't even happened yet and the outrage from the Islamonut world is already in a fever-pitch, decrying Death to Christians, Death to the infidels, fire on Zion, and any other battle cry they have.  Yet it was inappropriate for us to question their motives in where they wanted to put a mosque near ground zero as their historical, religious war, victory marker?  EHRRRRNT!  Sorry.  Not even close.

When a people's political system encourages outright war on non-believers and the brainwashed masses are empowered to believe death is a great sacrifice, it seems we need to modify their behavior.  The pastor's act is deplorable at best and certainly immoral even on a Christian metaphysical level, but so too is war against a country's people who just want to be left the hell alone.  If the kiddies in Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon want to play nice in the sandbox, we will as well.  But, if beheading people for drawing cartoons of Mohammad or worse, just simply believing in Christianity doesn't fit in with your fawta, then consequences of your actions are on you. 

UPDATE 3: FLASH! Senate Judiciary Hearing on "Firearms in Commerce?"

I did finally hear back from my junior Senator's office last night and got positive confirmation that the hearing next Tuesday is going to be regarding the BATFE reform bill.  Unfortunately, details are still extremely sketchy.  There is not a list of persons scheduled to give testimony and Senator Cardin does not yet have a position on this bill (somewhat understandable, be he has an anti-track record).  The staffer I spoke to did say that they had received a high call volume pertaining to the hearing and that I could check the judiciary website for updates.

I don't know about the rest of the freedom loving world, but my spidey sense is still tingling. 

08 September 2010

UPDATE 2: FLASH! Senate Judiciary Hearing on "Firearms in Commerce?"

NRA Confirmation!  I still don't understand the motives behind Chairman Leahy for bringing this hearing to the forefront during an election year while Dems are about to get slaughtered.  It seems dumbfounding to me.  However, get on those horns and talk it up with your Senators and Congressman.  Make it an issue for them to have to deal with. 

UPDATE: FLASH! Senate Judiciary Hearing on "Firearms in Commerce?"

Despite not having a phone call returned from Senator Cardin's office (he's my junior Senator and a member of the judiciary committee), I have gotten loose confirmation that the hearing scheduled for next week is to debate S 941.  This bill is known as the “Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Reform and Firearms Modernization Act of 2009" and is co-sponsored by Chairman Leahy.  Go figure. 

The question is, why now?  This bill clearly will not do anything to help stem the losses of the 'rats' seats, and certainly, if it is passed won't energize their base.  Perhaps it is a poison pill to claim some "moderation" on an issue that is cross-sectional and appealing to mainstream voters?  A last horrah of sorts in order to be considered American and electable entering November?  It's anybody's guess, but let's not get carried away here, it is still Washington and the committee is controlled by the leftists in power. 

More updates when I can dig them up. 

FLASH! Senate Judiciary Hearing on "Firearms in Commerce?"

FLASH:  It appears that the Senate Judiciary Committee is set to hold a hearing on "Firearms in Commerce: Assessing the Need for Reform in the Federal Regulatory Process" next week on Tuesday, September 14th.  (Drudge has the only link I can find at this point, and not even the good people at Free Republic have any links or details). 

What in the world could this be?  OpenCongress.org has no info on anything other than the HR 1074 which is the "Firearms Interstate Commerce Reform Act.  That bill, and it's companion senate bill S 556 (haha, how appropriate, I wonder if the anti's even figured that one out) are being sponsored by Steve Scalise and David Vitter, respectfully.  Both are from Louisiana and have extremely high ratings from the NRA on bills voted on and introduced, so it's not like these are the bills that the current Judiciary Committee will be willing to push to the floor of the Senate. 

So, that leaves the question of why this would come on the docket around election time.  What are the motives?  Does the Judiciary Committee vet potential treaties (along with the Foreign Relation's Committee) as well as Congressional legislation? 

The good news is, my Senator is on the committee so I will be calling his office today to get some answers (or lies, more appropriately).

Updates to come. 

06 September 2010

Russia, USA, Iran: 3 Countries with Nukes & the Power Struggle of Persia

Readers of this blog know that I like to get outside the realm of US politics and occasionally focus on geo-politics.  I will say that by no stretch of the means am I more than an arm chair QB on matters of foreign affairs, but it is safe to say that the middle east is remaining a brew-ha-ha of disturbing tensions.

While Yahoo news service only picks up on the Iranian threats against Israeli nuclear assets, what is being unreported in the USA media is the escalation of the proxy war via the Syrian and Lebanese backed Hizballah.  As the DEBKAfile report details, Hizballah and the 13 various orders of Hamas are all bring joint operations to increase terror efforts against Israel.  Additionally, these groups are seeking to sink and destroy Israeli ships in the Mediterranean Sea.  Of course, all of this comes on the heals of strategic Russian, American diplomacy trade offs that probably will not stop Iran from creating a nuclear device and will leave us to make a tough decision on whether or not we should be engaging in yet another foreign conflict.  

I know that there is a lot of material to cover inside those links, and some of it is is a few weeks old.  However, the hindsight here is pretty self explanatory.  Obama has created himself a fine pickle of problems to deal with internationally for the remainder of this term as president.  Iran isn't going away, especially not with the back room blessing from the UN security council's too major players (Russia and US).  If the current administration had wanted to honestly prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear capabilities, it would have green lit an Israeli strike on the facility before it happened.  Of course, that means the USA would have been drug into another war for regime change, undoubtedly, but there is still that potential anyways.  

Reagan proved that peace through superior firepower (Russian doctrine) is precisely the way to go.  People fear cowboys because well, cowboys are unpredictable.  Cowboys are certifiably insane, psychopaths that can actually control their fits of rage and know how to use them for personal (or general public) benefit.  Teddy Roosevelt Theory still works to this day, and always will.  If you have a big enough stick, they will always leave you alone and in the Persian region, Israel is the one with the biggest stick.  Iran and it's surrogates only want the same big stick, but, are the consequences to the moral people of Israel worth it?  What about our new found Iraqi republic and the potential disaster that could ensue?  

I guess we will continue to the follow the story as it unfolds. 

05 September 2010

ChiTown Area School Tracks Students w/ GPS & RFID

Scene:  It is the end of the school year.  Finals are just about finished, the junior school kids are busy finishing their educational hours with half days that are basically recess.  Bus drivers are tired and hot due to pre-summer heat waves, and administrators are lenient in handing out early vacations since it soon won't be their problem.  Enter the back-pack RFID and School Bus GPS tracker system.  Did your school aged child make it home?  Did they ditch the bus at the right stop?  Did they fall asleep on the bus and the driver forgot to do their sweep?

One Chitown area school system is implementing a new system to track your little ones.  Not that I am a parent so I cannot claim to completely understand the connection to a child, but is this something for which tax payers should be footing the bill?  Isn't it the parent's responsibility to call home and check to see if their child made it to their final destination?  Has the school system absolved itself of the responsibility to safely transport your children?  No, it hasn't, but you've just asked them to do part of the job that you are supposed to do; know where your kids are 24 / 7 / 365.

As a teenager, or even middle schooler, I was expected to check in with my grandmother (next door) or my parents when I got home.  No questions about it, if I didn't, I was in hot water.  Sure, today's world is a bit more scary than that of a decade ago, but still, responsible parents are responsible for their children, NOT THE NANNY STATE!  Is this a good idea?  Absolutely, if you implement it at the personal level.  GPS trackers in cell phones work well these days, and project a signal far beyond that of a school bus' RFID transceiver.  Yes, I know, they can be turned off, lost, forgotten, misplaced, ect, but is tax, spend, and implement better than personal responsibility to purchase the device yourself? 

I am fully aware that some might not be able to afford this technology for their children, and well, tough luck.  Get a good baby-sitter, work a second job, or maybe just use the cheaper land line to check in at scheduled times.  Turn on the news, call the school, or figure out from Google if there is a traffic jam that caused your kid to get home late.  Face it, in this day and age of modern cell phone tech, there is no reason to have Big Brother School system tracking when our kids get on and off the bus.  I understand it from a liability stand point for the school system to prevent children from being left on buses, but humans will always make mistakes, no matter what level of automated technology assists them.  While this isn't complete tax dollar waste, it is something that could be provided from private donations and grants, and not on the backs of the tax payers.

04 September 2010

Congressman Jerrymander: Re EPA Lead Ban CC Letter

Dear Mr. FightinBluHen51:

Thank you for sending me a copy of your recent letter to the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency regarding a possible ban of lead in sporting ammunition.  

I feel very fortunate to be able to communicate regularly with the people of the 3rd Congressional District.  I travel home every evening – an opportunity many Members of Congress do not have – and find that I am able to do my job much better because I am in daily contact with the people I serve in the Congress.  I also appreciate hearing many different points of view as I consider issues in the House of Representatives.  I appreciate you letting me know of your concerns and hope that your correspondence elicits a satisfactory response.

Again, thank you for taking the time to contact me.  If I can be of assistance to you in the future, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

John Sarbanes
Member of Congress

I LOVE MY CONGRESS CRITTER!  (sarcasm)  What a tool!  Obviously, he wasn't forced to take a stand or issue an opinion since they backed down on their lead ammo ban.  Writing to me to tell me that you enjoy keeping in contact with your constituents just because it's what, good Congressman business practice?  Yeah, ohhhkay.  I knew I wouldn't expect to see a whole lot said by this no load, but don't patronize me with boring drivel. 

"Elicits a satisfactory response?"  You didn't say ANYTHING about the topic at hand.  You find it fortunate for your reelection bid that 1) you have your daddy's name, 2) you're in a district Jerrymandered for your benefit, 3) and the EPA did you a favor and spared you having to take a position on this issue.  Look dude, we know your anti-gun, anti-hunting, anti-American tradition stance on damned near everything before you, so it isn't a surprise you jacked your we-we up into a whooo-haaaa and sat on the fence for this issue.  We wouldn't expect real leadership from you on any matter, just more 99% party line voting. 

Face-palm!  Is there anyone out there who can unseat this guy?  Hell, I'd take another Dem over this yahoo!  Seriously!  I might even consider switching my registration!  Yes, I actually said that. 

03 September 2010

US Gov Enviro Policy Based Off Haywire Sat?

All while Discovery Channel Gunmen James J. Lee was creating his manifesto to save the tress, save the bees, save the whales, save that snail, it seems that he had bought into the false data set provided to his enviro-wacko heroes that is now reported to be completely inaccurate. 

In a little published article, the US Government has admitted that global warming data may be "too high" by some 10 to 15 degrees.  "NOAA-16," a weather sat, has been on the fritz for the better part of the last decade and just so happens to correspond to the lunacy period that is defined by the Gorecale, his film, and his eco-ilk and their hockey-stick of DOOM!  Maybe Lee decided he would get out of the game himself before the political movement was completely exposed for it's Sham-wow status.  Eco-Jihad?  Why not!

How bad is the data set?  Besides the aforementioned 10-15  degree average differences measured by Sat-16, the revolutionbroadcasting.com article states that some of the temps measured in Wisconsin and the Great Lakes region hit highs of some 600+ degrees Fahrenheit!  Pure lunacy!  Those temperatures would place earth surface temps at a ratio of 3/4 of Mercury's.  Talk about hockey stick screwing (not skewing, screwing)!  These are the same statistics that the EPA, the Goreacle, Congressional leaders, and the President himself have used to hamstring American economic might at every chance they can get.  Instead of checking the calibration on a sensitive temperature sat, these numskulls have been claiming that carbon emissions are to blame.  No one questioned the validity of the science?!  Oh that's right consensus equals science in the eyes of the Ruling Class, especially when it is politically expedient to ruin the civil society. 

Does this mean that Federal Government and UN IPCC have used horrendous data to push for environmental change, or just more control over the citizens of the earth?  Well, perhaps Lee had one thing right, we should stop breeding complete morons that don't see the truth for what it is; green is after all the new red.  Perhaps we can convince our elected officials to stop reproducing hand-me-down life long politicians that run on past names to further hockey stick-it to our country. 

02 September 2010

Summer of Recovery: Baltimore Construction Sheds Jobs

Ahhh, the grand summer of recovery!  How is it treating your local economy dear reader?  Is it recovering fast enough for you?  Or do you find yourself like me and are in a lethargic area that has been affected by non-prudent tax and spend liberal, state general assemblies? 

Hopefully you have inferred from the lead in that Baltimore and it's general metro area are not doing so good in the construction jobs department.  According to the B-more Biz Journal's article, the area has shed about 12% of it's labor for a total of 8,600 jobs lost.  That is good enough for a rank of 290 out of 337 metro areas based on percentage of change.  What jobs are being added seem to be stimulus driven, which means once they are gone, we will see another downward trend.  
There is no doubt that we have seen an increase in stimulus activity this summer," said Ken Simonson, the [Associated General Contractors of America] association's chief economist, in a statement.  "Unfortunately, that increase in stimulus activity is largely being overshadowed by continuing declines in overall demand for construction that are likely to persist well into next year." 
Despite the DC bedroom counties of Calvert, Charles, and Prince George's counties adding 8% for 2,800 constructions jobs in the year period ending July 2010, the health of the state economy is certainly not as good as one would like.  The weighty burdens of Owe'Malley's taxes and regulation have show a depressing trend in private sector construction that helps to provide income to Maryland families, and thus revenue to the state.  Obviously, Maryland has followed the way of the nation but with the horrendous rank in the 86th percentile, the current Governor has to shoulder some of the blame.  Coupled with a one billion dollar deficit heading into next fiscal year and even higher debt service in a deteriorating economy, hopefully the smart voters of the state will take this information to the polls and vote accordingly on November 2nd.

Semper Fi & Happy 100 Marine

From the feel good department, I had to share this link.  Samuel (Sam) Domino turned 100 back on July 12th and Leatherneck Magazine was there to cover the honors.  Having lived through the great depression, WWI & II, Korea and Vietnam, Chief Warrant Officer Domino got a wonderful birthday present from his brothers in the Corp. 

From one patriot to a far better and more deserving patriot, happy birthday Chief, Semper Fi and many more. 

Slice of Life: Burgers, Beer, Crabs, Family & Friends

Often times, as I write this blog, it is easy to get frustrated with the absurdity that is the news today.  While our freedoms are attacked from the death by 1000 paper cuts mentality that is the .gov establishment, it is hard to find quality time to just forget about things for a while.

So, while I was busy the prior weekend catching a boat load of fish with the wife and my parents, I didn't think twice about my blog, or politics.  (Ok, maybe that's a lie, I probably did).  Over this weekend, I repeated that opportunity while planning a little cookout with some family for Saturday night and then again on Sunday with some friends for crabs and beer.  Living in Maryland may have drawbacks, but the perks are sometimes worth the payout. 

Family is great.  They don't have to understand you to love you, and if they are like my family, the endless ribbings are a challenge unto themselves.  A few beers and shooting the breeze for an evening, while catching a bit of my Ravens in preseason football was a nice distraction.  No thinking needed, just enjoying life without all the worries.

I'm also fortunate in that my wife else enjoys my side of the family (like I, her's) and that she gets along so well with the younger generation.  The cousin offspring of my older cousins is the ripe age for rough play and hard sports, and I was envious that my bum knee kept me from returning the favor from decades ago.  Oh well, it'll be healthy again, and the next time there is a family sporting event, I'll be out there.

As we head into the Labor Day weekend, most of us will visit friends and family.  Use it as a good distraction.  Try to avoid politics and the upcoming election if you can.  Trust me, it will do you some good!

01 September 2010

ABSURD! Reality of Our Country

Even in absence from publishing, I am on the watch for good stories and other items that will provoke my readers' neurons into firing at unprecedented levels.  Well, really I just want you to think a little more critically about your surroundings. 

Unfortunately what surrounds us is the title for this post; absurdity.  Every new day there is a story that completely makes myself go "face-palm" and wonder how we have let our country degrade into such tumult.  Mark Styne sitting in for Limbaugh today used the Space Balls line "LUDICROUS SPEED" today and yesterday, Say Uncle finally gave me the headline story to run with the absurd post title.  While I am not shocked that a citizen got tossed from a city council meeting for rolling their eyes at their elected officials, it does make me feel disgusted that such stupidity reigns from those in charge of the asylum.  More "new normal" that must be created in an effort to destroy the traditional civil society. 

The more that we see these absurd stories, the less sensitive we become too them, or at least that is the theory from the establishment.  For the last five or so years, many people have heard the life cycle of the republic, but never did I realize just how far along the decent into servitude we have slipped until I awoke to pay great attention about my surroundings.  Yes, I'm sure some of you are saying "but we're still better off and you're just over reacting," but ask yourself how it is we can go from an outrageous headline to outrageous headline.  Go pull up the DrudgeReport on any given hour of any given day and you'll find several topics that want to make you shake your head in shame.  From the linked city council meetings, to immigration, to GPS trackers, to the First Family's gallivanting, to capital hill, to town hall and back, it is not hard to be completely amazed (not shocked but amazed) at the transgression away from our National founding.  Mostly our forefathers wanted to be left alone, now we would gladly pay hard earned money for added privacy! 

Unfortunately, ignorance is not bliss, but education of the situation is far worse; it drives ya down right nuts at times.  Until we have fully corrected a new return to Constitutional governance, I doubt we will ever feel completely secure in our lives from absurd news.  Perhaps, the colonials felt the same way up until the point they said enough is enough.  Either way, we have found a normal that is not acceptable to the majority of people in this country as we are seeing the start of a second "Reagan Awakening."  Let us just hope that this one is not squandered in the ways the 80s were.  Our non-frugality has almost assured us this one will have to be different. 

Please, if you find more absurd stories, send them my way to wherespatton (at) gmai (dot) com.

Slice of Life: Good Day Fishing, Means A Good Day

As the saying goes, a bad day of fishing beats a good day of work, so what happens when you have a good day of fishing?  Well, that means even when you snap one of your rods in half and get beat by your wife for the biggest fish, it's a damned good day.

Two weeks ago, the family foursome (the wife, parental units, and I) were out on my dad's boat down near Chincoteague, VA.  A peaceful day started out fairly uneventful and in search of the fish we went.  The waters down around the Virginia island can be quite shallow and quickly changing which means that the captain (read dad) has to be on his game at all times.  This time he was, and we had an excellent day at hooking up to 60 Croaker.  Definitely one of the better days I have had saltwater fishing in the last five years and it reminded me why I buy a fishing license every year.  Everything is better on a boat! 

I can't wait for the fall flounder season and the prospects of surf fishing from the beach in October certainly are on my mind after that productive day.  Maybe I might let my wife catch the biggest fish again.  ;-)

QOTD: Punchbowl

Punchbowl: noun 1) A social entertainment device; 2) A large bowl with which fruit punch, fruit, and alcohol are mixed to provide lubricity of a social gathering; 3) Alternate Definition for Federal Reserve Meetings
A Federal Reserve meeting is just a bunch guys standing around a bunchbowl lighting cigars with $1000 bills.

That was the reply this morning with AK Fan said "I would love to sit in on a fed meeting and listen to their actual concerns."  We were discussing the link to the zero hedge article and yours truly came up with the alternate definition of a punchowl.  Remember, unlike Helo-Ben, please drink responsibly.