22 October 2010

MD Election Rumor Mill: Write in Candiate Jim Rutledge for AG? YES I WILL!

There is a rumor spreading around the MD Shooters forum that is advocating for writing in Jim Rutledge (former Republican Senate candidate) for Attorney General in opposition to Doug Gansler (who is unopposed in the general election). 

I cannot substantiate the validity of this idea from the candidate himself, but either way, who cares.  Gansler is now using the power of his office to fight the SAF lawsuit of Woollard vs. MSP's Handgun Permit Review Board, so let's at least make him sweat reelection bid. 

Jim ran in the Republican primary as a strong fiscal and Constitutional conservative who is extremely pro-gun.  That sounds exactly like the man who needs to head Maryland's highest legal office in my opinion.  Just think, a potential victory by Jim as a write-in candidate and a win by Bob for the Gov-ship?  We could get some real changes in this state without having to deal with the stacked legislature.  It's an idea so crazy, it just might work if we get the message around! 

French Pension Riot Through Pictures

The Big Picture has a 40 page spread of photos with captions covering the above mentioned French riots.  And, just announced to me by AK Fan, the French Senate has passed the pension reforms for austerity that has been the hot button topic in Europe this week.  I wonder if this will increase the fervor of the riots in France? 

Are these pictures a prelude to what we may see here in the USA as Congress votes in the coming years to raise retirement ages, cut benefits, and hopefully, pay down our debts?  Ugliness indeed. 

Texas Women Packing More Heat

Courtesy of John R. Lott (the author of More Guns Less Crime), comes a story from Tyler Texas where more women are now carrying concealed handguns than ever before.  Some 31,000 females now have Texas CHP licenses which is up nearly 40% from the previous high in 1996 (initial year of issuance for the permits to all individuals). 

What is also fascinating is this little blurb from KLTV 7's coverage of the story: 
Terry Adams and John Coblentz teach concealed handgun classes and say it's not just women who are arming themselves. "The people that are pushing gun control are making people nervous and they're buying weapons," said Adams.
Interesting.  So, those who are against us are now becoming the biggest hypocrites in the kitchen?  (Sorry for using hypocrite twice today).

Just more subtle evidence that the trend toward individual freedom as afford to us in our founding documents is mainstream and very much alive.  All the more reason that our freedom is attacked with regularity by those who wish to take our freedom away.   

Update: Restoring Sanity More Like Who's Who of Batnut Left

Code Pink?  You got it!  Pro-Abortion groups?  YEP!  Anarchists?  NO DOUBT! 

From today's American Thinker, it seems that I continue to call it right that the batnuts are the ones that will show up at John Stewart's rating coup restoring sanity rally.

Look, I've said it before several times and I'll say it again...sanity is liberty and the tea party movement.  Professional protesters, showing up to bolster someone's ratings when they've been paid to go to this thing by Oprah and the other front running .org's, says just one thing; hypocrites.  No matter the turnout to this thing, which in all respects will be quite minimal anyways, just more proof that the Comedy Central geniuses are great at grabbing headlines for personal gain. 

Of course, those of us on the right will never be afforded the same media attention even when we have seven figure turnouts.  Oh well.