26 October 2010

UPDATE: MD Election Rumor Mill: Write in Candiate Jim Rutledge for AG? YES I WILL!

Update:  Turns out that this was a well substantiated rumor, but unfortunately, Mr. Rutledge will not be filing to his write in candidacy.  What a shame too.

The repubics of the state of Maryland couldn't come up with anyone to run against Mr. Gansler in the general election because of apparent infighting, and a candidate that wouldn't have had to do anything declined to get involved.  Not surprising really, but if we had just run Micky Mouse or Homer Simpson, they could have pulled off the upset of good old Dougy who's continuing to sand bag against the Woollard case. 

God Bless MD Politics;  Snatching defeat from the jaws of defeat before the window of opportunity even opened.