28 September 2010

MD Gov Caught Scrubbing State Job Report Numbers

Over at Red Maryland, a two part series cropped up yesterday detailing how the Owe'Malley Administration has been attempting to scrub and cleanse the state's job numbers.  (Part I & Part II).  Of course, this story breaks right at the same time that our illustrious President debuts in a radio spot for our glorious Governor today in the Baltimore market.  Considering the polling has been dead even now for several weeks between former Governor Bob Ehrlich and Owe'Malley, I'm sure bad jobs figures that could hurt the Governor in an election year isn't exactly the news he wants the public to see.

Typical of a true statist, scrub the numbers, pull the report, issue a rosy press release, and do your best to cover up the sanitation.  I can't imagine that these numbers are so bad that they would remind the people of the 20% sales tax hike, the business income tax increase, the millionaires tax increase, the vehicle excise tax increase, BGE rate hikes, and numerous other increases in costs for Marylander's now would it?  Seems that the Owe'Malley campaign is worried, and enough so that he has turned to the poison pill of the President for help.  All I have to say is, go ahead Mr. President, help away!