25 April 2011

Williams Case (MD) Petition for Cert: Bearing

A little known case is now thrust into the spotlight by this simple question:
 Whether peacably carrying or transporting a registered handgun outside the home, without a carry permit that is unobtainable by ordinary, law-abiding citizens, is outside of the cope of "the right of the people to ... bear arms" protected by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.
The petition can be found here along with the major credit to the Maryland Shooters board found on these threads for the details and background. 

As far as I can see, the only detraction from the question is this: loaded and either openly or concealed.  Does this question mean that the states that do not respect our rights (like Maryland) can require that the arms be cased and locked, or does this truly mean "bear."  This new civil right's movement is beating on a lot of doors, and yes, patience is the preferred method, but for those of us who have tasted freedom in freer states, we want our rights NOW!  Hell, at some point, we want our rights restored to pre-1934. 

Happy Monday!