01 June 2011

QOTD: Debt Limit Smackdown

There isn't a person outside a mental hospital or an Ivy League faculty who believes the federal government can continue on its current fiscal trajectory, even with tax increases. Change is inevitable. Real change. Bone-deep, re-write the social contract, no more free lunch, learn to live within our means change. What is the political wisdom of demanding that it can only happen over your party's dead body?
Bill Frezza had that to say a week ago as the debt ceiling vote drew nearer (the no strings attached version of which was voted on last night and went down harder than a DC hooker).

Obviously, Mr. Frezza is correct in that Washington is so delusional with regards to spending that they can (and should) be grouped with the Ivy League nut jobs and the psychos whom belong in white padded rooms.  Thus, it's imperative that some how, some way, the putzes inside the beltway get their shit together and find a way to cut the federal budget now (and not for next year, or the next 10 years) and forever to allow our country's finances to remain in tact (or at least functional).

The Law, Its Objective, and What It's Not

An interesting three part article (here, here, and here) that explains just how the law is supposed to function as an order of defense of individual freedom and property.  Also, this series explains how the individuals is entrusted to make as much of himself as possible, and anything to the contrary is nothing more than a perversion of the natural rule of law (and thus a perversion of founding). 

Of course, the author does an excellent job in describing how politicians have motives expressly to the contrary of those objectives of the rule of law.  Read it, because it says what we think!

Morning Laugh: Out of the Car!

Passed along via email to me from a family member and too funny not to post.

Another lesson to ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings, and cut little old ladies some slack.