22 January 2011


Why would anyone want to put coke in their gas tank when they can use this method of transporting drugs? 

As the saying goes, "Ingenuity, is what gets the job done!"  (Ok, well, maybe I just made that saying up).  Whatever the saying is, when criminals are motivated to circumvent the law and law enforcement, they will become highly creative.  After all, effective criminals are just untrained and uneducated lawyers without degrees.  Or there is the capitalist view of crime, it's the ultimate form of free market capitalism (and probably the least regulated here in the US).

Now what does that say about justice and the war on drugs? 

Turnings of Society and Generations Equate to Revolutions

A great guest post earlier in the week on Zero Hedge detailing the many revolutions in the history of the United States.  

I thought that there was only one (possibly two if you count the Civil War), but after reading the article, multiple revolutions make sense.  The idea of multiple revolutions revolves (no pun intended) around an inter-generational transition that happens based on statistical and historical analysis.  Generally, every 70~90 years, a country or society will go through a "dark winter" that will force a major change in political and civil society philosophy.  This "turning," as it is called, is usually caused by the friction between generations and ideologies that occur in times of great strife. 

Per our historical reference, as the article illustrates, the United States has seen a turning in the American Revolution (1773-1790ish), the Civil War era (1879-1865), Great Depression / World War II (1929-1945), and now the Financial Crisis (2005/8 to current).

Yes, it is a bit kooky, but from a historical 20/20 perspective, the theory of inter-generational turnings make sense.  The question it leaves most of us to ask is what direction towards resolution will our current "turning" take?  Unfortunately, that remains to be seen, but if we the people continue to hammer at Congress and the President for less government, less spending, and less control, then we will hopefully see a return to great prosperity that is driven by freedom.  However, as Jim Quinn of the Burning Platform conjectures, we have only really just seen the start.

So grab a six pack and a lawn chair, this is about to get good!  Remember, no citizens, military members, or Congresscritters were harmed in the writing of this post.