27 March 2011

Maryland Monday (Coming tomorrow)

As a resident Behind Enemy Lines, and for the fact that I neglect the Maryland aspect of this blog a bit, I'm going to start focusing exclusively on the state on Mondays.

Not to say where I might not get a bit of other stories thrown in from time to time, but I'm going to start following the disgusting politics of this state a bit more and keep the geo-politics to the other days of the week (and the Financial / Economic stuff to Friday). 

Hey, it is my blog, I'll do what I want

Civilty (Codeword for Lib Rage) + Sad Panda Alert = Attack Against Researcher

I'm not 100% certain why the left likes to attack people whom produce alternative views and statistics (considering they are soooooooooooo tolerant), but their vitriol knows, no bounds. 

Paul Krugman is a douche extraordinary that wishes he had 1/10th of 1% of John R. Lott's credibility.  Besides, Mr. Lott actually has a degree in economics and doesn't just shill for the Gray Lady.

(Note:  I don't care of Krugman actually has an econ degree, graduate degree, or PhD, he's a Keynesian putz that has dedicated his blog, columns and other print materials towards ever more print, borrow, and spend policies in a hope that eventually, when capitalism falls, he and his socialist buddies can implement their leftist Bolshevik revolution). 

Imagine That! China Leading on Safe Nukes!

It seems that the United States doesn't lead on much these days, but this is something that I could actually cheer for China on.  Safer nuclear technology that still generates electric, but a meltdown would actually cause a self imposed fission shut down.  Meaning, at least in theory, safer fission and less risk of accidents like that of Chernobyl or Japan.

Generic Trader's Desktop

From ZeroHedge and John Lohman, the generic Trader's Desktop.

Side note: I hate it when Excel or another piece of productivity software automatically fills patterns for you, thinking it is smarter than you. 

Click through for the full size and description. 

Russian Nuke Lighthouses

H/T to MilitaryPhotos.net for this coverage of defunct and decaying (literally) nuclear powered lighthouses. 

Like (almost) all Russian engineering, something to be observed from afar.