17 November 2010

I Always Feel Like, Somebody's Watching Me!

Well, no, it's not the Geico commercial, but I do feel like somebody's watching me!  After yesterday's post about Baltimore and it's proposed crack down on illegal carry of handguns, I noticed this on my SiteMeter: 

I just hope it's a concerned citizen that works for the state of Maryland and shares my views and not someone (read politician or MD State Police) with an agenda that would prefer to keep tabs on a fairly harmless blogger who believes in freedoms (including firearms and concealed carry).

Feel free to say hi!  :-)

EDIT prior to posting:  It appears that it may have been a fellow MDshooters.com board member, but still, the point is, it CAN or COULD be an MSP represenative gathering evidence on citizens who oppose their policies as has been known to happen in the past.  Therefore, to protect the innocent, please note some info has been redacted.