24 March 2011

No Land Invasion

Well it is very nice to know that there will be no land invasion by US Marines on the Shores of Tripoli.  I am sure some of the grunts are thinking "Damn, I wanted to kill me some Ghadaffi!"

It's nice to know that there is a clearly defined (portion) of the plan of action in Libya.  What's that you say Mr. President? 
The exit strategy will be executed this week in the sense that we will be pulling back from our much more active efforts to shape the environment.
Oh, so we have no exit strategy?  NICE!  Wait, what?  You say the Germans are pulling out their assets?  NATO can't agree on anything?   We've nearly run the Navy (Brits that is) out of it's stock of Tomahawk cruise missiles?  I hope their success rate of hitting targets is slightly better than taking out pharmaceutical factories (that may or may not have been actual Jihadist training and weapons facilities).

Stealing from AK fan, this is precisely why NATO is a joke.  Additionally, with this kind of infrastructure and munitions on hand, who in their right mind thinks that the US will be pulling back on any of the action in the coming days?  Not me.

Other Civil Strife We Aren't Involved In

Just so we are clear, here are the other Civil Wars that we are not spending political, monetary, and military capital upon.
  • Syria
  • Yemen
  • Bahrain
  • Saudi Arabia
And that list is just in the middle east.
  • Ivory Coast
  • Egypt
  • Greece
  • Portugal
  • Ireland
  • Itally
Those are the countries in the headlines from across the ponds that have been having to deal with civil disobedience, budget problems and fears of government crackups.  (And as of last night, Portugal has cracked up).  

Very Interesting times.  As the saying goes, this summer is gonna be hot!

Ben Stein on Illegal War

Just because he is Ben Stein, and because you should read his through provoking opinions, I present his case for (against) Libya.

Fukushima Fifty

While I have not commented on Japan, I must say, those people have it rough right now.  I hope and pray for them and their recovery from this disaster.  It is simply not within the realm of my mind at how horribly some of their people are suffering.  May the generosity from their neighbors to their allies offer them enough compassion to deal with the mental anguish and torment that will certainly affect some of them for many moons to come. 

That said, there are some true heroes over there making sacrifices of life (or at the very least body) to stave off further effects from the stricken Fukushima Nuclear Facilities.  May these Fukushima Fifty succeed in their efforts to stop the disaster that continues to inflict the pain upon Japan. 

Hunting Yeti Institute

Something tells me that the [hunting]Yeti Institute isn't about hunting this kind of Yeti.  And oddly enough,

At any rate winter may be over, but the desire to pound some fresh POW is always there.  Conspiracies or otherwise.

Mil-Tech Re-do

When the military gets their hardware right, it's right!

Wired has a nice look at some of the assets being used wasted on Libya and how they are just iterations of earlier weapons.

Spanish Festival Obama Effegy

When other countries start to make Cinderella effigies of you (which they then torch at their annual festival), something tells me the bloom is off the rose.