27 November 2010

Tax Free Guns

AWESOME!  Kudos South Carolina, too bad I'm not a state resident (or in the general vicinity to at least take advantage of the long guns).

Too bad we'll never see such a tax holiday like this in the state of Maryland, since we have to sue for our rights.


F1 Boss Recovers from Attack

It appears that even the famous are not inoculated against the thieves and thugs in England, as the F1 Boss Bernie Ecclestone found out the hard way. 

Seems that the 80 year old gentleman of Formula 1 racing and his girlfriend were assaulted this week in London for their $300,000+ worth of jewelry.  As Ecclestone pointed out, this isn't a rare occurrence in the city either.
"Normally like in America or anywhere you go, there are people getting mugged," Ecclestone said. "In London, it's a funny thing you know. It's surprising in Oxford Street the number of people that get mugged there hourly.
"We should have more police guns there."
There is a very apparent lack of opportunity cost for the muggers in Britain.  Police are not numerous to deter the crime and it has long been noted that the judicial punishment system won't bother to deter it either.  It seems like the government of England has stolen the dignity of the humans to defend themselves, even those who happen to be in their 80s and are no match for four young thugs, hell bent on destruction and thievery.  Considering they are punishing the wrong people for the wrong crimes, and it's no wonder our mother county has gone to hell in a hand basket.