30 October 2010

Still Blaming Bush: A Slogan so Good to a Dem, Even the Local County Exec Candidate is Doing It

A new radio spot for Baltimore County Executive says "Don't put Baltimore County in Jeopardy, vote for Kevin Kamenetz."  This comes on the heels of a make believe Jeopardy game between a voter and the host as she answers "Who is Kevin Kamenetz?", correctly for every question.  As the spot concludes, a final answer is given:  This man will make the best next county executive.  Of course, a dumb male answers "Ahhh, George W. Bush!?" to which he is informed that he is incorrect. 

Blame Bush.  So good, even the local County Executive Candidate can do it for his final campaign push.  Hopefully this sleaze ball is booted back to private life come 8PM Nov. 2. 

Over / Under 20: What's Your Bet On USA's Corrupt Politics Ranking?

Most of the readers of this blog are smart enough to know that politics and the democratic system in our country is well, at times, corrupt.

How corrupt?  Oh, so corrupt that we no longer crack the top 20 for corruption (meaning the higher in the ranking the less corrupt your political system).  While the Daily Reckoning has their take on the situation, you can read the raw report from Transparency International, here.

N(o) F(un) L(eague) Hates TEA Parties!

SHOCKER!  Or rather, we shouldn't be so shocked, should we?  The NFL's PAC gave the maximum allowed by law to dingy Harry Reid.  Oh, but wait, also try Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck U Schumer. 

From Doug Powers writing for Michelle Malkin:
Talk about a helmet to helmet hit on a defenseless constitution!
No kidding Doug, couldn't agree more!  However, it is football, and I'll still watch.  What else am I going to do?  Watch the World Series?  

29 October 2010

QE 2 & Monetary Treason; A Tale of a Banking Coup

We find ourselves roughly 96 hours away from the close of the polls on potentially the biggest election of our lives.  Unfortunately, we also find ourselves roughly 110 hours away from the biggest announcement the Federal Reserve has ever made.  The perverse part is, the results of Tuesday will largely be outweighed by the actions that the Banking Cartel takes starting on Wednesday.  The Banking Coup of the United States that will start with the QE2 on Wednesday will make South American military coups look like bake sale fundraisers by comparison.  So continues the tail of our decline.  

If you’ve been reading and following along, we have been talking about a lot of financial items over the course of the last week.  Hopefully my readership has picked up on the feed burner known as Zero Hedge and has been reading their raw and unfiltered reality that is our crackerjack economy.  So it should come as no surprise that Helicopter Ben’s Federal Reserve has ceded all of its authority to the primary dealers of market securities.  Effectively, the Fed is dead, and Zero Hedge isn’t the only one to opine (though not so openly) as to the conclusion of these un-Constitutional facts.  

Are we in the early stages of a USA, Weimar Republic?  Considering Congress has failed to do its Constitutional duty for the last 80+ years and regulate monetary policy and our currency, the writing appears to be on the wall.  I am pretty sure that Thomas Jefferson warned us in the early years of our country that a Central Bank’s singular control of the money supply was more dangerous to freedom and our republic than any foreign enemy could ever become.  What would he have said about an all out banking coup?  The primary dealers telling the Fed, directly, how much money to print and pump is the kind of action that we would expect to see in Zimbabwe and other banana republics, not the United States! 

Is this the story of our demise?  Rich Wall Street shysters make their shills at the Federal Reserve print up worthless paper in an effort to absolutely destroy the democracy by entrenching the people in a perilous fight for bare necessities as they sky rocket in price and continue to pile up a mountain of sovereign debt?  If your eyes are shut, then the answer is no, but to those whose eyes are open, it isn’t hard to see why it is important to cast your ballot for freedom on Tuesday.  Is it our only shot at saving our way of life?  Potentially not, but it could be the last, so why take the chance?

So, this weekend, as we go from undecided to the polls, research, think, examine critically, and then swear to yourself, your family, your friends and most importantly, future generations, that we cannot maintain this course of print, pump, spend, and fail.  Promise to be ever vigilant, wherever and however in the education process of our youth, our spouses, our parents and others ignorant of history and the money meddlers.  It is a track that has been tried centuries over and is a failure that is timeless. 

State Tax Climate: Where's Your State Rank?

If you're in my state of Marylandstan, we rank 44th over all!  A breakdown between sales tax and personal income tax shows there is a vast disparity between the two methods of taxation.  My state has a fairly decent sales tax ranking of No. 11 but the disgusting, punitive income tax rank of 49th is only one away from worst!  Further still, the study from the Tax Foundation for 2011 fiscal year says we've gone from 25th to 44th in the course of 5 short fiscal years. 

Before someone shouts that one of those year's was under the leadership of Bob Ehrlich, you are correct, it is!  And he left us @ number 25 in the country.  Not the worst, not the best, we were average.  Something to be happy with in life.  However, under the dictatorship of Martin Owe'Malley, we've flunked to 44th!  The 12th percentile of success where 100% is the best! 

I am not sure why anyone in their right mind would vote for someone that has effectively run us into the ground from average to a miserable fail in four short years, but then again, that is the Maryland voter. 

Tuesday my friends!  Tuesday!  Vote early and often! 

Blog Focusing; Finance Friday Segment

Hello there dear readers.  I know that my blog started off like a hell storm and has now slowly turned into a bore.  Part of that has been work restrictions, another part life, and another part a lack of motivation to come up with edgy, witty, and interesting material.  Needless to say, blogging isn't easy. 

So, consider this an open thread, partially.  I am still going to cover conservative issues, slices of life, and of course guns and gun rights, and the occasional corrupt Maryland politics.  But I am going to start breaking down the week a little bit and focusing on some specific topics for each day.  Fridays, just happen to lend themselves well to finance due not only to the catchy sounding "Finance Friday," but also because of the data that usually comes out on this day of the week. 

As always, I am always open to suggestions.  So if you have recommendations for articles to read, headlines to write and critique, and or other ideas for daily focus, I will gladly take note and try and see how it mixes in with the blog. 

As always thanks for reading. 

28 October 2010

QOTD: Airline Security

From this morning's Norris & Davis Show on 105.7 the Fan, Ed Norris had this to say about airport security:
We have to take off our shoes, belts, and go through full body scanners, but what happens after I clear security and eat in a restaurant behind security?  Yeah, that's right, they give you a steak knife.  Yep, no problems taking one of those steak knives on to a plane after you've had your meal, and people wonder why Juan Williams get's fired for saying he is uncomfortable about seeing people in Muslim garb in an airport.  We need to stop being so PC about this stuff.
So true, I have deem no further commenting necessary.  

27 October 2010

Mexican Cops Quit After Cartel Attacks With "Over the Counter Guns & Grenades"

Those pesky "over the counter guns & grenades" caused an entire Mexican Town's police department to quit on the spot after a 15 minute, 1000 round, bullet riddling of their new building. 

HotAir has the coverage of the event, but it's safe to say that those cartels were busy running guns in and out of the USA only 24 hours before.  Damn those over the counter guns and grenades!  Doesn't anyone in the USA regulate those gun dealers and gun shows? 

Who Needs a Gun? Fortunately, a Happy Ending

A very frightening and disturbing story linked to me by a friend is shared here
Police say two men who broke into a New Hampshire home and held a woman at gunpoint may have accidentally targeted the wrong home.
Disturbing in the least, terrifying if you are the victim.  The rest of the short update blurb on the link states that the perps may have been looking for money and/or drugs.  Fortunately, the lady who was attacked, lived and was unscathed. 

Obviously, it just goes to show, when second count, sometimes your gun is too far out of reach.  I'm sure most of the readers here have arms for personal protection and self defense, but when you are home, where do you keep them?   While it isn't practical to stash guns all around the house in various locations for a multitude of reasons, it makes you think that perhaps, you should be a little more strategic in the storage of your home defense arms.  We can certainly speculate as to whether or not this lady had any tools to protect herself or not or if it was even close enough to make a difference, but it does make us think that we should re-examine our personal "castle doctrine." 

Just goes to show that the world is a dangerous place, no matter where we live. 

QOTD: Putting and Monetary Policy, the Latest Econ Course Offered at Your Community College

Economic news lately is well, depressing a best.  If you follow what is the truth in the world, you find there is no news in the truth, just more doldrums.  If you are a Zero Hedge reader you might have seen this quote this morning:
Mr. Bernanke has used the analogy of a golfer with a new putter: Unsure how it will work, he finds best strategy is to tap lightly at first and keep tapping until the golfer figures out how best to use the putter.
The Fed has found themselves in a severe catch 22 (or liquidity trap), and now they are using golf as the fundamental "new tool" to bring us back to pre-crisis levels.  As Zero Hedge's articles and authors stated in the link, we're learning as we go?  This from the one organization that is supposed to remain politically and economically neutral?  Putting our way to prosperity will only further sink us into our own Japanese style lost decade, but the concerns of the public and certain Fed Governors are falling on deaf ears to Mr. Bernanke.

Perhaps I'm too negative, cynical, and pessimistic, but what we really should be doing right now is praying Nov. 2 goes the right way. 

26 October 2010

UPDATE: MD Election Rumor Mill: Write in Candiate Jim Rutledge for AG? YES I WILL!

Update:  Turns out that this was a well substantiated rumor, but unfortunately, Mr. Rutledge will not be filing to his write in candidacy.  What a shame too.

The repubics of the state of Maryland couldn't come up with anyone to run against Mr. Gansler in the general election because of apparent infighting, and a candidate that wouldn't have had to do anything declined to get involved.  Not surprising really, but if we had just run Micky Mouse or Homer Simpson, they could have pulled off the upset of good old Dougy who's continuing to sand bag against the Woollard case. 

God Bless MD Politics;  Snatching defeat from the jaws of defeat before the window of opportunity even opened. 

22 October 2010

MD Election Rumor Mill: Write in Candiate Jim Rutledge for AG? YES I WILL!

There is a rumor spreading around the MD Shooters forum that is advocating for writing in Jim Rutledge (former Republican Senate candidate) for Attorney General in opposition to Doug Gansler (who is unopposed in the general election). 

I cannot substantiate the validity of this idea from the candidate himself, but either way, who cares.  Gansler is now using the power of his office to fight the SAF lawsuit of Woollard vs. MSP's Handgun Permit Review Board, so let's at least make him sweat reelection bid. 

Jim ran in the Republican primary as a strong fiscal and Constitutional conservative who is extremely pro-gun.  That sounds exactly like the man who needs to head Maryland's highest legal office in my opinion.  Just think, a potential victory by Jim as a write-in candidate and a win by Bob for the Gov-ship?  We could get some real changes in this state without having to deal with the stacked legislature.  It's an idea so crazy, it just might work if we get the message around! 

French Pension Riot Through Pictures

The Big Picture has a 40 page spread of photos with captions covering the above mentioned French riots.  And, just announced to me by AK Fan, the French Senate has passed the pension reforms for austerity that has been the hot button topic in Europe this week.  I wonder if this will increase the fervor of the riots in France? 

Are these pictures a prelude to what we may see here in the USA as Congress votes in the coming years to raise retirement ages, cut benefits, and hopefully, pay down our debts?  Ugliness indeed. 

Texas Women Packing More Heat

Courtesy of John R. Lott (the author of More Guns Less Crime), comes a story from Tyler Texas where more women are now carrying concealed handguns than ever before.  Some 31,000 females now have Texas CHP licenses which is up nearly 40% from the previous high in 1996 (initial year of issuance for the permits to all individuals). 

What is also fascinating is this little blurb from KLTV 7's coverage of the story: 
Terry Adams and John Coblentz teach concealed handgun classes and say it's not just women who are arming themselves. "The people that are pushing gun control are making people nervous and they're buying weapons," said Adams.
Interesting.  So, those who are against us are now becoming the biggest hypocrites in the kitchen?  (Sorry for using hypocrite twice today).

Just more subtle evidence that the trend toward individual freedom as afford to us in our founding documents is mainstream and very much alive.  All the more reason that our freedom is attacked with regularity by those who wish to take our freedom away.   

Update: Restoring Sanity More Like Who's Who of Batnut Left

Code Pink?  You got it!  Pro-Abortion groups?  YEP!  Anarchists?  NO DOUBT! 

From today's American Thinker, it seems that I continue to call it right that the batnuts are the ones that will show up at John Stewart's rating coup restoring sanity rally.

Look, I've said it before several times and I'll say it again...sanity is liberty and the tea party movement.  Professional protesters, showing up to bolster someone's ratings when they've been paid to go to this thing by Oprah and the other front running .org's, says just one thing; hypocrites.  No matter the turnout to this thing, which in all respects will be quite minimal anyways, just more proof that the Comedy Central geniuses are great at grabbing headlines for personal gain. 

Of course, those of us on the right will never be afforded the same media attention even when we have seven figure turnouts.  Oh well. 

19 October 2010

QOTD: Bubbles Bubbles Everywhere

If for nothing more than just a few inflation hawks inside the Fed Reserve, than we'd be already melting down.  Or, at least, that is the current convictions of this and several other authors out there in the world.

In a speech just released today and picked up by The Hedge (readers should know that I am referring to Zero Hedge), Dallas Fed Res Bank Dick Fisher (no pun intended, but preferred in this context) had the following remarks:
In my darkest moments, I have begun to wonder if the monetary accommodations we have already engineered might even be working in the wrong places.  A great many baby boomers or older cohorts who played by the rules, saved their money and migrated over time, as prudent investment counselors advise, to short- to intermediate-dated, fixed-income instruments are earning extremely low nominal and real returns on their savings. Further reductions in rates earned on savings will hardly endear the Fed to this portion of the population.
It is nice to see that someone inside the Federal (private) banking cartel has finally admitted that their monetarist, neo-Keynesian policies don't work.  To those of us whom have studied history, it isn't hard to say, "ah yeah!  No shit Sherlock!"  That said, Fed Fisher and his counterpart at the St. Louis Fed should be commended for their hawkish outlooks on inflation and money creation.  Unfortunately, as Zero Hedge opines, they will probably resign be forced out. 

Ever Wonder How Good...

Our armed forces airmen are? 


H/T militaryphotos.net.

Debt Free America Act

As tweeted last night, this was making it's rounds around Facebook and other social networks.  H/T to my wife for reading it to me and her cousin (whom had posted it).

So, some quick Google Fu last night returned this bill summary:   

Debt Free America Act - States as purposes of this Act the raising of sufficient revenue from a fee on transactions to eliminate the national debt within seven years and the phasing out of the individual income tax. Amends the Internal Revenue Code to impose a 1% fee, offset by a corresponding nonrefundable income tax credit, on transactions that use a payment instrument, including any check, cash, credit card, transfer of stock, bonds, or other financial instrument. Defines "transaction" to include retail and wholesale sales, purchases of intermediate goods, and financial and intangible transactions. Establishes in the legislative branch the Bipartisan Task Force for Responsible Fiscal Action to review the fiscal imbalance of the federal government and make recommendations to improve such imbalance. Provides for expedited consideration by Congress of Task Force recommendations. Repeals after 2017 the individual income tax, refundable and nonrefundable personal tax credits, and the alternative minimum tax (AMT) on individuals. Directs the Secretary of the Treasury to: (1) prioritize the repayment of the national debt to protect the fiscal stability of the United States; and (2) study and report to Congress on the implementation of this Act.
As the rumor on the social networks went, this bill was "scheduled" for a lame duck vote after the election in two weeks.  I haven't confirmed or denied that, but it doesn't look like it's forging ahead very quickly. 

The summary in and of itself isn't all that obnoxious except for the one clause; "repeals AFTER 2017, the individual income tax."  YAY! (not).  We've seen this before in the form of social security.  We pass something now, take the hit up front, and then we'll "amend" or "repeal" something later.  As soon as you get used to paying the 1% tax on bank transactions AND your income tax, you'll forget by 2017 that Congress' original intent was to repeal the income tax.  In substance, this is effectively a different way to implement a fair tax, though it is more VAT (value added tax) in nature.  Taxing without repeal of or near 100% gutting of the IRC will do nothing to solve our debt problem or our job problem.  Again, we have a spending problem.  Austerity, plus sensible tax reform, including the fair tax, will restore our country to the economic engine that the world has long aspired to become.  

18 October 2010

Slice of Life: Some Things Are Timeless

There are some things in life that are timeless, despite their constant change.  

For 55 years, Saturdays have meant something pretty special as far as gatherings inside of Delaware Stadium.  Yes, I am talking Blue Hen football (and for those band members out there, I mean marching band as well).  But in the ever constant flow of students into and out of the University itself, my father realized on Saturday that some things never really do change and they are indeed timeless.

Yes, it is easy to roam the campus in Newark and see the newly renovated or constructed classrooms and laboratories and note the change.  But the “mall” (sorry UD Almu and students, I refuse to call it the “green”) is still in the same spot it has always been.  Main Street too has changed, yet you can still find the bustle of students drawn to various stores by day and bars by night.  Education within the classrooms still exists, and kids are molded into young men and women set to start their professional lives at the conclusion of their four years.  Within those contexts of change, there is no change.  Change in a University is double speak by nature.  It is a constant, yet it does not truly exist.  

Even within our sports teams (professional or amateur) there is constant, timeless change.  Players come, players go.  Championships are won, or losing seasons pile up.  Either way, the only thing that is constant; change.  Yet the change is effectively non-changing.  

So why point out these so distinct and mundane facts?  Considering this is primarily a political blog I intend to tie them into politics, but that in and of itself is not really my intent.  The constant in our lives is change.  We change from conception until death.  As stated above, it is a double speak in that while natural change exists, it does not.  We often do not contemplate the change that surrounds us and internalize it.  Sure, we notice the new highway construction, but in reality, most of the roads we have traveled for most of our lives, are the same ones.  

Robert Frost would probably chide us for not taking the less traveled road, trying to expand our horizons or our minds as we seek out knowledge and understanding, but to what degree would it matter?  Humans are creatures of habit.  We like to go to bed at roughly the same time and awaken late on the weekends.  But the point behind not changing our path and being creatures of habit is this; despite how screwed up the world is and how hard times may become, when you have family and friends to rely upon for nurture and support, nothing really changes.  

So, the mere fact that the mass of humanity is often ill-focused and easily manipulated by that of the political spectrum, in reality, we never lose focus on what really matters in our lives; family and friends.  Throughout the follies of history that is now repeating itself with a republic in peril; we have not received any true change.  Yes, our lives may be a bit harder to live comfortably, but no one guarantees comfort and success (except for a politician trolling for votes).  If you are like me, and think that Nov. 2 is the only chance we have to turn our country around, we’re wrong.  Yes, I said we are wrong.  

The thing is, it might not be my generation, or my children’s generation, or even their children’s generation, but the idea of freedom and individual self worth has a natural spirit that will never and can never be suppressed.  So, within the constant political and personal change, there is no change, since we all are free to be whom we wish within our own minds.  

Sorry Orwell, I guess it just finally dawned on me the whole intent of your book 1984.

15 October 2010

Restoring Sanity Update: Oprah to Pay for Audience

AHHHHHH!  What's a batnut party without some good old fashioned astroturfing?  Yep, that's right.  As predicted here on this blog, the correctly named "ratings coup" is turning out to be a lot of a flop. 

Look, there simply aren't enough "moderates" whom are outlandish enough to really show up at an event like this.  Further, considering the batnutter following of the left that is out there (and their pay for play audiences) it will really be a batnutter party with a headline grab and ratings boost for the ComedyCentral host.  Hey, I have no problem with a man trying to make a buck, but it's a crying shame when we can out your nuttiness before it even starts.

My wife said a few coworkers were planning on attending this event, I wonder if they will be asking for a refund now that they are showing up for free and others at least had their travel covered?  Hey, someone should tell the actors union that there are extras working for below market union contract rates! 

Latest Trend in Enviro-Wackos: Done with Tree Huging, Now Glacier Huging?

Conservative blogger Michelle Malkin has this one today for humor (or seriousness, depending upon which school of thought to which you subscribe).  

It seems that instead of hugging trees (that's old school apparently), Enviro-Wackos have taken to hugging Glaciers.  The mere fact that A) Someone has made a "hugging" suit for hugging glaciers is not only batshit nuts, but B) there are people whom actually go out to express, physically, their emotions to trees, rain forests and glaciers?

Herm.  Sorry folks.  Environmentalism is worse than I thought.  I've heard it called a religion, but it appears to be on par with that of the radical islamo-fasicsts.  If they aren't busy with their "jihad" against "non-believers" and their quest for a "purge of the infidels," they are busy having perverted sexual relations with non-reciprocating trees, rain forests, and glaciers.  (I wonder if the jihadists have anything in their Koran pertaining to sex with geological formations?)

For the ultimate in liberalisation, I wonder if anyone consulted the glaciers for consensual sex contracts prior to dawning of the suits?  I mean, we're all about glacier rights here, can I get an amen? 

Balto Home Sales Down 19.4% in Sept

How are those home sales doing in your area?  Is your state one affected by the fraudclosures?  

Well, in Baltimore (as of this measure date) the fraudclosures haven't even begun to inflict pain upon the housing market.  Baltimore Biz Journal reported earlier this week that home sales were down 19.4% for the month of September.  Seems like some reasonable rate of economic recovery to me now doesn't it? 

Slice of Life: A Date in Virginia with Concealed Carry

If you’ve read this blog before, you have undoubtedly seen numerous stories pertaining to the concealed carry of firearms.  I have been, and always will be, a firm believer in our Second Amendment civil rights and the free exercise thereof.  Suffice it to say, I finally got an opportunity to use my fairly new Virginia Permit while on a long weekend on the Virginia shore.

With this new experience in life, there were certainly a range of emotions.  Those feeling ranged from happiness and excitement to apprehension, nervousness, and a constant uneasy feeling.  Remember, this is the first time in my life that I have had the ability and the power to defend my life and the lives of my family members.  As the saying goes, “With great power comes great responsibility.”  Fortunately, the experience was liberating and most importantly, uneventful.  

On the Monday of a three day weekend retreat, the family and I went for a little drive in search of boat ramps to expand on the flounder fishing territory.  Being a chilly and dreary morning, I chose to wear a pair of cargo shorts, a t-shirt, and a U of Delaware hoodie.  Of course, I can’t forget the non-wife approved, non-visible fashion accessory that is my SERPA holster and XD 40.  Considering no one watched me arm myself, no one other than my father (whom I informed to make sure we would not cross over into Maryland) was aware I was carrying.  The fact that the sweatshirt hid the handgun from sight of everyone on the trip, the act of concealed carrying did its job to perfection.  It was out of sight, out of mind, but only a moment’s reach away should the need arise.  

Our first stop was a small, defunct ferry terminal along one of the inter-coastal waterways of the VA tidewater.  Upon our arrival at this stop, it appeared as though several people were sitting in their cars for various reasons, but not acting suspiciously, nor did they make any overt advances towards us.  Both my dad and I did take note however.  You can never be sure where you might find a crack head shooting up.  Also, considering my father and wife have a bit of a photo-bug and like nature photography, the potential for theft of their camera equipment is quite a real possibility.  Thankfully, in VA, I am afford to defend myself if someone really wants to do us harm to obtain our property.  

Further along on our drive, we stopped at another ramp that looked out to an ocean inlet.  We talked with some local surf bums, got some knowledge of the channel, and climbed back into the car.  The surf bums and my wife were still clueless that I was carrying, and I now understand the point to concealed carry.  Again, out of sight, out of mind, and you don’t freak out the general population, but you certainly do get a chance to deter criminals.  Also, I had learned by this time that getting in and out of the car was a bit more of a hassle.  The holstered handgun caught up in my sweatshirt, and caught the seatbelt.  It hit the door of the vehicle upon exit, and I was constantly aware that it existed on my hip.  Was it a bit of a pain in the ass?  Sure, but I knew I was safe, and that is a very securing feeling.  

A few more stops and then we returned home for a quick lunch before a trip to the beach for some more photography opportunities.  Being warm and toasty in the house, I removed my sweatshirt, at which time I got a “Really?” from the wife.  She was displeased at that point to have learned that I was carrying (safely) a concealed handgun around her.  

Sidebar:  My wife, if I haven’t mentioned it before, is not the most ardent supporter of my interest in my 2A civil rights.  I respect that of her and of course wish to take every reasonable and prudent precaution for safe storage and bearing but I have made it clear that I refuse to be a victim in my life.  I do understand her irrational fear of a tool of self defense, and I can understand how she may think that I am “looking for trouble” in carrying a firearm.  As she said to my mother “there is a difference between wanting to and a need.”  Yes, there is a want to in my carrying a gun but it is solely for the need to be prepared for trouble when it finds me (and hopefully IF it finds me).  In this day and age when you cannot trust the world to be safe, it is evident that we see the world and how “safe” it is in entirely different ways.  

Back to our main story, a little more driving around, some more pictures taken, and finally a return to my parent’s house, all without incident.  It was a good day with valuable lessons learned, and a prayer that the Second Amendment Foundation is successful with their lawsuit against Maryland.  As soon as that case is found favorably for my state and “We the People,” I will be applying for my Maryland permit too, that way I won’t have to disarm to return to my home state.

In summary, freedom is great! 

Who Needs a Gun in Westminster, MD?

Even though the current Gov and some local County Execs have been saying crime is down, it still doesn't prevent crack heads from holding up pharmacies for their drugs and cash. 

By definition of the Maryland Permit to Wear or Carry a handgun laws, the pharmacists could have obtained their permits for defense of their products and cash.  Even though Investigative Voice has reported that no shots were fired and the suspect was apprehended pretty quickly, it still doesn't excuse the fact that people in this state must cower in fear of criminals who mean to do harm to others. 

10 October 2010

Trump for Pres? He May Have My Vote

This is an oddity of a news story for this blog, as I usually try NOT to follow celebrities.  That said, Trump get's "it" when it comes to economics, finance, budgets and spending. 

I have to say that if Trump runs, I might have to seriously consider him for my vote since right now, we need someone that understands how to unleash the economic engine of this country, and Trump has been a fairly well noted, true free market guy.  I guess we'll have to keep tabs on this. 

SAF Replies to MD's Motion to Dismiss

Continuing to update the saga that is Maryland and their ass backwards carry laws, the Second Amendment Foundation's reply brief was filed Thursday in response to MD Attorney General Gansler's motion to dismiss.

As we have followed on this thread over at MDShooters, lead, local attorney on the case has posted their reply.  The case is moving forward, but unfortunate for those who really need to defend themselves and their families, they will have to jump through the hoops that Maryland State Police and the legislature have put into place.  Basically, that means that their best chances of obtaining a permit to wear and carry a handgun is to wait on the case to make it's way through the court system.

09 October 2010

California Welfare Follow Up

From the American Thinker this week, we get a similar story of UK welfare waste.  Click through to the UK Daily Mail's story on how a women from England earns roughly $65,000 a year and has never worked a day in her life.

As opined above, these programs are the true costs of our economic undoings.

California Cuts Welfare Access on Cruise Ships and at Casinos

Forgive me dear reader for the largess in posting.  Both work and personal life have kept me from my non-paying job of running the blog.  Obviously, paying the bills is quite important and that means the jobs that pay come first. 

As the title of this post shows, the LA Times published an article on Monday that state welfare recipients will no longer be able to use their debit cards to withdraw funds at popular vacation destinations, including The Strip in Vegas or on Cruise ships.  The total costs of these fraudulent uses has cost the California tax payers an estimated at $69 million.  For a state that is in a perpetual budget crisis these years, it seems like a great use of state funds for those whom are supposed to need help.  

As one person noted on www.militaryphotos.net, “these are the same people that go to Wal-Mart at midnight when their new monthly allowances are deposited into their debit accounts to stock up on Chips Ahoy!, Doritos, and other non-nutritious and non-essential, life sustaining elements.”  Simply brilliant is the waste and fraud that Governor Schwarzenegger’s Department of Social Services Director John Wagner, reiterated their commitment to “rooting it out” and “to ensure that these resources are going to the people they are intended [to help].”  It’s nice to know that they are “doing something to root out the waste and fraud” but why in the world were these transactions approved to begin with?  

SIXTY-NINE MILLION DOLLARS of waste!  At the state level!  This comes from a state that has a $20 billion dollar, and climbing budget defect!  California’s tax base is fleeing their crushing obligations, but no worry to the welfare abusers, we’ll find away to give the taxpayers IOUs to fund your cushy lifestyle!  Just make sure you reward us come election time, please.  

How hard is it to create a database of essential items that can be purchased with a welfare issued debit card?  It certainly can’t be hard to partner with retailers much like a medical flex spending account operates.   Welfare recipients could shop at partner retailers who database appropriate food, over the counter medicine, and life essentials like toilet paper and swipe their card without the need to send in their receipts for oversight to the Social Services Department of California (or the FedGov too for that matter).  The partner retailers can tell the recipients what is “approved” or “disapproved” when they hit the checkout line and their behavior will be appropriately modified, instantly.  Should the need arise to shop at a non-partner retailer, the welfare recipients will need to justify their purchases with an itemized receipt.  Should they fail to turn in their receipts or purchase something off of the non-essential list, their next month allowance will be docked, permanently, for the amount of the non-approved items.  

If you seriously need help in these tough times, I can understand that.  I am not completely heartless to think that we as a country can’t afford to straighten out the financial mess and jobs disaster first, and then tackle a welfare state revolution.  I know some of my readers might think that I am crazy, but the true middle class American that has been indirectly affected by the negligent actions of our leaders, deserve some support to at least remain healthy, clothed, and housed if they have been a victim of unfortunate circumstances.  Notice that I didn’t say these nameless victims are entitled to live in their own house, with two or three Escalades (or two or three vehicles period), a new 48” flat screen TV, phone, internet, cable and a PlayStation3.  If those of us still working and paying taxes have to sacrifice for your sustainment, so too should you have to sacrifice until you can again become a productive member of society.  

So insane is this story about the waste and misuse of welfare funds, it should be a major wake up call to the average moron leftist that socialism does not work and it IS stealing,  PERIOD!  These people obviously will not have the means with which to pay back their stolen vacations, nor will they be charged and incarcerated to make up for their debt to society.  Instead, they will happily and fatly go to the polls on Nov. 2 and vote against us, the hard working citizens of the United States (and California) in an effort to keep receiving their Gooberment handouts.  51% to 49%, is working quite nicely for the filthy politicians who live high upon their place of elitism.  Let’s just hope we can discourage the 49% from going to the polls this year. 

Remington Upgrading M24 Sniper Rifle

The tried and true Remington 700 has been a workhorse of US military sniping for almost a quarter-century.  Now, it's getting a face lift.  According to the Military Times the M24 variant will get a caliber upgrade (which will increase it's effective range), as well as a new suppressor and optics system, and a detachable box mag.  This is sure to keep your back yard sniping monkeys (author included) drooling over a tool 99.9% of us don't have a need for.

These changes come at the behest of the Tenth Mountain Division's request for a new weapon to "reach out and touch someone," with.  Considering the long engagement distances seen in the mountains of Afghanistan and the use of other, larger and further reaching calibers of our NATO allies, it was only a mater of time before the US Armed Forces got a similarly capable weapon.  Not that the .300 Winchester Magnum round will produce a new distance record in the near future, it at least provides our boys with a bit more to make the most out of their mission.

As always, to our men and women in harms way, stay safe.