30 December 2010

New Posts Coming...

Between work and holidays, sorry the posting has been a bit slow.

Posts tomorrow!  I promise!

EDIT:  Well, sometime this weekend.  

25 December 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

I am sure that you have noticed a lighter blogging pace the last week, and that has been due to work and Christmas preparations. 

I hope you and your family are enjoying a wonderful day, and may you and our Country be blessed as we finish out 2010 and head into 2011.  The peace and love of the season be with you, and welcome to our heats Lord Baby Jesus! 

More blogging in the week ahead. 

24 December 2010

Religion of Peace? Not So Fast My Friend!

Islam is the Religion of Peace?  Really?  I can't fathom that assessment from this news story and accompanying poster. 

Apparently the Muslim faith has produced a new 12 days of Christmas for us to gaze upon.  Well, sorry there Jihad Jane, that just ain't gonna fly in this country.  So, take your non-pork eating, Christmas hating, alcohol deflecting, non-debt using, oil scamming, oppium trading, homicide bombing ass back to the stone age and leave me to my religion of peace. 

Oh, and if ya don't...I'll hunt ya down and kill ya dead twice as good as your imam will ever instruct you to do. 

I find it rich that a bunch of Islamofascists can blame Christmas, Christ, and the Christian faith for things like domestic violence.  Hello Pot, meet Mr. Kettle!  Real rich!  Last I checked, bigotry, polygamy, rape, and murder are all acceptable punishments for non-believe, or even the non-compliance with the Sharia Laws. 

I guess that is all we should expect from the radical bastards that are hell bent on restoring Persia to it's place at the top of the empirical food chain. 

Q(s)OTD: Yale Top 10 List Edition

Leave it to the witty people at Yale to come up with the top ten quotes of 2010.  Remember, this is the same institution that gave us the likes of John Kerry and W. 

So it should come as no surprise that the list is dominated by Tea Party candidates and other people who make sense to us commoners.  Though, I should qualify it since the list also includes absurdities from the likes of the queen departed (Pelosi).

What I see in the list though, as does the Telegraph, is a coming out party for Tea Party principles.  The sad thing is that this list illustrates US society's expectation of "niceties" and "polish" in their politicians.  Pardon me while I saw, SCREW THAT!  

What happened to the days of duels between politicians, or the outrage that we've seen in the English House of Commons?  Real people, showing real emotions and expressing passion for their country and its fate?  Who cares about gaffes and mis-speaks.  When the Speaker of the house says something so outrageous like,
We have to pass the health care bill so you can find out what is in it.
how can people focus their entire attention on a poor misguided youth's decisions as the main sticking point for her senate campaign?  At least Christine O'Donnell wasn't third in line to the presidency, but apparently gaffes matter at that point, and the crack team at Yale will make you number one on the quote list for it.  When you ignore Constitutional law as well as parliamentary procedure, or even just down right common sense, that is rewarded as a lower ranking quote for the entire year.  As they say, "sex sells" and a sexy, steam, jaw dropping quote is better at selling the news then reality.  Awesome job! 

Just goes to show, that these top notch students who will most likely be our best policy wonks, high level government officials, Fortune 500 CEOs, and potential Presidents and VPs, are too far gone with their "superior" level of intelligence to ever understand the common man that sees reality for what it is.  Hopefully, in 2011 and beyond, the quotes of the day found here (and at other blogs) will continue to be more beneficial in their amusement and education than those found from the Yale crowd.  After all, we here don't pretend to be better than the average man, simply because we are the average man. 

Now, where did I put my beer. 

23 December 2010

Vermont Guardsman 7th at Lake Placid Bobsled Race

Updating an earlier posting, it's nice to track our military athletes who compete in Olympic sports. 

Even more exciting is to see that Vermont Guardsman Sgt. John Napier back from his combat tour and making solid runs down the ice in the FIBT World Cup bobsled races.  Though, placing out of the medals isn't what most athletes want to accomplish, gaining solid top 10 finishes when having not trained all summer for a winter sport, is quite an accomplishment. 

Hopefully we'll see some better results out of Napier as he gets more comfortable in the sled and he and his brakemen (Laszlo Vandracsek) get more in sync with one another. 


H/T Military Times

The Runaway General, McChrystal, Set to Write Memoir About Career

One of the first posts ever written on this blog was dedicated to a man that truly was a military man; Gen. Stanley McChrystal (ret).

As I opined in the early days here, I thought McChrystal was a "bad ass" field commander that would do my blog's namesake proud.  Yes, I did and do think that the Runaway General was a modern day General Patton.  Now, McChrystal is set to give us his story in his own words.  Meaning, I will definitely be getting copy of his book and taking a long read in the hopefully not so distant future.

Net Neutral: The Coming War

Do you YouTube in the morning?  What about Twitter at lunch, Facebook for breakfast, or Netflix at suppertime?  Perhaps you even Hulu in the afternoon?  Or do you Drudge yourself to work after Free Republic'ing your way out of bed?  Do you eat your Apple apps for lunch or do you prefer to let your Droid automate them for you?

Well, whatever you do on the internet is now destine for failure; the Goreacle will not be happy.

Yes, that's right, Net Neutrality is here!  HOORAY!  From the makers of al carte Obamacare health care reform, we now have a brand new, illegal framework within the Fed Gov that will be controlling our 1s and 0s.  I can assure you that I am thrilled!  (Sarcasm induced thrilled that is).
A high-ranking Homeland Security official says the agency will protect Americans' civil liberties and privacy while it partners with the military to protect the nation's computer networks.
An agreement with the military announced two weeks ago "in no way changes our respective departments' promises to protect civil liberties and privacy," Rear Adm. Michael Brown said Wednesday at the National Symposium on Homeland Security and Defense in Colorado Springs.

When you have statements from DHS like this above, it does not exactly inspire confidence that the content will not be corrupted, monitored and shut down.  We see exactly how the big banks treat our money and how the Federal Reserve steals from the US taxpayers, so should we really be trusting an FCC that will act in concert with big Telecom to create a data structure hierarchy?  I'm sure China will not be thrilled with the competition they will now face in who rules the internet.

Further, is it hard to imagine such a vote coming only weeks after a major story in Wiki Leaks broke?  True, the FCC's chair has been pushing for net-non-neutrality for close to a year, but could the timing of Julian Assange's docu-drop been any more well timed?  Yes, it is potentially just a conspiracy theory in its infancy, but considering the Christmas gift we received from the Obama Presidency a year ago in the dark of night of a holiday, is this a truly far fetched reality?  Quite possibly not, but that is up to you to decide dear reader.

I will close by saying that if the telecoms intend to limit speech, data usage, and or filter content in any way, technology, hackers, and other freedom bloggers will not be stopped.  Freedom will not cease to exist merely because some madmen with a power fetish refuse to yield to the will of the majority.  No, we will continue to expose them for the bigoted parasites that they are, and for as long as necessary to achieve a return to our Constitutional Republic. 

18 December 2010

Red Twitter is China's Answer to the SMS

Red Twitter?  The ChiComms can't seem to get fully away from the West's online interaction, but rather than cede power completely, why not just create the politburo approved version? 


BLUE HENS! Go Delaware!

Another Blue Hen Gameday!  And this time, against a team with another historical interaction, Georgia Southern.  The stakes?  A chance at the National Championship of FCS!  Come on Hens, let's extinct the Eagles! 

17 December 2010

A Thanks to the Readers

Today, I passed 1,000 visitors.  I feel that I owe anyone that has checked in, offered advice, and or posted a comment, a thanks.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my musings, rants, ravings, or moronisims (real word by the way).  Hopefully I will continue to entertain (or infuriate) you. 

Finance Friday Fail (on Your Author's Part)

Forgive me dear reader, I haven't been that focused this week.  I failed to generate a Finance Friday post, so here is my haphazard attempt to satisfy your taste buds.

Reuters has an in depth look at the Sick Man of the World.  Needless to say, it is quite somber in nature, as well as well written. 

The WaPo has a liberal's look at taxes and the war.  While I disagree with their lefitst agenda, I do have to ask the same question that the editorial directs us towards:  How can we afford it?  Short answer, we can't. 

Ron Paul:  Cane to Bernanke's Able, in a good way.  I can't wait for those sub committee hearings.  I'm sure we will have to come up with a drinking game of some sort.  (Note to self and readers, taking suggestions on rules for this starting, NOW). 

A Conservative's View on QE Justifaction:  While quantitative easing is deplorable, National Review Online has a take on how it was justified.  Make sure you wear your gas mask because the stench crawls through the intarwebs!

Finally, one interesting task for you dear reader, Google the Baltic Dry Index, and watch as the shipping prices do their best two step (down ward) since late July. 

Enjoy your Finance Friday!  More in depth stuff next week. 

Michael Bane on School Board Shooting

I obviously have no reason to reblog anything of Michael Bane's simply because he is so wide read, but I do feel a need to add an addendum to this post from Wednesday. 

Michael and his colleagues made it quite apparent that the situation that occurred in the Florida school board meeting is a very real and very realizable for anyone.  Unfortunately, as is discussed in the linked post, most states have felt the need to restrict "sensitive places" and carve out gun free niches in the purview of compelling interest.  As illustrated this week, those gun free zones turn into "willing victim zones."  Most of us in the gun blogging and pro-self defense community would agree that the best way to stop this attacker would have been to demand peaceful disarmament through compelling request (read good guy with a gun shouting for compliance) followed by superior firepower if the request was not honored.  Unfortunately, that was a solution that could never manifest itself since the "rules" altered the game of the "gun fight." 

Which leads to Michael's question posed:  What do you we need to learn from this event?  Unfortunately, the answers from the professionals leave a lot to be desired, simply because there is no clear cut answer.  Every one of us can simply say the law needs to be changed.  True.  As the common sense world has shown, there is no such thing as a "gun free zone" when there is a bad guy with a gun meaning to cause good people harm.  But what should the individual do to mitigate this problem?  How should you or I prepare to deal with a potentially disastrous situation when we are forced to be unarmed? 

I have noted before that, currently, I have the choice made for me on a statewide level since I am a Maryland resident.  Permit Unobtainium is a serious problem where I reside.  That said, several of us in the Maryland community have come across this theoretical question before.  In Mr. Bane's post, I noted that several of the top tier trainers implied that they would consider disregarding the law and/or signs that create gun free zones.  I can assume that the saying goes that it is better to be judged by twelve than carried by six.  However, my libertarian mind works in mysterious ways; meaning, my rights stop at your door step.  That applies to both "state" owned property and or private property and business that don't wish for you to be armed.

The biggest issue I take from some of the responses is this avocation for "bending" the rules.  Considering there are varying degrees of punishment depending upon what state you are in, I don't know if I can agree with that assessment.  My initial assessment of the Maryland Shooters thread with a "private gun free zone" was to ignore the sign, keep it concealed, and not get caught, thinking that the most that would happen would be a request to leave and or a potential trespass charge.  In Virginia (where I carry the most) that would not be the case.  Violation of a private property posting would result in the loss of the permit, and a potential weapons charge since a permit is no good where the permit is no good (sorry for the bad English).  Further, as we learned this summer, that can compromise you when you end up the unwilling victim of bad police work and corporate policy.

Considering that there are a lot of issues that need to be worked out in a post-Heller/McDonald world, it is hard to completely agree with "bending the rules."  If a permit violation were as cheap as a small civil fine and "don't do it again," I would completely agree with ignoring signs that create no gun zones.  However, in states like Virginia, where the charge could be a high level misdemeanor that results in the loss of a permit as well as the potential to make me a prohibited person in the state of Maryland, the loss of the rights is my risk to the reward of remaining alive.  Following the law should not allow someone to loose their life, but in the tyrant state, that's the rules as they have been carved out.

Currently, it is hard to feel completely unsafe in the United States.  We are still extremely fortunate that crime has not degenerated into mass levels like seen in Mexico or even Argentina.  That said, as the economy continues to degenerate, we will see the degenerates attempt to keep their money for nothing scheme alive.  Desperate people will do desperate things, or as was illustrated in the Florida school board shooting, crazy people will do crazy things.  Meaning?  Be prepared!  

Update:  Fortunately, as I typed this, Michael Bane in his good ways, has an updated "what we've learned" post on how to deal with this type of threat.  While the carry aspect of it does not fit in with the Maryland Permit Unobtainium, everything else in his latest post does.  Some of his helpful tips are bulleted here in summary here: 
  • Always be aware of your surroundings!  ALWAYS!
  • Stay in a conditioned yellow (or moderate awareness) until you are certain you are in a safe environment.  Don't look at people, but look at actions, emotions, and the "tell" of someone meant to do yourself, your family, or others harm.
  • When a bad situation does present itself, don't just react for the sake of reacting, but be calculated in how you react.  Non-action is the worst and almost always results in death or harm.  Do something, even if that something is wrong.
  • Every time you enter a new room, assess the situation.  Where are exits?  Where is cover?  (Adding my own here)  Where is the best place to stay out of the mass rush?  People get trampled when panic sets in and flight takes hold.  Evading a gunman only to be crushed by the sheep won't bring you home safely.
  • Read the others on both posts for a complete understanding of what professionals would do if in this kind of a situation.

16 December 2010

WikiLeaks: Liberty vs Tyranny in Real Life

Where does one start in this saga?  It is quite hard to grasp all the facts, simply because there are so many facts, and so many talking heads debating the facts.  With the twenty-four hour news cycle, it is easy to react and debate the rumors, only to have to recant and face the truths, or rather half truths. 

Obviously, over the past few weeks, we've seen calls for Assange to be tried for espionage, or even treason.  The calls for the whistle blowing website to be shut down, permanently, have resonated from a multitude of Washington officials.  We have even seen the CEO of WikiLeaks defended for his actions by people we wouldn't ordinarily consider as his supporters, including those whom often kill their political enemies with rare radioactive isotopes (speculative that is).  

So, how is it that one of the most noted libertarians in the US as well as one of the most noted totalitarians in Russia can be in agreement on the same subject?  Also, how is that foreign countries who were or are less free than the United States have leaders that sound more open towards freedom than our leaders?  These are the questions that should be asked and answered, not the "how do we charge this guy" questions that are being asked.

Consider this; a brand new law made to be able to prosecute Assange for his dissemination of the cables, despite the legal precedent and tradition of the freedom of expression offered in the USA.  Not to mention the fact that Assange is not a resident of the US nor has he stepped foot inside the country to commit any of his alleged crimes, there should be no over reach of sovereignty in this instance.  Even if the man behind the leaks had been a state sponsored conspirator, countries don't simply hand over their spies in an effort to save the spied upon country's face.  Not to mention that passing the SHIELD (Securing Human Intelligence and Enforcing Lawful Dissemination) Act and using it to charge Assange would be completely unconstitutional.

Not to worry, as it seems that law and justice are not something the US government bureaucrats are interested in any more.  Have we gone the way of the Romans?  An empire in such decline that we are witnessing the last gasp efforts to retain knowledge (which is power) in any and all efforts?

According to this guest post on Zero Hedge, that seems to be the way things are going.  If you read no other link from this post, or this blog period, you should read the one by Charles Hugh Smith.  His depth and brevity of the situation, and why there has been so much feigned outrage by the ruling elites, is 
spot on in my opinion (emphasis added).

A Recipe for Breda: Toliet Paper Casserole

Noted guns & butter, recipe master, Breda, could have a field day with the notoriously high in fiber, with extra protein dish that constitutes a customary shopping trip every time the "ZoMG! WHITE DEATH is falling from the heavens, SAVE US GOD!" 

Basically, if you are unfamiliar with Baltimore, nearly every time there is a snow storm, the TV stations will put out multiple reporters to various "live shots."  One of those live shots will invariably show the obligatory "empty shelves" of the grocery stores.  Of the empty shelves, the Baltamorons that are interviewed will be guaranteed to tell you that they have just bought milk, eggs, bread, and toilet paper.  This phenomenon has come to be known as the "casserole" effect, appropriately named by my grandmother. 

The reason being that those ingredients (milk, eggs, bread and TP) are the key necessary ingredients to making Toilet Paper casserole.  Though there is no known formal recipe, one can surmise that it would read something like this:

1 Forecast of at least 1" of ZoMG! WHITE DEATH (snow)
3 cups of Baltimore News Channel Reporter and TV Crew
3 tbsp of panic
1 closed school system (prior to the snow)
1" of snow
1 gal 2% milk
Doz & 1/2 large eggs
1 full loaf of Wonder Bread (white preferred)
1 Charmin value pack (8 rolls)

Take one mixing bowl and place the Baltimore TV weatherman's forecast of at least 1" of snow on the 6 PM evening news.  Watch this newscast until you hear the word "snow" repeated at least 6 times.  At which point we then shake in 1 cup of the Baltimore News Channel Reporter & TV Crew doing live shots before one flake of snow can even be seen.  This live shot may include canned footage of highway crews loading trucks with salt and placing chains on their tires. 

At this point, take one of the 3 tbsp of panic and use it in the mixing bowl of sensationalism.  Go to bed, and let the mixture percolate in the fridge over night.  At 5am the next morning, arise from bed and check the local news to see that the TV crews are still indeed doing their live shots from last night.  If they are, turn on your AM radio to 1090.  If at least one school system has closed, look out your window to confirm no snow is on the ground.  At this point, mix in the 2nd tbsp of panic, wake and dress the kiddies so you can get them ready to go to the store. 

While at the store, head straight for the diary case first.  Eggs and milk are the first things to be picked over, followed by bread.  Toilet paper will be the last product to be picked over of the four main ingredients.  Do not purchase any other products as this will prevent the casserole from being adequately formed.  Use the express lines in the grocery store, and chat with as many people as possible about the yet to occur storm in hopes you will induce enough panic to cause your sensationalism to build to ludicrous speed.

Exit the store to head home, but if you would happen to see any TV crews, make sure you stop and talk with them, mentioning the fact that you were fortunate enough to be the last person to get any of the key ingredients to make your casserole.  Safe guard these items with your life because if they should be stolen, your life will most certainly come to a screeching, panic induced end. 

Once at home, retrieve your mixing bowl from the fridge and let warm.  Once the TV crews report the first flake has hit the ground, you can then mix in 3cups of milk, and your remaining tbsp of panic.  Crack open 2 large eggs and place the remainder in the fridge.  Fold in one roll of toilet paper and 4 slices of bread.  Mix thoroughly until well blended. 

Poor mixture into one medium sized casserole dish (preferably Pyrex) and let bake @ 350 degrees until the end of the snow storm. 

Servings are variable by nature, and not known to contain any nutritious qualities. 

Happy Birthday Bill of Rights (A Day Late) and Boston Tea Party (today)

HOW did the entire blogosphere miss this one?  Happy Birthday to the Bill of Rights!  (Though I am a day late, but not quite a dollar short). 

On December 15th, 1791, the BoR was ratified by at least 3/4th of the several states.  The document that enumerates certain freedoms and guarantees their exists to the individual and the states, has turned 219 years old, and generally went unnoticed. 

A major H/T to krucam on the MD Shooter's board.  

Of course, we should also be saying Happy Birthday day to the Boston Tea Party today!  Let us all party like it's 1773! 

15 December 2010

QOTD: Repub Freshman Should Pass Mandetory Gun Purchase Law

[The new] Republican House should pass a law requiring the entire populace to purchase a gun.  "But Mr. Limbaugh, guns kill."  Yeah?  So do diseases...
The fact that disease kill more people than guns do, did not stop the fact that congress passed the "must purchase" mandate.  I wonder if this will cause an increase in malpractice considering we have all seen the email that doctors are more likely to commit malpractice than a gun is to kill someone?  Yet, that was the "death sentence" handed out. 

While I realize that some district courts have ruled for Obamacare, and others against it, I am not certain that the current SCOTUS will over turn this law.  Please take the proceeding sentence at full face value, and then consider how absurd the quote from Limbaugh is, to out and out require an individual to purchase and own a firearm based on federal (key word) law.  Now, Rush isn't advocating for a passage of such a law and did not debate the merits or negatives behind it, but merely used this as a metaphorical example of how slippery and steep the Commerce Clause has become with regards to regulation. 

Yes, we have all heard the auto insurance arguments, but to my knowledge, this is by and far the first federal  law requiring an individual to purchase any item or service.  Therefore, it stands to reason, as us libertarians and fiscal conservatives have said, where will it stop?  While the suggestion to pass laws mandating "conservative" ideals are noble in philosophy, they to are infringements upon the free man, and should never be considered in the context of constitutional government.  Just because the precedent has been set, does not mean that it should be followed, contrary to SCOTUS dicta or political leadership. 

Name that Rioting Country: Wednesday Edition

If you responded with "What is Greece?"  Then you can give yourself a big pat on the back!

That brings the number of rioting countries in the last two days to, well, two.
About 200 leftist protesters chased Kostis Hatzidakis as he left parliament, shouting: "Thieves! Shame on you!" They threw stones and beat him with sticks, until he took flight into a nearby building. 
Notice that we see the word, leftist.  While that does not necessarily mean their motives are purely from the leftist agenda, the mere fact that they are fighting austerity and disrupting the public sectors like schools, transportation, and airlines, is it a wounder that the writing is on the wall for the United States?  These average citizens had entrusted their government leaders to preserve their general welfare, but that is exactly what seems to be their undoing.
The 300-seat house voted into law measures that cut wages in state-owned bus and railway companies and weakened the power of collective bargaining to allow company-level deals to prevail.
As can be seen in other countries that are facing the budget crunch, programs and jobs have to be cut to reduce spending.  When that happens, real people are effected and they loose their gravy train.  Factor in the corruption that coexists within the American public sector via unions like the SEIU, is it hard to imagine seeing violence in the streets of our major cities in the year(s) ahead?  What will happen when those on public assistance lose their free lunch? 

Zero Hedge has also been covering the Greek news this morning as events unfold.  Following their Twitter like feed of events, it seems that all of the anger is directed at the government officials and or wealthy individuals that have perpetuated the disconnect with the working class.  What needs to be measured in these protests is that the working class in Greece (and to a lesser extent in Italy and Ireland), is starting to realize that their mortgage bill has come do, and they don't like that the wealth disparity continues to grow at their expense.  Wealth transfers from the middle class to the wealthy and poor, simply because they buy votes or favors has to come to an end.  With no way to earn a living to pay the ever inflated bills of necessity, those who are in these afflicted Euro Zone countries have been rebelling, and will continue to do so.  

14 December 2010

Previewing US History as Collapse of Europe Continues

Uh oh...here comes more from P.I.I.G.S. (mainly the I for Italy).  The Telegraph is reporting that violent protests have erupted as a result of a 3 vote win by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi as he has staved off the vote of no confidence.  Central Rome is apparently on lock down.

So far this year, we have seen riots in Spain, London, Iceland, Ireland and Portugal.  I guess it's only a matter of time before we will see austerity riots in the USA because there is no chance in hell that people will willingly give up their free lunch. 

13 December 2010

Balto O's Player Scott, Excoriated for Political Leanings

While it is no secrete that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are effectively dead in this country, it is sad to see the denigration run all the way into the world of sports.  Though, that statement should be qualified since it is sad to see the repugnant stench of the leftist agenda and legacy media excoriate a decent man who believes in God, Guns, and Country. 

Oriole's slugger Luke Scott is well known as an avid firearms enthusiast and hunter.  Scott was a loud critic of the new MLB rules regarding firearms in the clubhouse that went into effect earlier this year.  Though, being a bit more "centric" in one's political and heritage leanings, will seem to earn you the target on your back.  Especially if those leanings including having questions regarding the President's citizenship status. 

Last week,  Scott, did an interview with Yahoo Sports "Answer Man," David Brown.  The two engaged in a lengthy question and answer session that covered the gambit from baseball winter meetings and free agent signings, to hunting, and of course politics.  While the main soundbite is what got the play last week, most news agencies failed to convey the back story in the lead up to what Scott said about the President and his birth certificate.  Scott's skepticism of Obama's citizenship status wasn't the only criticism the designated hitter had for the current regime, as he conveyed a central distrust towards the CIC. 

Reading the whole article, it puts a perspective onto professional athletes, and how some are just your average, law abiding, country loving, people.  Scott appears to have a genuine love of our country.  He firmly believes in our founding and our founding documents, and absolutely loathes anyone that would mean to tear apart our freedom, independence, and the ability to live in those ways.  What is truly sad is that media outlets, other baseball players, and even Scott's own organization either chided him or distanced themselves from him.  Last I checked, this is a free country, and as Scott said in his interview, "It is what I believe."

Well said Luke!  Well said!  This is a free country (or at least that is what we have always been taught).  So it should come as no shock when the likes of Keith Overbite try to smear Scott as the worse person in the world.  Further, Overbite accuses (with no evidence whatsoever) Scott of taking steroids.  While sports and politics might not mix, if that's where the interviewer lead Scott, then let the interview run there.  We are all free to read or not read an article or ignore a specific player.  I am glad that Overbite actually admitted that Scott has a First Amendment right, and hopefully Scott realizes that he has right to sue the hell out of someone that has slandered him.  (Granted, there is a huge hurdle to overcome since Scott is a public figure and does play in a sport surrounded by steroidal controversy).

I honestly am not one that really believes in going out of my way to boycott leftist actors or athletes, but the double standard that is presented here is absolutely horrific.  Overbite is nothing more than a shill and a cheerleader for the president, and has been suspended for direct contributions to the leftist party of the USA (read demos). 

So, in a put up and shutup kinda statement, it is easy to say that Luke Scott is now my new favorite Oriole.  Too bad most of the Christmas shopping is done for this season, else I would consider going out and buying a Luke jersey and some form of autographed memorabilia!  I wounder if the O's would plan on doing a Wounded Warrior Project and auctioning off the items so I can get a Luke Scott autographed camo jersey?  Tis' the season! 

Unpossible: French Armed Teen Takes Nursery Schoolers Hostage (Updated)

From the land of the original unarmed pacifists (read French), a 17 year old teenager armed with swords has taken a classroom full of nursery school children, hostage. 

This seems to be completely unpossible since owning a sword gun in France is nearly impossible for the average citizen.  Shouldn't this have protected the poor and innocent children?  I'm sure that they will have to deal with this fear for the rest of their lives!  Oh the horrors! 

On a serious and non-sarcastic policy note, I do hope that the children that still remain in the control of this mad-kid will be rescued safely and swiftly.  I certain hope that none of these children will suffer from emotional distress and PTSD from an event like this for the rest of their lives.  Though as part of the gun / freedom blogging world, I always feel the need to point out the hypocrisy of the statists and their inabilities to control the crazies that mean to do us harm.  Just more facts that policy does not influence behavior, but behavior modification via freedom, self defense, and consequences can and will defend life and liberty.

UPDATEDThe situation has ended with no loss of life, including the hostage taker.  Seems that the young man was in need of some mental help and unfortunately, chose the wrong way to cry out for it.  All is well that ends well I suppose.

11 December 2010

Where Has the Goreacle Gone? Embarasing Facts During Cancun Climate Orgy

Still believe in Goreacle Warming?  Well, sorry to say, but the Goreacle won't save you now.  Seems that your numbers are dwindling in nature according to a new Rasmussen report.  Fourty-one percent of people surveyed still think climate change is due to humans while 47% say, "nun huh" and believe that changes in the climate are just natural phenomena.  In other words, Enviro-Wackos are still out there screaming the "ice caps are melting because of you driving a non-hybrid car or a gas guzzling SUV!" 

Ah, well, not so much  there Al Goreacle.  Seems that glaciers are increasing in size despite climate change.  "Well, I'll be damned!  Ain't never seen articles like that before!"  If that is your reaction, then you better hold on to your hats, because it gets better!  In the ultimate irony, the global warming summit has been wrapped around record lows in the host Mexican city.  See, and these people are the types that probably say God doesn't have a sense of humor.  "Showed you!"   

While there is a moral duty to conserve and protect the environment from pollution and overuse, being scared to live our lives makes global warming cultists no different that your average jihadist.  Using fear to alter people's habits is nothing short of terrorism.  So, to those of you out there still believe climate change global warming is real, perhaps you can invent a way to put up a bunch of mirrors to block the sun and stop the warming.  While you're busy doing that, I'll be over there ------>, drinking a bunch of beer, watching football while leaving my house windows and doors open and the heat on.  I'm sure that makes Al Gore get massages and cry at nights. 

10 December 2010


That's right, my alma mater is taking on a fellow conference opponent in the FCS (the artist formerly known as I-AA) playoffs tonight!  So GO HENS!  Details here

Hopefully they will give us another week of glorious college playoffs (PLAYOFFS?!?!? in the voice of Jim Mora that is). 


Lighter Blogging Appology!

It's my blog damn-it and I'll do what I want to!  However, that said, I have been a bit busy and out of it this week.  Not to worry, I'll get back to some good commentary and political opinion next week.  In the end...make sure you entertain and educate yourselves by clicking on the Links page. 

Ireland vs Iceland: The I's Have it!

Compare and contrast.  Two simple words that many of us have undoubtedly heard over the course of our youth.  English and History teachers almost always loved to utter those words for assignments.  Compare and contrast the philosophies of the English Crown and the early American Patriots during the Revolutionary War, was a common theme.  Compare and contrast the two characters in Of Mice and Men.  Or, we can apply those words, compare and contrast, to the two choices that fall upon sovereign nations like Ireland and Iceland. 

Comparatively, both island nations have roughly the same square mileage of geography, though dissimilar populations.  Ireland seems thriving with approximately six million citizens and residents, as opposed to the Nordic country's paltry three-hundred-eighteen thousand.  Just like their population, the two countries have similarly, dissimilar economies.  Ireland, used to have a robust and dynamic economy driven by an energenic technology and big pharmaceutical sector with a GDP of roughly $172 billion in 2009.  Iceland on the other hand mixes tourism and agriculture to formulate a GDP of only $12.1 billion in 2009.  Quite the vast differences. 

However, with regards to financial crisis, the countries are one in the same, yet still vastly different. 

Iceland, a non-EU state, was free to use the tools in it's recessionary war chest to purge itself of it's ill-gotten, debt fueled, ways.  Iceland was free to beg from the IMF to stabilize its currency and then devalue to restart it's economy.  Additionally, the big three lending banks of Iceland were allowed to fail in a capital economy, survival of the fittest approach.  Now, Iceland is starting to pull out of its two year slump.  Instead of burdening the tax payers of the country, the Icelandic people now have a better functioning government who does believe in welfare, and a better functioning economic system that will not be burdened by high debt and unemployment for years to come.  Instead of negative GDP growth, a debt to GDP ratio in excess of 100%, and a government budget deficit in 2011, the country will see good growth as well as some budgetary surplus.  Surly there is a lesson here to be learned for the Irish, and even us dumb Americans.  

Certainly, the Irish people have been paying attention the the recent history lessons because they seem ready to let the bankers of the EU fail, along with their own economy.  Numerous articles and stories have been listed lately that the opposition party stands ready to vote against the arraignment to restructure the debt of Ireland.  In that restructuring, it is quite apparent that it will burden the citizens of the nation for years and years to come.  Additionally, instead of reducing the overall debt load, it will actually increase it; so much for bailout and financial freedom.  Obviously, when the choice to the people is so clear, bailout the bankers, or default and stick it to them, do the latter.  Iceland is a prime example of how sometimes failure is always an option, and sometimes the best option. 

The Irish are certainly a hardy folk, and have no shortage of principled opposition in their modern and even ancient history.  Will the opposition party vote to approve or disapprove of the bailout?  That is an answer we will have to wait for, but only briefly, as a vote is scheduled for December 15th.  Whatever the people and the politicians chose in five days time, it will likely send the markets stirring in a buy the rumor sell the news kind of way.  A country that had been so prosperous like Ireland, now finds that it is riddled with pain inducing debt that has to be dealt with and an arraignment for relief that will surly leave the people a slave to their sovereign nation. 

It is time to let the record of the world show that monetary arraignments for linked currencies only incite and fuel greedy politicians and bankers to take advantage of the common countrymen.  The more one reads about historical perspective, the more we can ascertain that at nearly every economic downturn, change has been implemented to prevent market collapse as much as possible, but in the end we see nothing but wealth transfer from the have-nots, to the haves.  Ireland is no different than the USA in that its people will pay for the sins of their fathers and the all powerful banking cartels. 

Here's to the people of Ireland that they may get a Christmas present ten days early, and plunge the Euro off a cliff. 

QOTD: Free Education Should Start with $50k for Calculators

Always good for at least one quote a week, AK Fan has found a way to solve the education riots and budgetary problems in the UK: 
I think the [UK] government should spend $50k for calculators and hand them out to the crowd along with a copy of the budget.  Tell them their first free education lesson will be to balance the budget without either spending cuts or fee increases.
Seems like it would put the students to work in far more productive ways than this.  I hate to quote someone so often but when they are right so often, it's hard not to quote them.  With austerity shaping up to take hold in PIIGS, England, and even the USA in 2011, it's hard not to see such events escalating and worsening before they get better. 

Oh yeah, Merry Christmas world!  Hope you are enjoying your sovereign presents! 

04 December 2010

Cali to Release 40k Inmates; State Still Refuses to Alter Carry Laws

Q:  What happens when some 40,000 prison inmates, some of which are the hardest of the hardened criminals are released all at once due to a court order of poor and inhumane conditions due to over crowding and lack of "mentally ill" treatment?

A:  Unless you have one of the illusive and endangered species listed carry permits in Cali, you're Just Another Nameless Victim (JANV). 

Well, that is the stage that has been set before SCOTUS, and it looks like they are ready to rule upon the Constitution, and not for the greater good in keeping criminals locked up and behind bars.  Seems that even Justice Alito understands the consequences of the pending ruling.
"If I were a citizen of California, I would be concerned about the release of 40,000 prisoners," said Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr., noting that the forced release of prisoners elsewhere has led to an increase in rapes, robberies and assaults.
This means that average, law abiding citizens of the great state of California, will remain nearly defenseless as they roam the streets with the lowest of the low. 

Pres Obama Not to Meet Karzai in A-stan

When the President hops on AF1, it isn't always advertised, especially for security reasons.

However, when he hops on AF1 to fly to Afghanistan to schmooze with the troops (God Bless them, and I hope none of them have to put up with his royal pompousness for too long), the question needs to be asked why the president isn't meeting with the president of the occupied country.  Perhaps Wikileaks is downing the President's leverage for diplomacy and schmoozing of foreign dignitaries?  Or is the incompetent one, just not that smart? 

Wounded Vet Seeks Vigilante Scare of Westboro Batnuts

Vigilante justice is a dish best served cold!  Well, okay.  That's not exactly the line that Ricardo Montalban's character, Khan, used in the movie Star Trek II, but it does well to describe the message that Ryan J. Newell was trying to send in Westboro, KS. 

According to the Wichita Eagle, Newell decided that it was a good idea to follow a group of Westboro Batnuts with a van full of firearms.  Apparently, that leads to charges of misdemeanor stalking, carrying illegally concealed firearms, and the false impersonation of a police officer.  What is not so clear from the article is if this veteran just happened to be a victim of wrong place, wrong time, and the ever increasing influence upon daily lives of the police / nanny state.  Last I checked, it isn't wrong to carry guns and ammunition in your vehicle, and without knowing the Kansas carry and transpiration laws, I can't even begin to speculate if Newell was in compliance. 

Either way you slice this story, we'll come away with a few generalities.  First, the Westboro Batnuts are still batty.  Second, while vigilante justice is often a way towards feeling better about moral justice, it doesn't solve Constitutional justice.  No matter how wrong these perverted retards are (and we still refuse to call them religious zealots because they speak in political generalities, not scripture), they are entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Third, if Newell broke the law or his actions even so much appeared to be threatening towards the lives of these pieces of trash, he should be punished for at least harassment.  While I may have some sympathy towards a veteran, the law is the law is the law, and we can't break it or threaten the lives of others simply because we do not agree with them.

Karma works in mysterious ways, and I hope Newell's case get's a fair shake.  After all, that is the only thing that we should truly pray for. 

03 December 2010

QOTD: Soverign Debt Backstop Doesn't Negate Risk

From the Daily Reckoning:
Now, such action [providing sovereign backstop to liquidity] can slow contagion, to be sure, but can it stop it? As the sovereign steps in to provide ever more explicit guarantees for the financial system, this places the sovereign in the front line, facing investors who may still desire to reduce credit risk. Just because credit risk has been assumed by the sovereign does not in any way imply that the risk has disappeared; rather, it has merely changed form, from private to public. Debt which investors previously thought would be serviced via private sector economic activity, such as the generation of corporate cash flows to service corporate debt, or the generation of household incomes to service household debt, now must be serviced by the government, which implies that it must be paid for out of future tax revenue.
The first part of a two part article is a great explanation into just how risk, debt, and default all play an interesting part in navigating freedom, markets, and economics.

Bankers or Us

Late yesterday afternoon, I noticed that "Bankers or Us" was the hottest search on Google.  Seems that a piece by Alex Jones is what fanned the flames up, and while I refuse to repost any of that whack job's work, he makes some interesting points. 

So, consider this your reference to go forth and educate. 

Helo Ben Says "Dollar System Flawed" = "Say Good Bye to Soverignty"

Even though Thanksgiving was last week, we find something to be thankful for every day of the week.  Today, I say that I am thankful for the internet (for as long as it remains free of FCC regulation, which is a story for another day).  It is not hard to find an absurd story (or ten) every day via my Google reader, and thus they turn into blog material for you, the dear reader.  So, yes, I am quite thankful for the internet as a facilitator to why we can better educate one another, chart history, and add in some common man's sense and perspective every now and then.  Ultimately, it means that we the people get our say in what is news and what is not news, instead of being spoon feed the garbage by the cable news networks or the lame stream media. 

As the headline of this post depicts, this is a story that almost no American media outlets reported.  While I've hinted at the US economic leadership engaging in trade wars in prior postings (mainly from Zero Hedge), this is one for the record books.  Helicopter Ben has basically said outright, expect tariffs, quantitative easing / dollar devaluation, and any other radical efforts to get trade to rebalanced through out the world.  If read correctly, and as Robert Morley pointed out, the meaning of Ben's speach is that is China to be blamed for all the trade problems in the entire world. 

Huh?  Did I just read that right?  Bernanke just blamed China for the irrational exuberance in the United States that has persisted for the better half of the last century?  Now, we want to pick a trade war with our largest non-Federal Reserve debt holder?  Seems like a wonderful way to achieve that trade re-balancing now doesn't it?  Of course, while the Fed's printing processors tack on more zeros by the millisecond to the green back's money supply, the Fed's chairman is out shouting from the roof tops that we need a new internationally run money scheme that will help solve the imbalance of trade.
“As currently constituted, the international monetary system has a structural flaw,” said America’s chief banker. The dollar system is broken. “It lacks a mechanism, market based or otherwise, to induce needed adjustments by surplus countries, which can result in persistent imbalances” (emphasis mine throughout).
So, we need a new system, one that would be run by the IMF or potentially the United Nations, which will effectively force United States citizens into the servitude of the international bankers and politicians?  Sorry, not on my watch.  Color me a bit of a gold bug, but isn't that exactly why the United States had the gold standard?  Money at a fixed rate that was mean to prevent the manipulation of the money supply that has led to these "persistent trade imbalances?"  I'll save you from looking if you didn't already know that the answer was yes. 

Look, the short answer to these problems is, start spending less, fix the structural problems in our own economy (over taxation, over regulation, and over indebtedness) and world trade will fix itself.  We are seeing an end to the great world experiment with socialism and welfare and perhaps even fiat money.  Personally, I say, GOOD RIDDANCE!  It's time that we found out what things are really worth, and how the individual can pay for the things he wants and needs.  If that's too hard on people, well, too damned bad. 

Oh, and Helo-Ben, why don't you stop trying to piss of the largest external bond holder in the world?  They can certainly fight this trade war better than you, and I wouldn't put it passed them to be ready to do exactly that! 

Bank of Ireland Art Sale

What happens when a state run bank needs money?  Simple, it sells off its physical assets?  Except, that's not why the art collection is being sold.

Instead of using the proceeds of such a sale to cover operating expenses in the Irish budget or the bank's budget, or as a reduction to the nation's debt, the money will be used to fund art initiatives throughout Ireland.  "So, screw austerity!  We'll just use the proceeds of an art sale as a transfer of wealth." 

Not even the people of Ireland are fooled by this egregious act according to the Telegraph's article.
"The banks have mismanaged everything for the last 12 years. Why should we now entrust them with this collection?" asked Gemma Mastroianni Carroll, one of a group of protesters outside the hotel. "These are valuable assets for our future. The banks will default, and they will leave this country with absolutely nothing."
While she is right in that the banks will default, what is it to say that her government won't do the same?  Considering all signs point towards a sovereign debt default in Ireland coming to a precipitous in 2011, the sale of a few pieces of art into the hands of private collectors is probably the least of the worries by any government officials. 

It certainly makes me wonder just how much fine art and antiques exist inside the halls of the US Federal Reserve, and just how much it is worth and how much us taxpayers have paid for it's procurement.

01 December 2010

Bobby Bowden Coaching Biggest Bowl Game Yet

According to the Military Times, legendary Florida State Coach Bobby Bowden will be coaching the most important game of his career.

Bowden is set to travel to an undisclosed, military location where he and Coach Gene Stallings will oppose one another in a flag football game where the troops are the stars.  Dubbed the Connect to Home Bowl, Tostitos and the USO have teamed up to bring a slice of life from the states to our service men and women stationed abroad. 

No matter who the victor, there is one thing that I can say for certain, this will be the nastiest, grittiest, most entertaining flag football game ever played.  Tune into the halftime show of the Fiesta Bowl on 1 January 2011 for a glimpse as to how this Bowl turns out.  So, GO ARMY, NAVY, MARINES, AIR FORCE, and COAST GUARD!  Have a good game, and keep it clean! 

Hey Iran! Do You See What I See?

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Do you see what I see?  Hey Iran!  Is that a Star of David on the roof of your airport?

According to the Jerusalem Post, the building was designed and constructed by an Israeli engineering firm prior to the Islamic Revolution.  When ever the building was constructed, it's pretty humorous that it took a Google Earth sat fly over to finally see the ultimate punk job.  If only Ashton Kutcher had been around back in the 70s to film the reaction of the engineers as they laid their trap.