09 April 2011

Everyone has a budget, why doesn't the Government?

So, the main reason I asked Fightin' to let me pen a piece for this blog is the following: I'm unhappy with the Government, and their inability to do the little things required to keep things moving. In shorter terms, why can't the men and women in D.C. representing us, the citizens; remove their heads from their respective anuses(anii?) and pass a budget?

This is the email I sent to Fightin' that brought what you're reading now:

This is spurred by the fact that these assholes in DC can't pass a budget to save their life. They've been kicking the goddamn can down the road for over a fucking year now, and because of this, and Big O's (and not the beloved and FIRST PLACE ORIOLES!)
determination that he won't grant an extension again on the budget
(mainly because of the republican controlled House), I'll be out of work
starting, well, now.

Yes, that's right, as of 12:01am, April 9, 2011, I as well as many
other government and contract workers, along with the currently
deployed military, and more than likely millions of other federal
funded workers, will be out of work/not getting paid for the first
time since 1995. Funny, who was in office in '95 when the government
shut down? Oh yeah, Clinton. Further proof to me(as if I needed
anymore) that democrats really are not democratic. They want it their
way or the highway. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm pissed off at the
republicans too, because they're taking their political partner to the
woodshed for a whooping over the atrocities that have happened over
the past few years of the Bush/Obama presidencies, and that's fine.
But, there comes a point where you stop playing politics and get YOUR
FUCKING JOB DONE. If I/we played this kind of game at work, how long
'till we'd be fired?

Ugh. This is a tragedy on so many levels. Maybe travesty is more
appropriate, I'm not sure. I know one thing is for sure. Come 2012, if
the world doesn't end, I'm printing out a list of names of every
senator and every house member and voting the exact opposite of who's
in there now.

Now, obviously things have sort of changed in the past 24 hours. But the fact still remains. They didn't pass a real budget. Instead they again kicked the can down the road(for lack of a better term) and decided that April 15, 2011 makes things better than April 8, 2011. Really, what's going to get accomplished in a few more days, that hasn't been able to be accomplished in about a years worth of time?

Sure, republicans got what they wanted, sort of. And the democrats got what they wanted, sort of. But in the end, who are the real losers? Us. You and Me. The American people. The hard working, average citizen. Why? How? You ask. Simple: Without a federal budget programs can't be funded, workers get furloughed, all kinds of things come to a grinding, screeching halt. Active military was slated not to get paid. It's a huge stress on everyone outside of Capital Hill. This is why I'm upset, as it is now 100% painfully obvious to me that the politicians really don't give a crap about us. If they did, they'd put their "differences" aside and come up with a plausible solution.

Cut backs are needed, reform is needed across the board, and anyone who doesn't see that, realize that, or notice that; may be deaf/dumb/blind/on the government teet. Personally, I have my own views of what is needed to be done to achieve reform, but that's neither here nor there, my biggest beef is getting the job done. Get the job you were voted to do, done. Pass a budget, do the work of the people, be what you're supposed to be. A line for the people to express their displeasure/happiness with the government. Protect the hard working, prosecute the criminals, and leave everything else alone.

It's not your job to delve into gun control. That's a right. It's not your job to regulate life choices. It's not your job to tell me what to eat, where to go, etc. It IS your job to be my vein to the government. Do the work of the people, or get the hell out.

That's all, folks.

Hello, Hello!

So, as you may or may not have figured out by now, I'm the new "author". Fightin' is an old friend as indicated; from way back in the day, and I came to him recently with frustration over our federal government and their inability to pass a budget(more on that later), and my general disdain for their lack of progress towards resolving something that is pretty important as far as our country goes. I asked him if I could pen(really, type) an editorial piece for his blog; he kindly invited me to join as a contributor, so, here I am!

As for a little background about myself. I'm in my late 20's. I like guns, good beer, good friends, and the outdoors. Baseball is America's national pastime, and to that I say, LET'S GO O's! I build computers in my spare time, and in the "old days" Fightin' and I wrenched on/played with cars together. I'm fired up about Washington, and their frequent inability to do the job that was granted to them by the people, regardless of political feelings.

Ok, so, enough about me, onto the good stuff, in a little while....