29 July 2010


Eat your words Doug Gansler!  Shall Issue in Maryland, here we come! 

Too busy to write more now, save it for later, but this deserves a W00T! 

Help Out the Armed Citizen Blog's Defense against Righhaven, LLC

As we reported last week, a new company called Righthaven, LLC, has been buying up copyrights and then suing Mom and Pop bloggers, forum owners and others for re-posting their articles without their permission.  Unfortunately, fellow blogger, Freeper, and general nice guy Dave "The Lone Ranger" over at the Armed Citizen Blog is one of the unwilling victims of low life, scum bucket Steve Gibson.

The same reject of a human who has sued a Mafia member, is about to put The Armed Citizen out of business, unless they can come up with the necessary funds to fend off this baseless lawsuit.  I have republished Dave's plea for support and funds here below (with permission) and ask that we give him the financial and moral support that we can afford. 

My friends, The Armed Citizen website is now imperiled by this lawsuit. My colleague and I are evaluating all our options, including the question of how much it costs to stand on principle.
I’m begging you to help.

Donating money on the website will help us cover and rebound from this challenge. You can do so securely on the website, TheArmedCitizen.com. Don’t neglect Free Republic, but we may need to hang together on this. (”Or most assuredly, we will all hang separately.”

Calling the Review-Journal to politely express your dismay at these lawsuits will also help.
Las Vegas Review-Journal main phone number:
Newspaper office number:
Las Vegas Review-Journal
1111 W. Bonanza Road
P.O. Box 70
Las Vegas, NV 89125
Contacting other news agencies, the NRA, any other legal representation or organizations that you know of that can help would be most appreciated!
I understand that they may have to shut down the Armed Citizen Blog, but I certainly hope that they don't because of some arrogant lawyer that doesn't know any other way to make money than to slice the pie into smaller pieces instead of making more pie.  I hope Dave and his fellow blog operators fight this psychopathic, legal megalomaniac for the sake of this blog and others who enjoy freedom.