02 April 2011

StratFor Assement of Declaration of War

A pure no nonsense, no BS analysis of our actions in Libya, and all the "conflicts" since the end of WWII can be found here from StratFor.

Want the Constitutional clarity as to why we have things like the "War Powers Act" and why we have not had a "declared war" since WWII?  Then you want to read this.  Nothing like a good intel-estimate for the average man, so click, read, and educate.

No Fanfare: US Soldiers Casualties Continue to Mount

I am posting this only as a redirect.

The more I read and learn about history, current events, and monetary policy, I have to question why we are still in Afghanistan (and thus why we went into Libya).  Further, I have to ask, why isn't the media covering the fallen whom are supposedly fighting for our freedom?

Perhaps it is time for a dramatic shift in US geo-political-economic policy?