15 December 2010

QOTD: Repub Freshman Should Pass Mandetory Gun Purchase Law

[The new] Republican House should pass a law requiring the entire populace to purchase a gun.  "But Mr. Limbaugh, guns kill."  Yeah?  So do diseases...
The fact that disease kill more people than guns do, did not stop the fact that congress passed the "must purchase" mandate.  I wonder if this will cause an increase in malpractice considering we have all seen the email that doctors are more likely to commit malpractice than a gun is to kill someone?  Yet, that was the "death sentence" handed out. 

While I realize that some district courts have ruled for Obamacare, and others against it, I am not certain that the current SCOTUS will over turn this law.  Please take the proceeding sentence at full face value, and then consider how absurd the quote from Limbaugh is, to out and out require an individual to purchase and own a firearm based on federal (key word) law.  Now, Rush isn't advocating for a passage of such a law and did not debate the merits or negatives behind it, but merely used this as a metaphorical example of how slippery and steep the Commerce Clause has become with regards to regulation. 

Yes, we have all heard the auto insurance arguments, but to my knowledge, this is by and far the first federal  law requiring an individual to purchase any item or service.  Therefore, it stands to reason, as us libertarians and fiscal conservatives have said, where will it stop?  While the suggestion to pass laws mandating "conservative" ideals are noble in philosophy, they to are infringements upon the free man, and should never be considered in the context of constitutional government.  Just because the precedent has been set, does not mean that it should be followed, contrary to SCOTUS dicta or political leadership. 

Name that Rioting Country: Wednesday Edition

If you responded with "What is Greece?"  Then you can give yourself a big pat on the back!

That brings the number of rioting countries in the last two days to, well, two.
About 200 leftist protesters chased Kostis Hatzidakis as he left parliament, shouting: "Thieves! Shame on you!" They threw stones and beat him with sticks, until he took flight into a nearby building. 
Notice that we see the word, leftist.  While that does not necessarily mean their motives are purely from the leftist agenda, the mere fact that they are fighting austerity and disrupting the public sectors like schools, transportation, and airlines, is it a wounder that the writing is on the wall for the United States?  These average citizens had entrusted their government leaders to preserve their general welfare, but that is exactly what seems to be their undoing.
The 300-seat house voted into law measures that cut wages in state-owned bus and railway companies and weakened the power of collective bargaining to allow company-level deals to prevail.
As can be seen in other countries that are facing the budget crunch, programs and jobs have to be cut to reduce spending.  When that happens, real people are effected and they loose their gravy train.  Factor in the corruption that coexists within the American public sector via unions like the SEIU, is it hard to imagine seeing violence in the streets of our major cities in the year(s) ahead?  What will happen when those on public assistance lose their free lunch? 

Zero Hedge has also been covering the Greek news this morning as events unfold.  Following their Twitter like feed of events, it seems that all of the anger is directed at the government officials and or wealthy individuals that have perpetuated the disconnect with the working class.  What needs to be measured in these protests is that the working class in Greece (and to a lesser extent in Italy and Ireland), is starting to realize that their mortgage bill has come do, and they don't like that the wealth disparity continues to grow at their expense.  Wealth transfers from the middle class to the wealthy and poor, simply because they buy votes or favors has to come to an end.  With no way to earn a living to pay the ever inflated bills of necessity, those who are in these afflicted Euro Zone countries have been rebelling, and will continue to do so.