30 January 2011

UN-der Fire

Oops, forgive me for the term, I forgot that we are now supposed to use "give 'em rope" or other non-gun related terms to reference political speak.  Perhaps we should also include "slashing" the budget, since slashing depicts knives and knife crime?  

Either way, while there is a lot of focus right now on guns and the US economy, Republican lawmakers are going to examine something most conservatives have been shouting for, for years.  Yep, that's right, FINALLY someone is going to see whether we should be funding the United Nations!

As the AP article reads:
Republican Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, chairwoman of the House Foreign Affairs committee, is seeking cuts and has introduced a bill intended to pressure the United Nations to change the way it operates and to make dues voluntary. She also is promising investigations into possible corruption and mismanagement.
"U.S. policy on the United Nations should be based on three fundamental questions: Are we advancing American interests? Are we upholding American values? Are we being responsible stewards of American taxpayer dollars?" she said in a statement that was read at the briefing, which she could not attend. "Unfortunately, right now, the answer to all three questions is `No.' "
Yes, I will admit that this makes me go GIGGITY, but with good reason.  The UN is truly an UN-American, anti-US bureaucracy that attempts to undermine US policy, US freedom, and US gun rights on a nearly daily basis, all the while using American taxpayer dollars to achieve these efforts.  Contrary to the popularist (read Marxist) belief that the United Nations is "bargain for what we pay," the amount of corruption that exists within the institution is inexcusable, and negates and benefits we receive from the funding we give.  Further,  considering the UN's panel on small arms control that has floated around since the Clinton era, do we really need any more justification to say "UN HUH?"  I didn't think so.

Unfortunately, like most good ideas in Washington, this effort to cut funding to the UN from US taxpayers will most likely come to naught.  It's a shame, we can all agree, but at least the Pubbies are making some effort to lead on the issues like we've been asking them to do for the last, oh, 20 years.  After all, this is the year Reagan would have turned 100, so perhaps it's a tribute?

QOTD: Equality of Law

From Mark Styne sitting in for Limbaugh yesterday (and I paraphrase):
With equality of the law, you don't need 2,000 page bills!  Equality of the law can be written in 2 pages!  Carving out favors and exemptions is what creates bad law that is longer than Atlas Shrugged.  [embellished for effect]
Even without my embellishment, the key point is 2,000 pages of words versus 2 pages of words to define a law.  Carving out exemptions, favors, and other classes of people is inequality of law by nature, and helps the state to turn law abiding citizens into un-law abiding citizens.  It's a tool that freedom haters have used for centuries, and the sad fact is, it continues to be affective.

No matter if the issue is health care or firearms, complex bills that take specialized lawyers to comprehend cost the citizens of this country not only in terms of economic output and productivity, but they deprive honest citizens of their literal freedom and the means for opportunity.  Too bad no one has proposed a "clarity in legislation" Constitutional Amendment, but then again, that would be too effective in keeping the Congresscritters in check.

Bring Out the Birthers!

Good old Rainbow State plans to sell copies of O's (not the Orioles that is) birth cert.  $100.00 USD.

Seems to me that you're trading worthless fiat paper for even more worthless fiat paper.  But hey, when the printing press run out of unique blend cotton, just substitute full on state BS.  (Please note that I am not saying his birth cert exists or doesn't, but we could have put this to bed 3 years ago and didn't).

Fearist New Age Airforce

Used Top Gun Footage?  And proceed to claim it was real training footage?

Only in China, do they have to use "Made in America" movie footage for a show of strength.

29 January 2011

Former MD Gov Carried; Lawful Citizens, No Such Luck

Positive proof that the bastard liberal elites believe they have more rights than us!  So much so, that they even de facto admit that guns are the best defense against threats from two legged predators.

Read and listen here to see that former Maryland Governor Marvin Mandel carried (potentially without a permit) at the suggestion of some MD State Police.

EDIT:  Bonus around 27 minute mark, the radio host has to correct himself when he says "target."  The pussification of society is almost complete!

Automatic Weapons Are the Problem!

The week after the Giffords attack, Maryland's 2nd Congressional District Congressman, Dutch Ruppersberger, joined the Norris & Davis Show to discuss the event and, obviously, guns.

You can catch the whole interview right here.

Of course, even though a semi-automatic pistol was the culprit of the crime (emphasis added), the Congressman wasted little effort to perpetuate the myth that it was fully automatic.  Of course, the Congressmen also wasted little effort on saying that automatic weapons should not be in the hands of law abiding citizens (well, paraphrased anyways).

I was shocked to hear that Ruppersberger supported concealed carry!  However, his name is absent from the cosponsor list on the House version of the Thune Amendment.  Shocker, a politician that speaks out of both sides of his mouth.  Nice try Dutch Wonder Boy, but ya ain't foolin' no one!

NFA Arms Reform Badly Needed

Author's Note:  I have had this post title written for well over a month now and have brainstormed ideas on it in one form or another for about that long.  In that time span, our nation has seen a tragic criminal act against freedom and the legislators whom craft and shape our freedom.  Accordingly, a corresponding attack coordinated by an agenda driven dino-media and anti-freedom groups against civil rights has also been sprung against mainstream citizens who believe in gun rights and responsibility (notice that I use both at the same time).  What I am about to say will no doubt be controversial to the old guard of gun owners, down right unrealistic to those who oppose us, and quite a feat to achieve in our own right.  However, while our opponents are calling for tighter restrictions, others have said we need to go Patton on them and keep them on the run.  Never slow down when you can keep your enemy moving (and prevent them from entrenching and fighting a war of attrition).

As far as gun civil rights go, we have just barely crossed the Seine River on our judicial blitzkrieg.  Almost daily, we read where new suits have been filed to expand carry, limit restrictions during states of emergency, or even prevent prohibition of rights to resident (and legal) aliens.  So is it time that we go after the Hughes Amendment?  Do we stand a chance of repealing Section 922?  What about the National Firearms Act of 1934 and it's corrupt baby brother GCA of 1968?  Obviously, after the events of several weeks ago, these objectives have become a bit harder to achieve, but they are not impossible.

Let me start by painting a picture for you.  John Doe, Jr., son of John Doe, Sr. whom is a Vietnam vet, has to clean out his father's house upon his untimely passing.  In the process, John Doe, Jr. comes across what appears to be a vintage AR-15.  Wait a second, vintage AR-15?  Or M-16?  Being somewhat familiar with weapons, but not familiar with the laws, John Doe, Jr. goes to his local message board and asks how do I get fully automatic weapons transferred to me legally from my father's estate?  It's an excellent question that is posed, but one that doesn't have an easy answer, especially if the bring back was never put on the registry.

What is worse is when we see stories like the one depicted above but it's the grandson of a WWII vet whom kept his BAR or 1919.  If the WWII vet never bothered to register it prior to '68, and then forgot about it after '68 when there were amnesty periods, the BATFE will say, oops, your bad, tough luck.  Therefore, we are doomed to not only a dwindling number of machine guns on the registry, due to those now 25 year old arms (if they were produced in 1986) breaking and failing, but we also allow family heirlooms and history to be lost.

Never mind the fact that these asinine firearms laws act like a bill of attainer, creating a special class of citizens (those with machine guns and those without or with unregistered arms), no that matters not to the BATFE or Congress.  If the last great generation members who brought back their right arms of freedom didn't know to register them or decided that the government didn't need to know about them period, our successors in family linage pay the price.  If John Doe, Jr. is lucky, he has to forfeit his rights and property at best, and at worst ends up in the Federal Pen doing 10 years for an unregistered machine gun.  Did he chose to break this law?  No, this was a choice that congress made for him before he was born or while he was in his infancy.

Our opponents, and even some of our friends, are busy back peddling about freedom.  This is where we draw our peaceful line in the sand.  Yes, that may sound a bit radical, but millions of Americans like myself are tired of the relentless attack against the responsible, and mostly free, citizen.  The question is, when do we turn to the ways of Egypt?  I don't want that to happen, those in Congress do not wish for that to happen and by no means do I advocate for that form of freedom's resurgence, but, I for one as a responsible citizen am unwilling to accept "reasonable restrictions" as defined by the pushers.

So, where's the road map?  Right here.

First, I will implore you to go to www.opencongress.org and register for an account.  This site is an excellent resource for bill text, bill indexes, and integration to contact your legislators.  Hell, fill in your zip code and it will tell you who your Rep is and will even proxy you to their "contact" page.  Do it, don't make an excuse, just make the out click right now!  After you register, track batnut Carolyn McCarthy's bill and don't forget to click nay for "your vote."  (Also, track Sen. Lautenberg closely as he's leading the Senate's charge on the issue for our opponents).  

There have been some rumors that the Thune Amendment will be back sometime this year to create national reciprocity for carry.  That's a good start.  I like that we will be offering an alternative to advance freedom, and not repeal it.  But we shouldn't rest there.  Thune is a good ally to have on the Senate side of things and fortunately Boehner has said that he will not push anything in the house.  Take the time to write them a short thank you for their support and assure them that if they hold the line here, we will pay them back in spades come election time.  After all, this is all about vote buying for both our allies and opponents.

Before we get to repeal of the Hughes amendment or the GCA of '68, we must push for the BATFE Reform and Modernization Act first.  This has languished in congress for a few years, mainly because Democratic leadership doesn't want floor sessions with it, knowing it will probably pass with an overwhelming and bipartisan majority.  Of course, those of us on the side of freedom know that gun rights are a winning issue for politicians.  The problem is, as we are seeing, most politicians can't stand the thought of average Joe citizen having the same power as their government overlords.

Over the course of the last few years, the Tea Party movement has been called an astroturf movement.  If  Washington wants astroturf, let's give them that (obviously since it is more peaceful than lead, copper, and brass, and cheaper too).  I am challenging everyone to write at least one letter a week to your representative, senator, the NRA-ILA (notice I just said write TO them), SAF, your local newspaper for a letter to the editor, or even the house and senate leadership.  It won't take you but 10 minutes, and you can even recycle your letters.  If but 10% of NRA members were to do this, we'd have 40,000 letters a week hitting someone's desk.  If just 10% of all gun owners do that, we're talking about 7 million letters a week.  Politicians see those as 7 million potential votes, and that's a huge number to ignore (certainly more than enough to sway most election races).  (Also, do not forget to vote for the NRA leadership if you are a voting member.  This is something I'm usually guilty of not doing, but no mas).

I've just given you the encouragement for the Federal level (and don't forget to voice your thoughts to your state leadership too if you have to defend there like I do here in Maryland), but I've remained silent on the headline agenda; Hughes Amendment.  Is this something we can live without?  We've lived without it for 25 years, but that is 25 years to long.  Losses of freedom are hard to reverse, but it's time.  We need to push this issue considering how disgusting the floor process was under Charlie Rangle.  We should look at this on two fronts; challenging the ignorance of freedom and destruction of history.  The points need to be drawn that this is class warfare against us gun owners and has been for the last 2.5 decades.  Additionally, this portion of the Federal code needs to be corrected to merely prevent honest citizens from running afoul of the law when they find war bring backs or have simple gun malfunctions. Congress and the President (and even SCOTUS) need to be challenged to repeal bad laws instead of allowing them to languish on the books.  Bad laws do not make citizens bad, except in the minds of power hungry elites.  Further, bad laws will still be ignored by criminals.

Finally, we need to educate the firearms owners whom may be of older generations and not as receptive to freedom as the modern generation.  Yes, that's right, it is my belief that those of us growing up shooting ARs and AKs, participating in IPDA or 3-Gun competitions have less fear of modern arms and anything that looks "menacing" and not so "sporting."  After all, the fun button is nothing more than a little switch in a $10 part, and if used responsibly, like all firearms, presents no excessive dangers to law enforcement or legislators.    Change the minds of our fellow man in the arena of ideas, and we win the day, and the battle (screw "winning the future," let's win the now).

Yes dear readers, this is a lot to digest and take in but it is a cause that is uniquely American in nature.  So, what are you waiting for?  After all, on this blog there is no room for cowards!  Get to it!

28 January 2011

Linking Aid to Food, Food to Riots, Riots to Change

Obviously, with Egypt rioting, and as we've seen Greece rioting and Ireland rioting over the past 12 months or so, is it hard to wonder just where the world is headed?

Travel over to Phil's Stock World to have a look at this article discussing inflation and the correlation of the coming storm in food price shock, hunger, and revolutions (oh, and a funny cartoon of Keith Overbite).

Furthering the discussion of food, riots, and revolutions, several other interesting articles have been published today.  First, the Financial Times (Google the text of this link for the article http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/cf0a73bc-2a44-11e0-b906-00144feab49a.html#axzz1CLWPoe6W) offers an assessment that developed countries are stock piling food as fast as they can.  Some have increased their demands as much as four fold from the year prior.

Considering that items like sugar are up 30% in cost in less than one year's, today's theme is price inflation with a lack of coresponding wage inflation (for those who even have jobs).  We've now watched the PIIGS transition to the Balkans, and back to Northern Africa.  How long before the full Middle East is revolting and the revolts traverse the Atlantic? 

BOGO Champagne Causing Shortages?

Apparently, during the economic down turn, many retailers of Champagne offered Buy One Get One offers that have now caused acute supply problems.

My guess is, it's simply the Davos Ponzi Financial Conference of the world's top 1%. 

Inflation? Where? There's No Stinkin' Inflation!

Late in 2010, Southwest Airlines and AirTran Airways planned to merge their companies.  Seemed like a good idea for the customer and the companies on the whole, but how about their financial? 

From the Baltimore Biz Journal, Air Tran's financial position was impacted by a 27.8% increase in fuel costs.  Though, in pure FedChair speak, HeloBen has continued to say recently that inflationary pressure remain muted.  Ahhh, what?  The treasury secretary is saying that inflation threats are not that important?

Someone please go ask the people of Tunisia or Egypt how that is effecting their lives lately. 

Toning Down the Rhetoric, Hang 'em High Edition

Seems that now that we are moving away from the whole "target" and "gun" references in political language, "rope" and "noose" references are perfectly fair game, at least according to Dem Tom Harkin.  So much for "civility" huh?

H/T to Hot Air.

27 January 2011

BATFE Study on Shotguns Now Available

H/T to TheHighRoad and Uncle.

Read BATFE's study here.

QOTD: Wife's Perspective on Cell Phones & Sink Holes

Between the weather, work, and recovering from skiing this past weekend, (and staying up to watch the SOTU and the Paul Ryan response), I'm a little out of sorts.  (Well, dear reader, perhaps you are learning that I am always a little out of sorts).

My wife, a civil engineer by trade, and the apolitical women that she is, actually watched 3/4s of the SOTU with me on Tuesday evening.  In doing so she made me LOL at this:
Great, so...let me get this straight?  What the President just said was that we are failing at maintaining our existing infrastructure and we are lagging behind in creating new infrastructure, but don't worry, we'll give you a free government cell phone so you can call for help when you fall into a massive sink hole?  How does that solve our infrastructure problem? 
Well, even the apolitical, sometimes liberal, sometimes conservative citizen can see through the smoke and mirrors of the big .gov.  I swear, there is hope to make her into a conservative / libertarian yet!  

26 January 2011

Hughes Amendment Floor Vote Footage

A gracious hat tip to the folks over at MilitaryPhotos.net for digging up this footage!  13+ Minute clip of how the US gun world changed for forever (or seemingly forever).  This is an excellent lead into a few posts I have been planning and I will work to get them up later this week/end.

In the meantime, occupy yourself with the footage (but make sure you have a barf bag near by).  

25 January 2011

Arguing with Idiots: Outdoor Girl's Take On High-Caps

The only reason to engage the idiots is to well, make them look like idiots.  Hence the reason, we can tag this blogger with the appropriate idiot tag.

 So, taking the advice of Joe Huffman, I'm hitting them back hard!  I penned a nice response that I thought was sure to not get published, and to my shock, actually did get published.  The contents can be viewed on the blogger's page, or here if you chose not to read through outdoors Girls' mindless rhetoric.
In your story, you do a wonderful job of contradicting yourself entirely on a multitude of fronts.

First, you say you are not an "absolutist" yet you talk about the one Amendment that is an absolute. "Shall not be infringed," is written in plain English, and is comprehensible for even a freshman journalism major.

You talk about being a hunter, yet as two recent Supreme Court cases have stated, the 2A is not about hunting. Most mainstream Americans will take that a step further and say that the amendment enumerates a right to defense not only from the lawless, but also lawless government. Lawless government also includes ones that would propose such regulations of magazine capacities and then exempt themselves from it for "compelling interest." If our overlords' compelling interest is so great, let them be the first to set the example and lead by turning in all expanded capacity magazines that are greater than those in "common & standard use," or as those in the media and pro-control movement have said, those in excess of 10 rounds. We can start by disarming our men in combat theater in Afghanistan first, followed by Iraq and then the BATFE and the FBI (both who have committed their own Mass-murders in the 90s).

Unfortunately, compelling interest here will serve absolutely zero purpose to achieving what you seek; crime reduction and lower mass murders. You admitted that the VT gunmen came prepared with TWO (emphasis added) handguns and 200 rounds of ammunition. I suppose that if someone is as motivated as that, he could merely purchase a chest rig, 20 magazines that each hold 10 rounds, or he could go all Neo on the Matrix and just drop empty guns, switching to those which are loaded (which, to a certain extent, is what that mass murder did).

Further, you commit the atrocity that the entire media has continued these past weeks by using poor terminology and understanding of arms. Calling a detachable magazine a "clip" shows ignorance of firearms knowledge, and calls to question your authority as a "gun owner." I would hope that you understand that most handgun rounds suck when it comes to stopping power of 2 legged predators hopped up on meth and other drugs. When sufficiently trained, a gun owner or a police officer understands to shoot until the threat is stopped (meaning to the point the threat can cause you no harm). If you choose to defend your home with your pump shotgun, I hope you use no less than No. 2 buckshot, and practice the same method of shoot until threat is neutralized (notice that until dead is not used). (For real world demonstrations of potential defense situations check out http://www.theboxotruth.com/ ).

Last, I must pose a question to you: Does the Constitution still mean anything, or would you prefer to exercise regulation of it to the point that it has no teeth, which as you say, is not an absolute? Unfortunately, unless we become a police type state replete with a KGB, no amount of firearms regulation will stop mass murders (not mass shootings, mass murders because that is the actual act of violence). Regulation of the free man will not compensate for the lawless, and the mere fact that people wish to push an agenda while the victims are still warm and then dare call their opponents to task is reprehensible. I didn't know freedom first was so out of vogue.

Final thought. Would a Molotov Cocktail or a suicide bomb style attack like that occurring in Russia this past weekend have been more horrific than the shooting? Would they have been easier to stop? Would Laughner simply have switched to $50 of gas, a polystyrene rag, a mason's jar and a match? To show that the anti-gun / anti-freedom crowd are one in the same, both of the suggested tools are neither legal to assemble or use (Petrol-bomb or actual bomb) yet motivated people still find materials to make and implement destruction.

Edit to Update:  Seems that the blogger was a bit put off by my "uncivil" comments.  Only when it doesn't suit the leftists does the discourse turn an "attack" on the message.  So, here is the response to her response (which I doubt will get published because a "two bit blogger like me" who doesn't get paid by a big media house like the Baltimore Sun, can actually go toe to toe with someone who supposedly has more creds. 

Heated rhetoric is the cop-out plea that is used to force others into conforming to one's way of thinking. Debate me on the facts and if you can't, yes, that is an atrocity, even if grammatically that usage is a bit over the top for effect.

Over the top for effect is no different than the satire and sarcasm you use yourself. So my apologies if I truly think that the portrayal of guns in the media is an atrocity because so much is either agenda driven or fake Hollywood that doesn't show a true representation as to the dangers and power (both good and bad) that firearms can be produce. If ignorance of proper training and terminology weren't so prevalent, perhaps then mainstream Americans wouldn't take issue with the attack upon their civil right.

The mere fact that you preface your whole article on absolutes is what doomed your article to failure. The whole Constitution is an absolute. It is an absolute enumeration of the things that the government CAN do in an explicit manner. So, yes, as you pointedly said, the TSA and Transit Authority police agencies that subject baggage to random searches does violate those civil rights.

Further, as we have seen with cases like the UMD beating of a student, we can't always trust police to know the law, so how can we expect them to know the specific terminology. It appears that you understand the difference between clip and mag, so why not take the time to add a paragraph and educate the pubic, rather than continue the heated, agenda driven rhetoric which ultimately puts more restrictions upon those who are free men.

If Giffords and company had been hit by a drunk driver, would we be talk about a new call for prohibition? Highly unlikely, and drinking is not even a Constitutionally Enumerated Civil Right.

23 January 2011

Tribute: Navy Radio Man from Pearl Harbor Passes

As the Last Great Generation enters the final years of their worldly life, it is always said to see another member pass.

This time, the man who sent the signals from the attack on Pearl Harbor has passed away.  Military Times has the coverage

Simply, thanks! 

Kudos to the Hackers!

Not that their actions are exactly legal, but...when it comes to carbon scheme credit trading, I have to give them mad props for "hitting the man" up for a theft.  I mean, really, they are just stealing from highly educated, and more sophisticated (and thus more pompous) criminals. 

Somewhere, The Goreacle is weeping. 

22 January 2011


Why would anyone want to put coke in their gas tank when they can use this method of transporting drugs? 

As the saying goes, "Ingenuity, is what gets the job done!"  (Ok, well, maybe I just made that saying up).  Whatever the saying is, when criminals are motivated to circumvent the law and law enforcement, they will become highly creative.  After all, effective criminals are just untrained and uneducated lawyers without degrees.  Or there is the capitalist view of crime, it's the ultimate form of free market capitalism (and probably the least regulated here in the US).

Now what does that say about justice and the war on drugs? 

Turnings of Society and Generations Equate to Revolutions

A great guest post earlier in the week on Zero Hedge detailing the many revolutions in the history of the United States.  

I thought that there was only one (possibly two if you count the Civil War), but after reading the article, multiple revolutions make sense.  The idea of multiple revolutions revolves (no pun intended) around an inter-generational transition that happens based on statistical and historical analysis.  Generally, every 70~90 years, a country or society will go through a "dark winter" that will force a major change in political and civil society philosophy.  This "turning," as it is called, is usually caused by the friction between generations and ideologies that occur in times of great strife. 

Per our historical reference, as the article illustrates, the United States has seen a turning in the American Revolution (1773-1790ish), the Civil War era (1879-1865), Great Depression / World War II (1929-1945), and now the Financial Crisis (2005/8 to current).

Yes, it is a bit kooky, but from a historical 20/20 perspective, the theory of inter-generational turnings make sense.  The question it leaves most of us to ask is what direction towards resolution will our current "turning" take?  Unfortunately, that remains to be seen, but if we the people continue to hammer at Congress and the President for less government, less spending, and less control, then we will hopefully see a return to great prosperity that is driven by freedom.  However, as Jim Quinn of the Burning Platform conjectures, we have only really just seen the start.

So grab a six pack and a lawn chair, this is about to get good!  Remember, no citizens, military members, or Congresscritters were harmed in the writing of this post. 

21 January 2011

CIA Fun Facts About the World

Zero Hedge has an excellent article analyzing the fun facts that the CIA compiles for it's "World Book."  Take a look here.

The Crazy Cunucks are Ahead of US?

Well, when it comes to the free market, yes, those crazy northern neighbors that say "Eh?" are ahead of the United States.  Seems that our free market economy is now the 9th most free in the world. 

Ninth?  The worlds biggest economy is not the most free?  According the Heritage Foundation's Index on Economic Freedom, we are behind Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Canada, Ireland, and Denmark.  DENMARK?  CANADA?!?  Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! 
These nations all outscored the U.S. across ten categories, including taxes, free trade, regulation, monetary policy, and corruption.
As the article continues, it seems that the top ten ranking is only by the skin of our teeth.  We beat out No. 10 Bahrain by one tenth of a point and No. 11 Chile by four tenths of a point.  (Yeesh, what a rough crowd to be thrown in with.)  Breaking down the results in further detail, the study shows that the world's poorest nation, Rwanda, is advancing by jumping to the No. 75th rank from 93 in the year prior.  A backwards, poor nation is better able to advance it's personal freedom, opportunity and hope for it's citizens in one year while we continue a slide?  Just how far has the US slid into the doldrums of ineptitude? 

Facts remain, that until we can become more like (shudders) Rwanda and move away from big government and big regulation, big bureaucracy, our economy will not right itself.  There is hope, yes that's true, but we have to fix the mess in Washington first, before we can actually start to solve our own house. 

Socialist Utopia: School Admins Create Soft Citizens

While this kind of reaction is expected in the UK, it is highly disgusting here in the USA! 

Seriously?  Giving a child detention for making a "gun gesture?"  It is utter rubbish!  I speak from personal experience as a kid who grew up with BB guns and air pistols at an early age as well has a pair of "six shooter" cap guns, replete with their own cheesy leather holsters and cowboy hat.  I was taught the difference between what was real (bb guns and true firearms that could hurt and maim people) as well as what was pretend (the cap guns and eventually Nerf products). 

The question is, what lesson does a seven year old learn when they are given detention for making their thumb and index finger into the infamous shape of a gun?

I propose that from now on, this become the standard way that all citizens in the United States shall point at anything.  Signs, products on the shelve, or stupid people in the education system.  Perhaps they will attempt to ban us from making this pointing gesture because it makes their willy nilly go all invert and change orientation?  Who cares!

The point here is that attempting to create an environment where aggression is punished and pacifism is rewarded only works to breakdown the civil and self reliant society.  When we see stories such as these, it only confirms our thoughts that leftists exist inside the halls of academia. 

John Lott on Magazine Bans

Finally, a real pundit gets to talk on a socialist radio station!  John Lott tackles the magazine ban controversy with smart and real facts on SoCal Public Radio.  Going opposite of Ladd Everitt, Lott even gets equal (or perhaps even more) air time with the pusher.

Grab a beer (or a sandwich for lunch) and catch the whole 30 minute segment, as you'll hear everything from waiting laws, licensing laws, magazine capacities, and murder rates from around the world debated, discussed, and debunked with some intelegent (and nitwit) callers thrown in.  Holly run on sentence gun nut! 

Trump: China can Foxtrot October!

Well, ok, he didn't exactly say that China can F'off.  However, using business language and "off the record" sovereign trade talk speak, he did.  Finally, an American businessman and potential leader that has the balls to actually say what most mainstream Americans think.

This clip is from a phone interview on CNBC's Larry Kudlow & Company's show earlier this week.  If you have ten minutes, it is highly worth the time to watch The Donald explain what he would do to solve the manipulative Red Chinese's trade practices.  Additionally, Kudlow pushes at Trump to see if he might be a contender for the 2012 Presidential race.  Seems that he might have a contract conflict with a certain show that will prevent him from saying yes until later this year. 

Of course, I'm already on record as saying he'd have my support.  Watch the vid, it's worth the listen. 

H/T to AK Fan, of course. 

19 January 2011

Who Needs Enemies with Friends Like These

No. 1 rule of blogging...when you have the lead on something, post it while it's hot (and new), or someone might steal it from ya. 

Dick Chaney went on the record to sell us out say that magazine capacity restrictions might be a good idea.  Um, no thanks Richard Cranium!  With friends like this, who needs enemies?  I mean, do we really want to look like this in the next five or ten years after the gains we've made in the past four?  As the saying goes, ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ.

Emotions aside, the facts remain the same in that this is not a gun issue.  It is even marginally a crime and social issue.  Removing freedom from those whom use it properly is never a solution, and the lot of us are tired of that being the answer to a nonexistent problem.  Let us consider the mere fact that it was freedom that stopped this man from killing more than he did.  Bravery in a free world is reward and commended, yet bravery in a country filled with control is often called stupidity at best, and treason at worst.  I assume that Mr. Chaney would prefer us to be more like the latter in his statements today. 

When the former VP says that we "want to do something to prevent this from happening again," we need to ask him what if done differently, would have prevented this attack.  What would have happened if Laughner had simply used a Molotov Cocktail instead of a G19?  Would the same victims have been hurt?  Would more people have been killed or severely burned?  Would the tragedy been any less tragic had another tool of "destruction" been the culprit?  Would Laughner been any less crazy or motivated had he wielded a Mason's jar full of petrol instead of 9mm FMJ? 

The solution that Chaney, Megan McCain, HuffPo, Brady Bunch, et al offer is the same solution that the true citizen class of this country has seen since King George; ie, simply more control, less freedom, and being more subject to the whims of the state.  I don't know about you, but the average citizens will keep our enemies and leave our friends to their own affairs, especially when they can't even realize they lack the necessary safety skills to be deemed, safe. 

Imagine That: IRA Makes Illegal Mortars & Weapons

Why do bans on weapons not make sense?  Simple, because motivated people will simply make their own weapons.  Or, in this instance, their own mortars and pipe bombs, both of which are not legal to be owned by citizens in Ireland.  (Especially Irish Republican Army citizens). 

This silly talk of banning standard capacity magazines is simply knee jerk reactionary lunacy.  Perhaps our congresscritters can be busy solving things like, oh, budget problems? 

One of These Things is Not Like the Other

Would that happen to be a box around George Washington's statue at an NAA(L)CP even for MLK day?

So much for Dr. King's dream for civility and unity, huh?  

H/T Free North Carolina Blog

China = America?

Can someone tell me what is wrong with this picture?  Is it SOP to fly another country's flag on par with the Stars and Stripes when their president is here on an official state visit? 

Either way, putting the ChiComms on equal footing to our country is not only disgusting, but encourages them to maintain their unfair trade practices and deplorable human rights abuses.  Of course, when you are a Communist and trying to create socialist utopia here in the United States, what do you care about bowing down to ideology that most Americans dislike at best and absolutely despise on the whole. 

16 January 2011

Dog Bites Man = Fox Shoots Hunter

Apparently, the hunters in Belarus do not follow the primary gun safety rules.

Someone should have told the man to poke the fox with the muzzle while properly indexing so as not to get into a hand to paw combat situation.  Using a tool (gun as a club) is using the wrong tool for the job (unless of course, it's an AK out of ammo). 

15 January 2011

QOTD: George Mason Bonus

I ask, sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people except for a few public officials.
As others have noted, a week ago today, the militia acted, in concert, and WITHOUT formal training.  Just goes to show that society is not dependent upon the government for response to conflict or crippling problems.

Now, if someone could just tell congress to butt out of our lives, we'd be in good shape.

QOTD: George Mason Disagrees with Legacy University

“[W]hen the resolution of enslaving America was formed in Great Britain, the British Parliament was advised by an artful man, – who was governor of Pennsylvania, to disarm the people; that it was the best and most effectual way to enslave them; but that they should not do it openly, but weaken them, and let them sink gradually, by totally disusing and neglecting the militia.”
Sebastian over at SIH covered this the other day when the Virginia Supreme Court sided with George Mason University to restrict carry in buildings and dorms, but thanks to a smart poster over on MD Shooters, our founding father tends to disagree with the lot of them. 

Obviously, as we have learned over the last week, to be enslaved does not necessarily mean to JUST your government or purely as a piece of chattel.  Nope, we can also be enslaved to ugly and perverted thugs whom are demons praying on the weak.  As the saying goes, best to be prepared when the fight comes to us, instead of to be always looking for a fight.

14 January 2011

High Cap Mag Legislation & News

No doubt, the whole gun blogosphere is going crazy over Rep McCarthy's draft bill (of course, it's completely asinine, but that's beside the point).

As Sebastian noted, seems that even the Mayor Against Illegal Guns leader, Bloomberg, agrees with us.  Though, that means only police should be allowed to have high cap mags.  Of course, from the unpossible realm of thinking, the police will NEVER over react and over shoot.  Nope, that never happens!  All told, the police fired 41 shots at a fellow officer, some of which were fired after the man was on the ground.  Maybe that means that we should turn this around, and exempt law abiding citizens who use rational and controlled shoot/no shoot analysis and ban the police from having high cap mags.  After all, we don't have liability insurance, a badge, a union, and the law to hide behind.  Funny how the individual is always more responsible than the collective. 

Capital Hill Switchboard = 202-224-3121


I hereby make it known that I am placing a contract upon all Lane & Monte Kiffin Bobble Heads!  Though, this is not your normal contract killing, since it's a you pay me (or well, someone should pay Frontier Firearms) for the rights to take aim and blow apart any and all Lane and Monte Kiffin Bobble Head Dolls (only).  (Actual shooting of Lane and Monte Kiffin is 404FORBIDDEN, void where prohibited, some exclusions may apply)!

College football is big business in the South, especially when it's the SEC.  Factor in a guy who followed a legend, only to run out of town after a year to coach at his "dream job," along with said bobble heads, and you have the makings for a great fundraiser.  Of course, the recipient of said fundraiser was all for the money, before they were against it after Saturday's AZ Shooting.

Is society really this touchy, that a charity event that is meant to be humorous and supportive of a good cause can't be associated with anything that is "boyishly destructive" in nature?  I mean, come on now!  Are we really this reactionary that a foundation doesn't have the stones to say "Yeah, we'll still support you, even after last weekend."  How many videos are on YouTube of people shooting iPads or iPhones or other crazy stuff?  Hell, we have a whole TV show that is predicated on blowing or shooting shit up in the name of science!

It's simply dumb guy humor, and a good way to support a good cause!  I'm happy to report that Frontier Firearms still plans on holding the event, even if the charity doesn't want to take their money.  Hopefully, someone here who has a charity w/ needs will take the money, but if not, perhaps our good friends in the state of Tennessee can make a charitable contribution to either the Second Amendment Foundation or the NRA.  At least, we know they'd appreciate the manliness and charity of the event!

Finance Friday (In Short form): Virginia Alt Currency

As I get back into the swing of things for the new year, I will get back to some meaningful finance Friday posts, but this one could NOT go over looked for the week.  The Virginia State Legislature has created a subcommittee to study an alternative currency to the US Dollar should it fail to remain stable (haha as if it is stable) and disintegrates into a black-hole.

When states start to look at currency alternatives, as well as Bullion Vault running out of gold and silver, and the US Mint hitting it's highest level of sales of silver ever, it might be time to rethink green backs. 

PJ Pants Thug's Newest Fassion Style

Apparently, the latest trend in armed robbery is to roll out of bed in your PJ Pants, and roll to the WaWa @ 0445.  Note, this did NOT happen in NJ. 

13 January 2011

When SHTF, Reliability > Accuracy, FTW!

When SHTF, and acceptable combat accuracy is a necessity rather than a luxury, fire for effect means that every trigger pull equals BANG!

Guess there is a good reason Russian weapons are designed by vodka drinkers, for vodka drinkers.  When your drinking team has an infantry problem, best to go with loose tolerances and (as SayUncle says) minutes of asshole

H/T AK Fan

12 January 2011

When Taxation Directly Costs People Jobs

The law of unintended consequences means that the consequences of your actions, always have the adverse affect to that which is desired.

In other words, when Baltimore city attempted to raise revenues by instituting a $.04 per bottle tax on certain beverages that included soda and beer, the citizens said "nuh uh!"  The tax scheme was dropped for a short time but like any good tax legislation, it zombie'd its way through the City Council at half its original proposal, $.02 per bottle tax.  Needless to say, the citizenry and business was ignored, and politicians did what they pleased, budget and sanity be damned.  

Flash forward to this week:  Pepsi is a manufacture in Baltimore as it produces soft drinks and distributes products from its facility in the city.  Well, used to manufacture would be a better term now, since the 70 odd jobs associated with production will go by the wayside.  The tax was obviously necessary to plug the $121 million revenue hole in a $1.2 billion budget, but I'm sure the good people that just lost their jobs as a direct result of this new law will understand.  After all, it's not like PepsiCo made the decision based in part on the passage of this regressive tax.  NOooooooo, big business doesn't make decisions that benefit their shareholders (owners).  

Seventy plus jobs were an insignificant trade off for the tax that is destine for failure.  When the jurisdictions around the city don't have the same tax, it is unlikely that the city's residents will participate 100% in the tax.  As the saying in Argentina goes, "avoiding taxes is a national pastime."  Meaning, city residents who wish not to be complicit in the city's tax schemes can simply walk, ride their bike, take the bus, or drive their car into the counties to purchase their Colt 45s and Mountain Dews.  (I dew too, just for the record).

As always, when it moves, tax it, if it keeps moving, regulate it, and when it up and leaves you, subsidize it!  Guess we'll need to increase that $.02 per bottle tax back to $.04 to subsidize PepsiCo's enticement to bring back the lost jobs in the next city budget cycle, right?

QOTD: Congressmen Aren't a Civil Right

Obviously there has been a lot of talk about the proposed 1000' law and just how stupid an idea that this law would be.
I'd like to propose we turn that around since owning a gun is a civil and fundamental right, where as being a Congressman isn't a fundamental right.  I propose we ban Congressmen from being within 1000 feet of any gun or anyone carrying a gun.
Ahhhh, the wisdom of AKFan.  Always good for a noble idea!

I am certain that some anti would read this and say that this quote is ass backwards in thinking.  In reality, it is brilliant!  Yes, government is a necessary evil and is chartered in our Constitution, but an individual is not Constitutionally guaranteed the right to be a member of congress, SCOTUS, or TOTUS POTUS.  Certainly, those positions are enumerated in the Constitution and certain requirements are imposed to safeguard the honor and integrity of the various institutions, but no rights (natural or enumerated, civil or otherwise) are conferred upon the people who hold those offices.  Rights are enumerated (not conferred) to ALL Americans.  

After all, our elected representatives are suppose to be our government "For, by and of the people."  We in this country do not magically bestow additional rights upon the mortals that govern our country (though they would like to think that they have more rights than those whom they govern).  Thus, the transitive property of rights fails its test in the "equal for all" application.

Then again, this is purely a lesson in theory since equality in government and modern society is completely lost by most politicians.

Is a Modern Day V Emerging?

On Saturday, the disgusting media attack hounds unleashed hell's fury before the bodies were even cold (El Douche extraordinaire Krugman not even 3 hours after the attack).  The blame game flood gates opened up and a relentless torrent of rhetoric and vitriol spewed from noted leftists (named and not named here).  As the saying goes, never let a good crisis go to waste, huh?

However, while the disgusting acts have been covered ad nauseum from a political fall out perspective, little coverage has been given by both pundit and factual media from both sides here in the US.   I've had to resort to the actual reporting that we get across the pound to find out that Loughner may not be able to plead insanity, or that he was urged to seek help numerous times.  Instead, the standard of double standard has reared it's ugly head.  Vitriol spewed from the left before any amount of shock could even be determined.  Those actions in and of themselves are inhuman in nature, showing that batnuts of control will stop at nothing to progress on their way towards completely power.

I linked this article yesterday in the QOTD but did not discuss it.  Hopefully some of you clicked through and read it, but if not, please take the time to do so.  The movie V for Vendetta is quite a righteous movie.  As Jim Quinn of the Burning Platform penned, the movie is appropriate because of the plot line.  A tyrannical government was created at the behest of the populace because a time of fear and uncertainty had surrounded the citizenry of England, and one person promised order, but an order without liberty.  Censure of discourse is a repeating theme throughout the movie.  So too is abuse of power by public officials.  Obviously, what occurs is one heroic, or lunatic depending upon your viewpoint, decides to stand up to the corrupt tyrants and blow up buildings in hopes of inciting a revolution.  Of course, management doesn't appreciate such defiance and brutally attempts to maintain "civil order."

While the debate over "blood liable" continues, what does it mean for us average citizens?  Giordano Bruno of Neithercorp Press says, "nothing changes."  Like myself, and many other average Joe bloggers, Giordano thinks that the liberty movement sees the corruption in the system much like the Character V from the movie.  While the scare tactics of the left may have well worked a decade ago, people are more attuned to their government, the news, and the interaction with their daily lives.  Are we to the point where the leftist hate will disappear or diminish?  Not in the slightest.  A cornered dog will bite back twice as hard, and their organization is always far better than those of us in the grassroots' arena (after all, that is their collectivist, bureaucratic nature). 

While I, and the above authors, do not advocate for violence in anyway, there seems to be a breaking point dynamic developing in the United States.  Many people realize there is something wrong, that they have been lied to, repeatedly, and feel as though something needs to be done.  Many of us rightly believe the political process does work, but unfortunately isolated and singular instances of violence will never, ever be completely stopped, and in fact worse if under a totalitarian system.  Myself and others know that we will never give in, and hence why quite the lot of us have been hitting back (and hard) against the disgusting thuggish actions that commenced Saturday.

So where does this leave us and where are we going?  Opinion polling shows the good guys hold the lead, for now.  While we need to maintain the lead, we can't rest on our laurels.  Our ideas ALWAYS win, when a person looks at them with an open mind and heart.  After all, our founders believed in natural rights and the individual.  They lost friends and family to make those beliefs a reality.  In short, we shall  keep fighting the establishment of big media and perverted politics in an effort to secure as much personal freedom and responsibility as possible.  After all, that is truly the American "Shining Beacon Upon the Hill."

11 January 2011

QOTD: Equality of the Charges (or Law)

Back in the saddle here, and sorry I've had an extended layoff of meaningful posts. 

While the MSM, Dino-Media is focusing on the blame game, I've been busy looking at things from the average citizens' perspective.  You know, just your friendly neighborhood blogger (and gun owner) here.  So, it should come as no surprise that ZeroHedge has some interesting coverage of this story (here and here).

From the latter link, it is interesting see that the charges against the shooter lack at least one charge of domestic terrorism.
It's also worth pointing out that there has yet to be a domestic terrorist who has a motive that has surpassed his fame. Or a terrorist for that matter: the idea is almost moot. When one becomes a puppet of the news, they necessarily give up their ideals: they're reduced to their actions. That, again, is something people in an actionist community should think about.
While it is clear that the actions of this madman were indeed, simply mad, at what point does a US District Attorney invoke the use of a "domestic" (or even just regular) terrorism charge.  As those of us in the mainstream (note usage) should come to realize, anyone of us could theoretically be charged with some form of "terrorism" when the law is loosely defined and broadly enforced.  (Let me specifically give credit to Sacrilege for that prior sentence).  It is so appalling at how far removed from limited government we have come that within this tragedy there is a prime example of our country's downward trajectory.  Here is an almost pure, terrorist act, yet the DA's don't even bother to file the charge.  Why then is the law even in existence?  What would invoke its usage? 

There are several things that the lack of this charge should tell us about our country.  First, domestic terrorism is nothing more than an everyday crime when it is reflected upon.  Loonies committing mass murders involving elected officials and appointed judges (or even 9 year old children)  should have been a prime area for a DT charge yet it wasn't reflected in the indictment.  Second, a bad and broad law can be used to level charges against those whom don't qualify to "know" the true charges against them.  Simply put, when there are not enough political enemies of the state, obscure and bad laws that people are guaranteed to violate will create more criminals, thus inducing a perpetual state of fear and control.  Hey, you have to have some way around those pesky fourth and fifth amendment rights now don't you?  Finally, if a charge of terrorism had been levied against the shooter, the politicization of the even would have to stop immediately.  After all, the WOT is the only true bi-partisan issue left in this country.  Of course, bringing that charge would not be very conducive to the future political career (either elected or appointed) of the US District Attorney who will be handling the prosecution of this case. 

So, yes, as the author Sacrilege from ZH stated rather well, the media is nothing more than the puppets of our ruling class and the overall agenda.  Jared Loughner is just one willing pawn who was mentally incapacitated to the point that he did not know any better, and played along perfectly with the game that is now manifesting itself.

07 January 2011


This evening, my Delaware Fightin' Blue Hens will take on the Iggles of Eastern Washington University for the FCS I-AA national championship.  I've been to the past two title games that UD has made, but unfortunately, a drive to Frisco, Texas is a hell of a lot further than a drive to Chattanooga, TN, so I'll be watching the TV broadcast on ESPN 2, 7PM Eastern (or ESPN3.com for those who have to work).

This should be an entertaining game, and hopefully the result is our 7th national championship in school history!


Caught Up in Holiday Rush

Dear readers, I've been lacking, and I know.  I am sorry, but it's my blog, so go to HuffPo if you have a problem with that!  :-) 

I got caught up in the Christmas / New Year's rush and then turned around, doubled down and got sick to boot.  I'm on the mend, and will attempt to get to some of the back log this coming weekend / week, while working around watching football, hunting, and recuperating. 

Above all, I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and are off to a good New Year's start. 

01 January 2011

Gunny is Always Right

Because this is too good NOT to share...Gunny explains how we should (have) supported Toys for Tots this year. 

If I could ever meet one celeb, it's R. Lee, without a doubt.  If I could ever shoot with one Marine, it would still be Gunny.