03 September 2010

US Gov Enviro Policy Based Off Haywire Sat?

All while Discovery Channel Gunmen James J. Lee was creating his manifesto to save the tress, save the bees, save the whales, save that snail, it seems that he had bought into the false data set provided to his enviro-wacko heroes that is now reported to be completely inaccurate. 

In a little published article, the US Government has admitted that global warming data may be "too high" by some 10 to 15 degrees.  "NOAA-16," a weather sat, has been on the fritz for the better part of the last decade and just so happens to correspond to the lunacy period that is defined by the Gorecale, his film, and his eco-ilk and their hockey-stick of DOOM!  Maybe Lee decided he would get out of the game himself before the political movement was completely exposed for it's Sham-wow status.  Eco-Jihad?  Why not!

How bad is the data set?  Besides the aforementioned 10-15  degree average differences measured by Sat-16, the revolutionbroadcasting.com article states that some of the temps measured in Wisconsin and the Great Lakes region hit highs of some 600+ degrees Fahrenheit!  Pure lunacy!  Those temperatures would place earth surface temps at a ratio of 3/4 of Mercury's.  Talk about hockey stick screwing (not skewing, screwing)!  These are the same statistics that the EPA, the Goreacle, Congressional leaders, and the President himself have used to hamstring American economic might at every chance they can get.  Instead of checking the calibration on a sensitive temperature sat, these numskulls have been claiming that carbon emissions are to blame.  No one questioned the validity of the science?!  Oh that's right consensus equals science in the eyes of the Ruling Class, especially when it is politically expedient to ruin the civil society. 

Does this mean that Federal Government and UN IPCC have used horrendous data to push for environmental change, or just more control over the citizens of the earth?  Well, perhaps Lee had one thing right, we should stop breeding complete morons that don't see the truth for what it is; green is after all the new red.  Perhaps we can convince our elected officials to stop reproducing hand-me-down life long politicians that run on past names to further hockey stick-it to our country.