19 November 2010

Gadsden Plates: I'm Movin' to Old Virginia!

I'm moving to Old Virginia, if they get the ability to issue these plates!

 Seems there is a popular movement to get these plates onto vehicles in the original rebel state.  Read more from  Big Government.com.

Or, Maybe Texas? 

Dibs on the N0 TR3D vanity. 

B-More Happy Housing! Why Can't the Balto Biz Journal Get it Right?

In it's perpetual state of contradictory reporting, the Baltimore Business Journal still seems to have problems with getting the data sets right.  Or, more pointedly, perhaps the data sets are simply incorrect to frequently?

In an effort to continuously follow the local market economics, we get a report today from the shoddy editing that says September home prices were down 6.4%.  Herm...very odd, if we recant our discussion from just a week ago, one would think that the housing market in B-more is leveling off, or at least besting the national market.  Though, to the credit of the Balto Biz Journal, they didn't contradict themselves too terribly from their September article saying that home sales were down 19.4% for the month.  Nope, wait, they did contradict themselves!  As blogged a month prior, the editing staff reported that median home prices rose to $238,000 from $236,000 for the month of September, despite the slip in sales.  Funny, but that measly initial report of a 0.847% increase of sold home prices for the month, has now been revised to 6.4% down?  A percentage change of nearly 855% to the negative? 

I will allow some leeway to the Baltimore Business Journal because all economic data is initially estimated and then, ultimately in this downturn, revised down.  However, the consistent cheeriness and the "factual" inaccuracies are astounding!  Any asshole (yours truly) with a blog and a brain can pick apart their horrendous reporting and statistics.  I suppose that's why our good friends at the Daily Reckoning and Zero Hedge exist in this day of economic lies. 

Hey editors, keep giving me material!  I love it!  Thankfully, it's a major site that doesn't have a policy of flushing it's inaccuracies down the memory hole.