10 October 2010

Trump for Pres? He May Have My Vote

This is an oddity of a news story for this blog, as I usually try NOT to follow celebrities.  That said, Trump get's "it" when it comes to economics, finance, budgets and spending. 

I have to say that if Trump runs, I might have to seriously consider him for my vote since right now, we need someone that understands how to unleash the economic engine of this country, and Trump has been a fairly well noted, true free market guy.  I guess we'll have to keep tabs on this. 

SAF Replies to MD's Motion to Dismiss

Continuing to update the saga that is Maryland and their ass backwards carry laws, the Second Amendment Foundation's reply brief was filed Thursday in response to MD Attorney General Gansler's motion to dismiss.

As we have followed on this thread over at MDShooters, lead, local attorney on the case has posted their reply.  The case is moving forward, but unfortunate for those who really need to defend themselves and their families, they will have to jump through the hoops that Maryland State Police and the legislature have put into place.  Basically, that means that their best chances of obtaining a permit to wear and carry a handgun is to wait on the case to make it's way through the court system.