03 August 2010

GOP: The R Stands for Retread

Two weeks ago, one election race was settled before it even started.  Why?  Because of the ineptitude of the Maryland Republican Party to put up ANY candidate to face off against sitting Attorney General, Doug Gansler.  Run Homer Simpson, run Mickey Mouse, dig up and run Joseph Stalin if you want but run anyone against this guy who is about as Constitutional as Sal Alinsky!  Don't just GIVE him the election!  Yet, that's what the Retread party did. 

My fellow Republican party members suffer from the same battered R syndrome as I do, and the mere fact that the 2:1 Dem advantage in this state is always looming, a tactical "non-victory" is not only not acceptable, but it is another notch in the bed post against the "repubics."  At least make their party spend to defend the seat and make the incumbent a target of the political audience at large.  If you force the defense of the seat, you at least put them on record to impliment policies that conservatives can live with (at worst) or be happy about (at best).  Considering Maryland is one of the must un-free states in the Union, at least make them sweat the election process some!  Don't give up before you even start.  We lost a major opportunity to differentiate on the issues and do good for the citizens of Maryland.

Let's think about several issues that have been prominately in the news lately and how a Constitutional AG would have helped make Maryland a more free state.  Immigration is a big topic with the Governor of our Southern neighbor making the statement today that Virginia has the right to enforce Federal immigration law.  While it is seriously doubtful that our MD Gov Owe'Malley would do that, a conservative AG would have conflicted with the Governor setting up a potential showdown between the chief legal officer and the chief law enforcement officer.  Considering it is the AG that offers summary opinions to the state's law enforcement authorities, we would have simply neutered the effect of our Gov to betray the Constitution and our security. 

Doug Gansler was also asked for an opinion on carrying of firearms in a post McDonald world.  Gansler, offered an opinion that was an effective punt on the issue, saying that Maryland's laws meet the "reasonable restriction standard" and thus negating any reason for changing our state from a discretionary issue state.  It should not take a Second Amendment Foundation lawsuit to force the state's hand, and what's worse, Gansler will spend unlimited tax payer dollars in defense of the unconstitutional Maryland laws.  

A local issue that was hanging in the balance was actually settled by Gansler last week when he issued an AG opinion that it is not "illegal" to video and voice record police officers performing their duties.  I'm so glad the AG waited until this week to offer his opinion.  It is issues like these that the Maryland Republican party could have and should have latched on to and made campaign issues.  Think of the commercials that could have been made.  Think about the debate topics that could have been argued in an effort to shape the policy and laws of Maryland.  Instead of amassing more power to a state government, the rights of the people could have been better defended and certainly better supported. 

Instead, we must resort to our walk of shame back to our "conservative playpen" that the left in this state "allows" us to have.  Good job Republican party of Maryland, go have your temper tantrum for your ineptitude and allow us who know what the hell we are doing to run the show! 

Got your Obamacare Flow Chart?

It's a wonder anyone can follow this.  It boggles the mind!  Just completely needless Government intervention when we didn't need it in the first place. 

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