24 December 2010

Religion of Peace? Not So Fast My Friend!

Islam is the Religion of Peace?  Really?  I can't fathom that assessment from this news story and accompanying poster. 

Apparently the Muslim faith has produced a new 12 days of Christmas for us to gaze upon.  Well, sorry there Jihad Jane, that just ain't gonna fly in this country.  So, take your non-pork eating, Christmas hating, alcohol deflecting, non-debt using, oil scamming, oppium trading, homicide bombing ass back to the stone age and leave me to my religion of peace. 

Oh, and if ya don't...I'll hunt ya down and kill ya dead twice as good as your imam will ever instruct you to do. 

I find it rich that a bunch of Islamofascists can blame Christmas, Christ, and the Christian faith for things like domestic violence.  Hello Pot, meet Mr. Kettle!  Real rich!  Last I checked, bigotry, polygamy, rape, and murder are all acceptable punishments for non-believe, or even the non-compliance with the Sharia Laws. 

I guess that is all we should expect from the radical bastards that are hell bent on restoring Persia to it's place at the top of the empirical food chain. 

Q(s)OTD: Yale Top 10 List Edition

Leave it to the witty people at Yale to come up with the top ten quotes of 2010.  Remember, this is the same institution that gave us the likes of John Kerry and W. 

So it should come as no surprise that the list is dominated by Tea Party candidates and other people who make sense to us commoners.  Though, I should qualify it since the list also includes absurdities from the likes of the queen departed (Pelosi).

What I see in the list though, as does the Telegraph, is a coming out party for Tea Party principles.  The sad thing is that this list illustrates US society's expectation of "niceties" and "polish" in their politicians.  Pardon me while I saw, SCREW THAT!  

What happened to the days of duels between politicians, or the outrage that we've seen in the English House of Commons?  Real people, showing real emotions and expressing passion for their country and its fate?  Who cares about gaffes and mis-speaks.  When the Speaker of the house says something so outrageous like,
We have to pass the health care bill so you can find out what is in it.
how can people focus their entire attention on a poor misguided youth's decisions as the main sticking point for her senate campaign?  At least Christine O'Donnell wasn't third in line to the presidency, but apparently gaffes matter at that point, and the crack team at Yale will make you number one on the quote list for it.  When you ignore Constitutional law as well as parliamentary procedure, or even just down right common sense, that is rewarded as a lower ranking quote for the entire year.  As they say, "sex sells" and a sexy, steam, jaw dropping quote is better at selling the news then reality.  Awesome job! 

Just goes to show, that these top notch students who will most likely be our best policy wonks, high level government officials, Fortune 500 CEOs, and potential Presidents and VPs, are too far gone with their "superior" level of intelligence to ever understand the common man that sees reality for what it is.  Hopefully, in 2011 and beyond, the quotes of the day found here (and at other blogs) will continue to be more beneficial in their amusement and education than those found from the Yale crowd.  After all, we here don't pretend to be better than the average man, simply because we are the average man. 

Now, where did I put my beer.