12 July 2010

George Soros is Orwell's Big Brother

Over the weekend I completed reading George Orwell's best known work, the modern classic 1984. This complimented my completion of reading Animal Farm earlier this year, and is only a fraction of my "mandatory" reading list to actually become a fully educated American.

Over the last few years I have been attempting to rectify the failure of the public education for which I was never provided in college and high school. The fact that every major school in the country fails to train it's students in classical history and philosophy means that today's workforce has an extremely limited skill set to determine right and wrong, and then correlate that to the values over American history, commerce, and personal freedom. As I study the modern philosophical classics, as well as the authors of the founding era, I hope to instill personal intelligence and context to today's decaying society. (Sidebar: if you have a book that is worth reading that fits into the context of the above paragraph, please post it or email it to me).

Obviously, from a metaphysical level of thinking, morals and values are purely subjective and impossible to argue. Arguing what is right and wrong with someone is like an irresistible force against an immovable object; pure calamity. My limited study of philosophy though, has taught me to follow Immanuel Kant's primary rule of metaphysics; "See people as ends in themselves, not a means to an end."

Unfortunately for the world, George Soros and his army of minions is playing a 1984 game, with Soros staring as "Big Brother" and his minions as the "the party."

In Orwell's book, Winston Smith is confined to his own mind, which ultimately betrays him and every moral thing in which he believes. Of course, in the struggle of his re-education, Winston is forced to accept that there is nothing more to "why the party" treats it's subjects the way it does, except for the fact that pure power is their only objective. Nothing more, nothing less. It is this disgusting perversion that drives the motives of the overlords, whom have become so brainwashed that they themselves believe in one mind, one party and an immortality on earth through the perpetuation of the party. What exists in the eyes of the party is the only reality of the world and arguments otherwise are pure insanity.

Mr. Soros has already made billions upon billions on this planet, and has often done so through the the "capitalistic, immoral greed" with which he now claims to be fighting. The pledged fifty million dollars to form the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET), which appears to be yet another fascist, Keynesian push group, is merely a front to be able to force the world into a direction that begets more power for our "Big Brother." Comments from the article linked in the title show that ultimately, they want the masses to decrease their standard of living, have less, and suffer from a condition of less happiness as "the party perpetrates wealth spreading to developing nations." Now, I'm not sure why, any person on this earth should feel the need to tell others how their money should be forfeited and then subsequently spent by others, but if that is not power for an end's sake, I can't imagine what is.

One thing that Orwell's book fails to take into account though is the human spirit. Winston is but one mind in a collective mass of moderately educated people whom had the wool pulled over their eyes for too long to question anything other than what Big Brother said. To be able to see the manipulation of their interpersonal connections, and take a stand, the freedom afford our country is a prime target for people like Soros. Without an uneducated, over taxed and over worked mass population behind him, he will never achieve what he hopes or his party hopes to achieve; world financial power.

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