20 July 2010

Go Forth and Educate: Our Ruling Elites

  Codevilla does a better job at explain in more detail, the thoughts and substance I was trying to convey in my Cojones in Politics post from the same day. 

While I hate to keep referencing 1984 over and over again, the truth is that the plot line is ever present in today's Washington.  Instead of dividing the nation into three different classes of people, the high, middle, and low, Codevilla's piece divides them into just two; The Ruling Elite Class and the Country Class.

The distinction is quite simple between the two.  The Elites want nothing but power, and look down upon those who don't have it.  Like I discussed on Friday, the two parties are really one in the same, using their opposition of one another for mutual beneficial distraction of the masses.  Those who belong to the Country Class, have a severe lack of connection to the Ruling Elites, and for the most part, despise everything associated with their hellbent power grab.  A distinction between Codevilla's article and Orwell's book however is that those who follow the ruling elites are members of the party themselves; i.e. if you aren't part of the solution, you're part of the problem.

Find yourself a good 30 minutes to dig into the meat of this article, as it is well worth the read. 

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