28 July 2010

RIP: The Rule of Law

Police barred from determining immigration status...
Union members, activists caravan to AZ for protest...
SHERIFF: I'll jail 'em...

Matt Drudge might have well just said "RIP: THE RULE OF LAW."  While most of us Conservative-Libertarians know that the rule of law has been dying for a long time, it is only just becoming plainly evident to the mainstream members of the country class.  As is the case currently, an AZ judge has moved to strike out the major enforcement portions of the Arizona Immigration law that requires law enforcement officals to check the status of suspected illegal immigrants.  

With this ruling it has now just become legal, to be illegal.  So much for state and national sovereignty as well as national security.  If you must know, the activist [judge], Susan Bolton is a Clinton era appointee, using the power of her position to overrule the will of the people, the law, and the Constitution.

While the AZ law mirrored Federal code, apparently the Fed Gov didn't like the fact that AZ was challenging the federal authority and envoked "preemption" as the means with which to strike down the major fangs of the legislation.  Never mind that there is a real crisis where US citizens are dying, the liberal institution is trying to use this State vs. Fed "conflict" as a democrat voter recruiting drive.  Sorry to say this Obamabots, but AZ Gov Jan Brewer ain't buying what your boy is selling; a degradation of the Federal Criminal Code. 

Judge Bolton effectively said that the state has no authority to enforce Federal code, since it is up to the Feds to enforce it's law.  Without Federal enforcement, there is no uniformity, and therefore, no equal treatment.  Let us neglect the fact that the AZ law is almost a direct copy of the Federal Law that already requires local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to follow the procedures that AZ was going to be following.   The question that Judge Bolton just raised to the states and the American people is "Do you now want local law enforcement to stop enforcing federal drug laws, kidnapping laws, bank robbery laws, firearms laws, explosive laws, ect?"  If that's the case, I'm sure there are a few laws that some states will gladly neglect and yield to the Fed's for enforcement.

It is disgusting that such disregard for the rule of law and sovereignty exists within the Federal system, especially in the judiciary, where we expect the last line of defense in the Constitution.  If I were Gov.Jan Brewer, I'd be invoking the Tenth Amendment, and tell them to forcibly stop me.  Now THAT would be an awesome preemption showdown.  

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