22 July 2010

Update on Fair Use Suits

Media Post Publications is reporting that a new group is not just attacking conservative online groups, but also others who are allegedly violating the essecence of fair use doctrine by reposting news articles from the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The Media Post (linked here and at top of the post) is also reporting that Stephens Media, owner of the Las Vegas Review-Journal transferred it's Copyrights to Righthaven, LLC, which near as can be googled, is a law firm that is seeking to further divide the pie of capitalism.  Good old lawyers, when you're out of ways to make money, sue someone to steal it while hiding behind the law. 

The Media Post Publication also has a good explanation of The Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which is apparently the law behind these nearly baseless lawsuits.  The irony is though, it appears from further googling that Righthaven, LLC is also suing the DNC of Nevada.  Go get 'em boys, can't wait to see how that one plays out. 

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